Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2019) – Volume I

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2019) – Volume I
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Andrey A. Radionov , Oleg A. Kravchenko , Victor I. Guzeev , Yurij V. Rozhdestvenskiy
3 أغسطس 2023
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Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2019) – Volume I
Andrey A. Radionov , Oleg A. Kravchenko , Victor I. Guzeev , Yurij V. Rozhdestvenskiy
Gear Transmission with Conic Axoid on Parallel Axes 1
S. Shevchenko, A. Mukhovaty and O. Krol
Mathematical Model of Mechanism for Sealing Hardly Deformable
Materials . 11
E. I. Kromsky, S. V. Kondakov and M. A. Asfandiarov
Promising Machine for Compacting Road-Building Materials . 21
E. I. Kromsky, S. V. Kondakov and K. Z. Tilloev
Assessing Effectiveness of Technical Measures for Improving
Working Conditions of Wheeled Vehicle Operators . 29
V. Shkrabak, A. Kalugin and Y. Averyanov
Definition of Rational Modes of Use of Marginal Dug-Out Wells . 41
V. Kushnir, O. Benyukh and S. Kim
Hose Regulating Device with Swirling . 49
A. V. Fominykh, I. R. Chinyaev and A. A. Ezdina
Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Diesel Engine Derating
Effect on Its Life Time . 55
A. Malozemov, V. Dooun and D. Kozminykh
Failure Model for Gear Couplings Under the Criterion of Working
Surface Endurance 65
M. G. Slobodianskii, Alexey V. Antsupov and S. V. Lukinskih
Analytical Model of Wear-Out Failures in Spur Gears of External
Gearing . 75
Alexander V. Antsupov, M. G. Slobodianskii and V. P. Antsupov
Development of Analytical Methodology for Detail Durability Test
While Arranging Metallurgical Machines . 83
Alexey V. Antsupov, Alexander V. Antsupov and V. P. Antsupov
viiApplication of Kantorovich-Vlasov Method for Shaped Plate
Bending Problem . 91
S. V. Konev, A. S. Fainshtein and I. E. Teftelev
Comparative Analysis of Stress–Strain Condition of Cylindrical
Gears Arc Teeth and Spurs . 101
K. Syzrantseva, V. Syzrantsev and D. Babichev
Thermomechanical Fatigue Analysis of Diesel Engine Piston: Finite
Element Simulation and Lifetime Prediction Technique 109
S. M. Sivachev and L. L. Myagkov
Quantitative Assessment of Thermal Properties of the Metal-Cutting
Machine Design 119
B. M. Dmitriev
Estimation Method of Slip Ring Mechanical Strength in Current
Collectors in Static Setting 129
I. V. Kudryavtsev, O. I. Rabetskaya and A. E. Mityaev
Ensuring Operational Life and Reliability of Contact Rings
in Plastic State . 137
I. V. Kudryavtsev, E. S. Novikov and V. G. Demin
Deformation and Stability of Cylindrical Shells Under Irregular
Radial Loading . 145
S. V. Makhnovich, D. A. Permyakov and Yu. M. Khishchenko
Evaluation of Possible Limits of Forcing of High-Capacity
Air-Cooled Engines 159
A. V. Vasilyev, A. M. Lartsev and E. A. Fedyanov
Torsional Rigidity of Elastic Rods of Polygonal Cross Section . 167
A. V. Korobko, Yu. E. Lygina and S. Yu. Savin
Strength Calculation of the Frame of Tourist Solar-Powered Vehicle
in the Conditions of Static Loading . 175
A. A. Polivanov and V. S. Galuschak
Durability of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Blades Exposed
to Corrosive–Erosive Wear 181
V. A. Pukhliy and S. T. Miroshnichenko
Theoretical Calculation of Compressed Media Leaks in Working
Bodies of Single-Rotor Screw Compressor with Circumferential
Tooth Shape . 191
A. F. Minikayev, V. A. Pronin and D. V. Zhignovskaya
viii ContentsContact Strength Calculation of Straight Bevel Precessional Gears
with Small Shaft Angle . 197
V. Syzrantsev and A. Pazyak
Research of Direction of Rope-Hydraulic Quarry Excavator
Creation 205
S. A. Khoroshavin, V. S. Shestakov and V. I. Saitov
Formation of Quality Indicators System at Design of Mechanical
Engineering Products 213
E. A. Ivakhnenko, L. M. Chervyakov and O. Yu. Erenkov
Mini-Converter for Processing of Poor-Quality Charge
and Metal-Containing Waste 223
S. Eronko, S. Gorbatyuk and M. Tkachev
Cabled Feeder for Underground Drilling Machines . 231
A. M. Busygin
Solving Problem of Curved Surface Approximation by Layers
with Constant and Variable Sections During Forming by Additive
Methods 239
A. N. Grechukhin, V. V. Kuts and M. S. Razumov
Assessment of Natural Oscillation Frequencies of Rotor
for Development of Hard-Bearing Balancing Machine . 249
S. O. Gaponenko, A. E. Kondratiev and I. R. Tazeev
Equipment with Disc Cutters for Destruction and Removal
of Strength Snow and Ice Formations on Road Surface 259
A. V. Lysyannikov, Yu. N. Bezborodov and V. G. Shram
Improvement of Equipment for Knocking Out Castings
from Molds 269
V. G. Nekrutov, A. V. Irshin and B. A. Reshetnikov
Theoretical Study of Sifting Heap on Finger Chaffer Sieve . 277
A. V. Butovchenko, E. E. Petrov and A. A. Doroshenko
Modeling Polymeric Centrifugal-Pump Impeller Blades 287
V. A. Pukhliy, S. T. Miroshnichenko and V. V. Sokolov
Vibration Isolating and Impact Protecting Systems with Quasi-Zero
Stiffness Providing Wide Operating Area . 299
A. Zotov and A. Valeev
Locating of Oscillating Defect in Rotary Equipment via Remote
Strain Gauge Analysis . 309
A. Valeev and A. Tokarev
Contents ixResults of Studying Cleaning of Exhaust Gases
of Preheater-Equipped KamAZ-740 Diesel Engine 319
A. A. Melbert and A. V. Mashensky
Features of Rotor Friction Losses Balancing in Centrifugal
Electric-Driven Pumps for Spacecrafts . 329
A. Bobkov
Deformation of Prismatic Samples of U-Shaped Grooves
and Their Stress–Strain State 337
E. V. Zenkov and D. A. Elovenko
Analysis of Gears’ Engagement Parameter in Period
of Steady Wear . 349
M. Akopyan, S. Reznikov and O. Kuznetsova
Kinetostatics of Rotationally Reciprocating Stirred Tank
Planetary Actuator 359
A. A. Prikhodko
Automation of Heat Exchanger Shell Holes Machining Operation 367
A. Yu. Gorelova, M. G. Kristal and V. A. Martynenko
Arching Design of Device for Cooling Cutting Zone of Milling
Machine Based on Graph Model of Physical Working Principle . 377
A. A. Yakovlev, V. S. Sorokin and S. G. Postupaeva
Processing of Renewable Wood Biomass into Thermally Modified
Pellets with Increased Combustion Value . 387
R. G. Safin, D. B. Prosvirnikov and T. O. Stepanova
Influence Estimate of Spectral Model of Combustion Product
Radiation on Results of DKVR-10/13 Steam Boiler Furnace
Simulating 399
D. A. Akhmedzaynov, A. E. Kishalov and V. D. Lipatov
Automated Control of Truck Drive Axle Performance
Characteristics . 411
A. Yu. Barykin, M. M. Mukhametdinov and R. Kh. Takhaviev
Simulation of Transforming Magnetic Systems Based on Permanent
Magnets to Control Microparticles 419
N. N. Merzlova, A. V. Pashkovskiy and D. V. Boldyrev
Use in Cycle of Biogas Plant Boiler for Waste Disposal 431
S. A. Naumov, V. Y. Sokolov and A. V. Sadchikov
Simulation of Rectification Process Taking into Account
Longitudinal Diffusion on Equations of Working Lines 441
A. B. Golovanchikov, V. N. Karev and N. A. Prokhorenko
x ContentsInvestigation of Process of Cutting Fruit and Vegetable Raw
Materials into Slices Using Rotary Chopper . 451
N. Lebed, N. Antonova and G. Rusakova
Investigation of Kinematics of 3D Printer Print Head Moving
Systems . 461
A. R. Avdeev, A. A. Shvets and I. S. Torubarov
Development of Algorithm for Creating Parametric 3D Models,
Controlled by Mathcad Calculations, to Study Parameters
of Enclosed Gears Housing 473
E. Petrakova and V. Sumatokhin
Automated Method for Modular Selection of Components
for Multi-bearing Unit of Internal Combustion Engine
Assembling 485
V. A. Saninsky, V. V. Korzin and A. V. Petrukhin
Improving Synthesis Accuracy of Topology Elements in Laser
Pattern Generators with Circular Scanning Mode 497
A. V. Kiryanov and V. P. Kiryanov
Estimation of Heat Losses in Fuel Combustion by Analysis of Gas
Pressure in the Cylinder of Diesel 507
E. A. Lazarev, V. E. Lazarev and M. A. Matculevich
Determination of Parameters and Characteristics of Injection in Fuel
System of Accumulating Type at Cold Start of the Diesel Engine 515
V. V. Shishkov and E. A. Lazarev
Influence of Main Design Parameters of Motion Conversion
Mechanism of Crankless Reciprocating Machine (Engine)
on Torque Value on Output Shaft 523
B. A. Sharoglazov and V. V. Klementev
Research of Dynamic Characteristics of Bearing Structures
at Takeaway of Ventilation Equipment on the Workshop Roof 533
G. Voronkova, N. Borisova and A. Borisov
Features of Pulsating Flows Thermomechanics in Exhaust System
of Piston Engine with Turbocharging 541
L. V. Plotnikov, Yu M. Brodov and N. I. Grigor’ev
Improvement of Environmental Characteristics of Diesel Locomotive
Engine with Turbocharging by Changing Valve Timing
(Based on Miller Cycle) 549
L. V. Plotnikov, S. Bernasconi and P. Jacoby
Contents xiCalculated Analysis of Efficiency of Fresh Charge Heating in Diesel
Engine Under Cold-Start Conditions 559
A. E. Popov, Z. V. Almetova and V. D. Shepelev
Theoretical Studies of Automobile Smooth Running
on High-Safety Wheels . 567
V. V. Mazur
Computer Simulation of Numerical Description of Closed Curve
Using Fourier Coefficients . 575
S. Ibrayev, Zh. Bidakhmet and Ay. Rakhmatulina
Simulation of Fuel Ignition Chemical Kinetics in Diesel Engine
at Cold Start with Modelica Language . 585
A. Malozemov, A. Savinovskikh and G. Malozemov
Dynamic Pattern of Safe Operation Indicators for Heavy-Duty
Machines . 595
Yu. A. Izvekov, V. V. Dubrovsky and A. L. Anisimov
Influence of Spherical Body Diameter on Impact Interaction
Dynamics . 603
V. Lapshin, V. Yashenko and A. Eliseev
Indicative and Efficient Parameters of the Engine Operating Cycle
When Using Fuels with Various Octane Numbers 611
V. E. Lazarev, M. A. Matculevich and E. A. Lazarev
Interaction of Elastic Wheel with Bumps of Rectangular Shape 621
A. Startcev, S. Romanov and O. Vagina
Opportunities for Using Spline Method to Calculate Orthotropic
Plate Under Bending Conditions 631
V. S. Zhernakov, V. P. Pavlov and V. M. Kudoyarova
Experiments to Find the Rolling Resistance of Non-pneumatic
Tires Car Wheels . 641
V. V. Mazur
Peculiarities of Motion of Pendulum on Mechanical System Engine
Rotating Shaft . 649
A. I. Artyunin, S. V. Barsukov and O. Yu. Sumenkov
Reducing Dynamic Loads in Hoisting Mechanism of Excavator
Based on Feedbacks on Elastic Torque . 659
N. K. Kuznetsov, I. A. Iov and E. S. Dolgih
Determination of Magnetization Efficiency of Wheel-Rail
Contact Zone 669
D. Ya. Antipin, V. O. Korchagin and M. A. Maslov
xii ContentsForecasting of Life Service of Hopper Car Body Load-Bearing
Structure on Basis of Mathematical Modeling Methods 677
D. Ya. Antipin, V. V. Kobishanov and A. S. Mitrakov
Evaluation of Heat Mechanical Loading of Piston of Gasoline Engine
4CH8,2/7,56 When It Is Forced at Average Effective Pressure . 687
G. V. Lomakin and V. M. Myslyaev
Losses Analysis in Gas Turbine Engines Flow Parts 697
I. A. Krivosheev, N. B. Simonov and K. E. Rozhkov
Transfer Functions for Shearing Stress in Nonstationary
Fluid Friction 707
V. Sokolov
On Splitting of Bending Frequency Spectrum of Geometrically
Imperfect Shells 717
S. V. Seregin
Mathematical Model of Spindle Unit Bearing Assembly 725
E. S. Gasparov and L. B. Gasparova
Evaluation of Contact Stresses in Railway Wheel When Rolling
Through Rail Joint 733
E. S. Evtukh and G. A. Neklyudova
Determination of Eigenforms and Frequencies of Transverse
Vibrations of a Rod of Variable Cross Section in the Field
of Centrifugal Forces 743
A. P. Levashov and O. Yu. Medvedev
Problem of Calculation of Reliability of Hierarchical Complex
Technical Systems . 753
P. A. Kulakov, D. D. Galyautdinov and V. G. Afanasenko
Developing Methods for Calculating Gas-Dynamic Parameters
in Launch Canister During the Missile Launch 765
R. A. Peshkov and A. V. Erpalov
The Detection of Electrode Breakage in Electric Discharge Process
by Methods of Vibroacoustic Diagnostics . 775
M. Kozochkin, A. Porvatov and D. Allenov
Method of Estimation of Pressure Forces from Power Plant
in Microtunneling . 783
E. Y. Kulikova and I. I. Shornikov
Diesel Work Cycle at Start 791
V. V. Shishkov
Contents xiiiDynamic Analysis of Lifting Cranes . 801
N. N. Panasenko and A. V. Sinelschikov
Vibration Isolation Properties of Vehicle Suspension at Optimal
Instantaneous Damping Control in Oscillation Cycle 819
K. V. Chernyshov, A. V. Pozdeev and I. M. Ryabov
Monitoring Engine Toxicity Parameters and Selective Control
of Its System Operation 829
A. V. Gritsenko, Z. V. Almetova and V. V. Rudnev
Finding Stable Region of Torsional Vibrations of Agro-Industrial
Rotary Cultivators 839
S. A. Partko, L. M. Groshev and A. N. Sirotenko
Improvement of Fuel Injection and Atomization Processes
in Transport Diesel Engine 845
V. A. Markov, S. N. Devyanin and V. G. Kamaltdinov
Finding New Component in Displacement of Normal Supporting
Surface Reaction to Car Wheels 855
T. A. Golubeva and E. V. Balakina
Numerical Research of Combustible Mixture Inert Components
Influence on Compression-Ignition Engines Combustion Process . 865
V. G. Kamaltdinov, V. A. Markov and K. S. Leonov
Results of Bench Tests of Pneumatic Suspension
with Air-Hydraulic Damping 875
V. V. Novikov, A. V. Pozdeev and D. A. Chumakov
Investigation of Stress-Strain State of Ball Mill Trunnion 883
Ju. A. Bondarenko, S. I. Khanin and O. V. Bestuzheva
Influence of Stiffness of Rear Leaf Spring on Van Vibration
Loading 895
Yu. A. Polyakov
Hydroelastic Oscillations of Three-Layered Channel Wall Resting
on Elastic Foundation 903
D. V. Kondratov, V. S. Popov and A. A. Popova
Use of Vibration Isolation Systems with Negative Stiffness
on the Basis of Special Shaped Guides to Reduce Pump Piping
Vibration . 913
A. Tokarev, A. Valeev and A. Zotov
Effect of Two Cracks in a Rotor on Stiffness Using the Theory
of Fracture Mechanics . 921
Salam Ahmed Abed, Mohammad Reza Bahrami and Jassim Farij Thijel
xiv ContentsHow Asymmetric Initial Imperfections in Shape Affect Free
Oscillations of Thin Shells 931
S. V. Seregin
Test Bench for Analyzing Adaptability of Foil Gas-Dynamic Bearings
to External Changes . 941
A. V. Gorin, R. N. Poliakov and A. V. Sytin
Automatic System of Low-Pressure Gas Recycling at Liquid Removal
from Wells and Gas Collectors . 951
M. Yu. Prakhova, A. N. Krasnov and E. A. Khoroshavina
Improvement of Procedure for Determining Antioxidant Additive
(Ionol) in Insulating Oils 963
M. Lyutikova and S. Korobeynikov
Resource-Saving Multifunctional Apparatus for Autonomous Energy
and Water Supply Systems 973
I. V. Dolotovskij and N. V. Dolotovskaya
Slag Cut-off During Steel Casting . 983
Yu. I. Eremenko and D. A. Poleshchenko
Arresting Longitudinal Cracks in Steel Pipelines: Computational
Analysis Technique 993
Baraa M. H. Albaghdadi and A. O. Cherniavsky
Improvement of Operational Characteristics of Aggregates
by Nanostructuring Surfaces of Tribounits 1003
M. Yu. Karelina, T. Yu. Cherepnina and N. Yu. Bugakova
Advantages of Using Wheel Rolling Radius for Calculating Friction
Characteristics in Wheel-to-Road Contact Patch . 1015
E. V. Balakina, E. Y. Lipatov and D. S. Sarbayev
Lubrication Conditions and Development of Pre-failure State
of Crankshaft Bearings . 1023
A. T. Kulakov, E. P. Barylnikova and I. P. Talipova
Investigations of Antifriction Films Formation in Dioctyl Sebacate
Medium with Cholesteryl Esters 1035
M. V. Boiko, A. P. Sychev and I. V. Kolesnikov
Dependence of Automatic Installation of Tool Carrier Process
on Orientation Errors and Their Effect on Performance
Characteristics of Spindle-Tool Subsystem 1043
O. Yu. Kazakova and L. B. Gasparova
Contents xvAutomated Calculation and Control of Body Wear
in Friction Pair . 1053
V. A. Saninsky, V. V. Korzin and M. A. Kononovich
Method for Modelling of Circulation of Lubricating Fluid in Models
of Machine-Building Products . 1063
A. S. Gorobtsov, E. G. Gromov and N. V. Chigirinskaya
Influence of Physicochemical Processes on Reliability of Node
of Sliding Current Collector of Electric Machines 1073
S. A. Izotov, A. I. Izotov and A. A. Fominyh
Bench-Scale Tests Aimed at Finding Rate and Acceleration
of Wear Determining Service Life of Thrust Bearing
in Submersible Electric Motor . 1089
V. A. Butorin, I. B. Tsarev and R. T. Guseynov
Macromechanism Destruction of Structurally
and Crystallographically Textured Titanium Billets . 1097
M. A. Skotnikova, G. V. Ivanova and A. A. Strelnikova
Study on Factors Having Influence Upon Efficiency of AC Motor
Chain Drive Using Newly Developed Method and Procedure
for Identification of Its Friction Losses . 1107
V. Belogusev, A. Egorov and I. Polyanin
Discrete Contact in Toothed Gearing 1117
Alexander Vladimirovich Titenok and Igor Alexandrovich Titenok
Contact Movement in Mating Conical Joints Within
Resting Friction 1127
V. Feropontov, N. Perfileva and A. Maksimenko
Forming Laminar Flow of Engine Oil Under Conditions
of High-Speed Sliding Friction . 1137
V. I. Kubich, E. A. Zadorozhnaya and O. G. Cherneta
Study of Dependence of Kinematic Viscosity and Thermal-Oxidative
Stability of Motor Oils . 1155
V. G. Shram, Yu. N. Bezborodov and A. V. Lysyannikov
Complex Method for Evaluating Lubricating Properties
of Technological Tools and Stresses When Drawing Products
from Sheet Steel 1163
G. I. Shulga, A. O. Kolesnichenko and I. Y. Lebedinsky
Monitoring Technical Status of Engine Bearings by Pressure
Parameters in Central Oil Line 1175
A. V. Gritsenko, V. D. Shepelev and A. G. Karpenko
xvi ContentsEvaluation of Thermal Condition of Turbocharger Rotor Bearing 1183
E. Zadorozhnaya, V. Hudyakov and I. Dolgushin
Ensuring Tightness of Sealing Joints at the Design Stage . 1195
P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov and V. Kushnarev
Modeling Introduction of Rigid Sphere into Layered Elastic Body . 1205
P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov and V. Kushnarev
Influence of Oxidation Products on Anti-wear Properties
of Lubricants 1215
B. I. Kovalsky, N. N. Lysyannikova and E. G. Kravcova
Experimental Modeling of Wearing the Friction Surfaces
of “Piston-Cylinder” Tribounit . 1225
A. Doikin and K. Gavrilov
Investigation of Influence of Steel SH 15 on Oxidation and Anti-wear
Properties of Mineral Oil . 1233
E. G. Kravtsova, B. I. Kowalsky and N. N. Lysyannikova
Theoretical Research of Kinematic Pair “Shaft-Sleeve” of Friction
Bearing of Gas-Compressor Unit at Variable Speeds of Shaft
Rotation 1241
Y. P. Serdobintsev, M. P. Kukhtik and A. M. Makarov
Design Engineering and Manufacturing of Technology of Bearings
for Heavy-Duty Friction Units . 1251
R. V. Yudin, D. A. Parinov and I. N. Medvedev
Surface Films Formation on Steel During Friction of Polymer
Composites Containing Microcapsules with Lubricant . 1259
A. V. Sidashov and M. V. Boiko
Fabrication and Triboengineering Properties of Aluminum
Composite Ceramic Coatings 1269
A. N. Bolotov, V. V. Novikov and O. O. Novikova
Formation and Properties of Multilayer Composite Solid
Lubricant Coating 1279
I. N. Shcherbakov, A. A. Korotkiy and E. V. Egelskaya
Modeling Wear of Tool’s Front Surface During Turning . 1287
S. A. Kurguzov and M. V. Nalimova
Contents xviiEvaluation of Lubricants Use with Ultrafine Copper-Containing
Additives in Sliding Bearings with Reversible Friction . 1295
S. G. Dokshanin, V. S. Tynchenko and V. V. Bukhtoyarov
Numerical Modelling of Fluid-Film Bearing Lubricated
with Magnetorheological Fluid . 1303
A. Babin, A. Fetisov and V. Tyurin

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