Proceedings of the Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics

Proceedings of the Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics
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Proceedings of the Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics
Mechanics of Engineered Materials and Applications
Table of Contents
Abstract Title Page
Keynote Lecture 0830 Hours, 16 May 1989
Fracture Mechanics of Interfaces
J. W. Hutchinson
Session I: Ceramic Failure 0945 Hours, 16 May 1989
Mechanics of Crack-microcrack Interactions 2
M. Kachanov
Dynamic Microfracturing of Alumina 3
R. J. Clifton, G. Raiser, M. Ortiz, and H. Espinosa
A New Probabilistic Model for Brittle Failure: Toughness and
Reliability Evaluation 8
A. Chudnovsky and B. Kunin
Crack Stability in Simply Supported Four-point and Three-point Loaded
Cracked Beamsof Brittle Materials 11
F. I. Baratta and W. Dunlay
Time Dependent Response of Semibrittle Ceramics . 23
D. Krajcinovic and a. Stojimirovic
Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Propagation in Ceramics Using the
‘double Anvil’ Geometry . 30
I. Bar-on, J. T. Beals, C.’m. Mu;ray, and B. F. Hantz Iv
Session Ii: Composites Failure 1300 Hours, 16 May 1989
General Observations on the Failure of Composites 34
B. W. Rosen
Tension Fatigue Analysis and Life Prediction for Composite Laminates . 35
T. K. O’brien
Investigation of Singularities at Interfaces of Adhesive Joints . 39
R. S. Barsoum and T.-k. Chen
Viifailure Characterization of Composite Materials . . 47
S. E. Groves
Analysis of Damage Modes in Fiber Composites 55
J. N. Rossettos and S. Lin
Models for Compressive Failure of Unidirectionally Reinforced
Composite and Laminates With Low Shear Modulus and Strength . 64
I. Palley
Session Iii: Metal Plasticity 1530 Hours, 16 May 1989
Plastic Strain Induced Anisotropy: Some Integrated Experimental and
Theoretical Developments .t . . 68
S. Cheng, E. Krempl, E. H. Lee, T.-l. Sham, and Y. S. Suh
The Application of a Crystal Plasticity Model to the Prediction of
Strain-hardening and Anisotropy 70
A. D. Rollett and U. F. Kocks
Improved Isotropic-kinematic Hardening Model for Metal Plasticity:
Model and Experiments * * 73
C. S. White and L. Anand
Some Thoughts on Finite Strain Plasticity Constitutive Modeling . 75
N. J. Huffington, Jr.
Session Iv: Experimental Mechanics 0800 Hours, 17 May 1989
Experimental Mechanics: New Challenges in Micromechanics 79
U. S. Lindholm
Determination of Plastic Strain and Fatigue in Metal and Metal
Composite Using Laser Speckles . 80
F.-p. Chiang
Application of Photomechanics to the Study of Solid Mechanics Phenomena
And Material Property Measurement . 90
J. Morton and D. Post
Temperature Fields Generated During Dynamic Crack Growth in Metals:
High Resolution Measurements by Means of High Speed Infrared Sensors . 97
A. T. Zehnder and a. J. Rosakis
Viiidynamic Friction Testing of Polymers for Materials Modeling
Application . 103
D. B. Dawson
Session V: Micromechanics 1010 Hours, 17 May 1989
Fracture of Fibrous Metal Matrix Composites . . . 109
G. J. Dvorak and Y. A. Bahei-el-din
A Continuum Model for Void Nucleation by Inclusion Debonding . 110
A. Needleman
The Planar Transformation Problem With Interfacial Decohesion I1
A. J. Levy
Elastic Moduli Calculated by the Average Field Method and
Determination of the Bounds . 117
T. Mura, S. C. Lin, T. Mori, and K. Wakashima
Shear Band Development in Dynamic Plane Strain Compression of a
Viscoplastic Material . 118
R. C. Batra and D.-s. Liu
Session Vi: Structural Applications 1300 Hours, 17 May 1989
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Infantry Fighting Vehicle Technology
Developments 123
D. E. Weerth
Composite Materials Selection and Evaluation for Advanced Towbars 125
G. Samavedam and T. Campbell
A Generalized Structural Integrity Assurance Program: Application to
Army Materiel Systems 128
W. T. Matthews
Structural Testing of Metal/composite Conical Structures With Holes . 132
W. J. Tedc,-chi, R. A. May, a. C. Bustamante, E. W. Reece, and
D. N. Benton
Efficient Finite Element Modeling of Thick Composites Based on
Higher-order Plate Theory 146
A. Tessler and E. Saether
Study on Elastic Compliance and Limiting Load of a 3-d Layered Contact
With Soft Substrate . 156
Y. P. Chiu
Ixsession Vii: High Strain Rate Behavior 1530 Hours, 17 May 1989
Compression-induced Void Collapse and Tensile Cracking in Ductile
Single and Polycrystals . . . . 162
S. Nemat-nasser and S.-n. Chang
Dynamic Testing of Lightweight Cermets . 163
W. R. Blumenthal
Dynamic Behavior of Ceramic Composites: Experiments and
Observations . 165
G. Ravichandran
Deformation of a Polyvinylchloride Based Elastomer at High Strain
Rate . 170
D. P. Dandekar and J. L. Green
A Review of the Bti Program on Advanced a/aa Materials and Advanced
Computational Methods 171
J. F. Mescall
Session Viii: Composites Behavior 0800 Hours, 18 May 1989
Processing of Polymeric Matrix Composites 172
J. W. Gillespie, Jr. And T-w. Chou
Structural Stability and Crack Growth in Thick Section Compos!te
Laminates With Delamination . . . . . . 177
S. S. Wang
Methodology for Determining the Three-dimensional Elastic Properties
Of Continuous Fiber Composite Materials . 178
J. C. Fish
Orthotropic Elastic-plastic Behavior of As4/apc-2 Thermoplastic
Composite in Compression 184
C. T. Sun and Y. Rui
Statistically Based Material Properties: a Military Handbook-17
Perspective . . 187
D. M. Neal and M. G. Vangel
Xsession Ix: Rate Dependent Behavior 1005 Hours, 18 May 1989
Orthotropic Theory of Viscoplasticity With Applications to Laminated
Composite Analyses . . 191
E. Krempl
Thermal Aspects of Shear Localization in Viscoplastic Solids . 192
L. Anand, a. M. Lush, and K. H. Kim
Verification of the Plastic Spin Concept in Viscoplasticity . 193
Y. F. Dafalias and H.-w. Cho
Chronorheological Characterization of Elastomers . 195
W. W. Feng
A Finite Element Method for an Incremental Viscoplasticity Theory
Based on Overstress . 199
T.-l. Sham
Session X: Penetration and Impact 1300 Hours, 18 May 1989
Study on Impact Damage in Laminated Composites . 203
F.-k. Chang and H. Y. Choi
Erosion of Tungsten Cylinders: a Two Part Physical Study 204
N. C. Calkins and W. Gooch
Constitutive Equations for Liquid Crystalline Based Polymeric
Materials Under Ballistic Impact 205
P. M. Cunniff
Perforation of Aluminum Armor Plates With Conical-nose Projectiles 210
M. J. Forrestal, V. K. Luk, and N. S. Brar
Finite Element Simulation of Perforation and Penetration of Aluminum
Targets by Conical-nosed Steel Rods 214
E. P. Chen
A Dynamic Study of Energy Loss During High Velocity Projectile
Impact 218
R. H. Zee, C. J. Wang, a. Mount, and B. Z. Jang
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