Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol. 2

Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol. 2
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Steve Chastain
12 أكتوبر 2019
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Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol. 2
Steve Chastain
Cast Metal in Sand Molds Using
Your Own Backyard Foundry!
Part 2 of the Sand Casting Manual Continues by Describing More Advanced
Techniques. Using Non-technical Terms, Steve Chastain, a Mechanical and
Materials Engineer Shows You How to Cast Metal Parts for Little Cost in Your Own
Back Yard! Sold in Over 30 Countries, Chastain’s Popular “small Foundry Series”
Is Good for Both the Beginner and Experienced Metal Caster.
You Will Learn: (a
How to Make Your Own Foundry Tools and Equipment
About Copper Alloys, Aluminum and Cast Iron.
About Solidification of Metals and Why It Matters.
How to Design Gates and Risers for Castings.
The Use of Chills, Insulated Pads and Riser Sleeves
How to Make Patterns.
How to Make Rubber Molds and Match Plates
The Casting of Pistons and Cylinder Heads.
See the Original Flathead V-8 Castings Being Produced.
Metal Casting: a Sand Casting Manual Table of Contents Volume 2
For the Small Foundry Vol. Ii
Continued From Volume I
By Stephen D. Chastain
I. Solidification of Metals
Freezing of Pure Metals
Freezing of Alloys
Phase Diagrams
Ii. Aluminum Alloys:
The Effect of Alloying Agents
Grain Refiners
Solution Heat Treatment & Precipitation
The Composition of Aluminum Alloys
Melt Reactions
Aluminum Melting Practice
Iii. Copper Alloys, Brass & Bronze
Copper-based Casting Alloys
Silicon Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Tin and Leaded Bronze
Aluminum Bronze
Solidification Range of Copper Alloys
Brass and Bronze Foundry Practice
The Small Foundry Series by Stephen Chastain
As of January
Volume I. Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces for the Small Foundry
Volume Ii. Build an Oil-fired Tilting Furnace
Volume Iii. Metal Casting: a Sand Casting Manual Vol. I
Volume Iv. Metal Casting: a Sand Casting Manual Vol. Ii
2925 Mandarin Meadows Dr.
Jacksonville, Fl 32223 42
Warning- Disclamer
This Book is to Provide Information on the Methods the Author Used to Operate a Small
Foundry. Foundry Work Can Be Dangerous. No Attempt Has Been Made to Point Out All of
The Dangers or Even a Majority of Them. Although the Information Has Been Researched
And Believed to Be Accurate, No Liability is Assumed for the Use of the Information
Contained in This Book. If You Do Not Wish to Be Bound by the Above, You May Return the
Book for a Full Refund.
Warning: Molten Metal and High Intensity Combustion Can Be Dangerous. Incomplete
Combustion Produces Carbon Monoxide, a Poisonous Gas. Only Operate a Furnace
Outdoors. Stay Clear of All Ports When a Furnace is in Operation. Observe All Rules
Regarding Safe Foundry Practice. Do Not Attempt to Melt Metal if You Are Not Qualified. Do
Not Use Gasoline or Other Low Flashpoint Fuels to Light a Furnace. Do Not Spill Molten Metal
On Yourself, Others or Any Wet or Damp Surface. Always Wear Protective Gear. Observe All
Regulations Regarding the Safe Handling of Gaseous and Liquid Fuels. Safety is Your
Primary Responsibility.
Iv. Metallurgy of Iron
Carbon Equivalent
Alloying Elements
Ductile Iron
Alkali Fluxes
V. Gating Systems
Parts of a Gating System
Design of Gating Systems
Vi. Risers and Feeding of Castings
Directional Solidification
68 Rubber Molds 129
Building a Vacuum Chamber
Making a Match Plate
Viii. Foundry Projects
Make a Sturdy Flask Lock
Make an Knee Operated Air Valve
Cylinder Head Casting
Piston Casting
X. Automotive Castings
Casting Piston Rings
Production of the Ford Flathead V-8
Xi. Misclanenious
Molding Deep Fins
Lifting Force on Cope
Xi. Conclusion
Composition of Aluminum Alloys
Heat Loss From Risers
Making Insulated Riser Sleeves
Vii. Pattern Making
Machining Allowance
Wax Extruder
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