Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol 1

Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol 1
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Stephen D. Chastain
12 أكتوبر 2019
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Metal Casting – a Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry Vol 1
Stephen D. Chastain
Foundry-metallurgy Cd
Cast Metal in Sand Molds Using
Your Own Backyard Foundry!
Learn How to Cast Metal in Sand Molds Using Simple Techniques and Readily C/>
Available Materials. Steve Chastain, a Mechanical and Materials Engineer,
Shows the Beginner How to Make a Sand Mold and Then How to Hone Your Skills
To Produce High Quality Castings. Written in Non-technical Terms, the Sand
Casting Manuals Begin by Melting Aluminum Cans Over a Charcoal Fire and End
By Casting a Cylinder Head. All for Little Cost in Your Own Back Yard! Sold in Over
30 Countries, Chastain’s Popular “small Foundry Series” is Good for Both the
Beginner and Experienced Metal Caster.
You Will Learn: O
How to Build a 2450° F Furnace From a Steel Bucket.
How to Make Your Own Foundry Tools and Equipment.
About Green Sand, Skin Dry and Baked Sand Molds.
The Effect of Sand Grain Types and Distribution.
The Surface Area of Various Sands and Why It Matters.
Sand Binders
Core Boxes, Core Baking and Core Buoyancy in Various Molten Metals.
Core Filing and Setting Jigs.
How to Easily Build a Thermocouple to Measure High Temperatures.
Optical Pyrometers and Emissivity.
The Real Test of a Book
Is Not in Reporting the
Skill and Achievements,
But Rather in Showing
The Reader How It is
Done. Here is a Book
That Shows You How
To Do It!
Metalcasting: a Sand Casting Manual
For the Small Foundry Vol. I
Purpose & Introduction
Health and Safety
By Stephen D. Chastain 7
I. The Sand Casting Process 9
The Sand Casting Process
Basic Foundry Equipment
Ii. Foundry Projects:
Make a Match Plate Vibrator
Mold Making
Making Wooden Flasks
Making Flask Hardware
Making an Aluminum Flask
Hardware Patents
Iii. Melting Equipment
Crucibles and Ladles
Furnaces for the Small Foundry
Beginner’s Charcoal Furnace
Stepping Up to a Gas Fired Furnace
Forming Sheet Metal for Furnaces
Iv. Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement
114making a Thermocouple Thermometer
Optical Pyrometers
V. Foundry Sands and Binders
Molding Sand
Mullers and Mulling
Cement Binders
Development of Oil Bonded Sand
Petro Bond
Furan Binders
Vi. Coremaking
Core Binders
Baking Cores
Core Finishing
Core Jigs
Core Buoyancy
Strainer Cores
Core Coatings
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