Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management Human Body, Motion and Behavior

Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management Human Body, Motion and Behavior
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Vincent G. Duffy
7 مارس 2024
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Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management Human Body, Motion and Behavior
Vincent G. Duffy (Ed.)
LNCS 12777
12th International Conference, DHM 2021
Held as Part of the 23rd HCI International Conference, HCII 2021
Virtual Event, July 24–29, 2021
Proceedings, Part I
Contents – Part I
Ergonomics, Human Factors and Occupational Health
Addressing Human Factors and Ethics in the Design of ‘Future Work’
and Intelligent Systems for Use in Financial Services – Person Centered
Operations, Intelligent Work & the Triple Bottom Line 3
Joan Cahill, Vivienne Howard, Yufei Huang, Junchi Ye, Stephen Ralph,
and Aidan Dillon
Digital Human-in-the-Loop Methodology for Early Design Computational
Human Factors 14
H. Onan Demirel, Lukman Irshad, Salman Ahmed, and Irem Y. Tumer
Well-Being at Work: Applying a Novel Approach to Comfort Elicitation 32
Sandy Ingram, Uchendu Nwachukwu, Nicole Jan, Jean-Philippe Bacher,
and Florinel Radu
Opportunities of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for Occupational
Safety and Health in Production Industry 43
Tim Jeske, Sebastian Terstegen, and Catharina Stahn
Digital Human Simulation for Fall Risk Evaluation When Sitting
on Stepladders 58
Tsubasa Maruyama, Haruki Toda, Yui Endo, Mitsunori Tada,
Hiroyuki Hagiwara, and Koji Kitamura
Study on Evaluation Index of Physical Load of Chemical Prevention
Personnel in High Temperature and Humidity Environment . 67
Peng Zhang, Zhongqi Liu, Xuemei Chen, and Qianxiang Zhou
Human Body and Motion Modeling
The Wearable Resistance Exercise Booster’s Design for the Elderly . 81
Xiangtian Bai, Jun Ma, and Duan Dai
3D Model of Ergonomic Socket Mechanism for Prostheses
of Transtibial Amputees 92
Isabel Carvalho, Victor Nassar, Gabriel Prim, Jonathan Nishida,
Eliete Ourives, Tainá Bueno, and Milton Vieira
Evaluating the Risk of Muscle Injury in Football-Kicking Training
with OpenSim 100
Jing Chang, Wenrui Wang, Damien Chablat, and Fouad BennisNew Approaches to Movement Evaluation Using Accurate Truck
Ingress Data 110
Martin Dorynek, Hongtao Zhang, Norman Hofmann, and Klaus Bengler
A Two-Step Optimization-Based Synthesis of Squat Movements 122
Bach Quoc Hoa, Vincent Padois, Faiz Benamar, and Eric Desailly
Ergonomics-Based Clothing Structure Design for Elderly People 139
Jingxiao Liao and Xiaoping Hu
Comparisons of Hybrid Mechanisms Based on Their Singularities
for Bone Reduction Surgery: 3-PRP-3-RPS and 3-RPS-3-PRP . 152
Annisa Pratiwi, Sinh Nguyen Phu, Terence Essomba,
and Latifah Nurahmi
The Measurement and Analysis of Chinese Adults’ Range
of Motion Joint 163
Qianxiang Zhou, Yu Jin, and Zhongqi Liu
Language, Communication and Behavior Modeling
Modeling Rapport for Conversations About Health with Autonomous
Avatars from Video Corpus of Clinician-Client Therapy Sessions . 181
Reza Amini, Maya Boustani, and Christine Lisetti
Finding a Structure: Evaluating Different Modelling Languages Regarding
Their Suitability of Designing Agent-Based Models . 201
Poornima Belavadi, Laura Burbach, Martina Ziefle,
and André Calero Valdez
The Role of Embodiment and Simulation in Evaluating HCI: Experiments
and Evaluation 220
Nikhil Krishnaswamy and James Pustejovsky
Tracking Discourse Topics in Co-speech Gesture 233
Schuyler Laparle
Patient-Provider Communication Training Models for Interactive
Speech Devices 250
Patricia Ngantcha, Muhammad Amith, Cui Tao, and Kirk Roberts
Semantically Related Gestures Move Alike: Towards a Distributional
Semantics of Gesture Kinematics . 269
Wim Pouw, Jan de Wit, Sara Bögels, Marlou Rasenberg,
Branka Milivojevic, and Asli Ozyurek
xviii Contents – Part IThe Role of Embodiment and Simulation in Evaluating HCI: Theory
and Framework 288
James Pustejovsky and Nikhil Krishnaswamy
The History of Agent-Based Modeling in the Social Sciences 304
Carl Orge Retzlaff, Martina Ziefle, and André Calero Valdez
Medical-Based Pictogram: Comprehension of Visual Language
with Semiotic Theory . 320
Yuxiao Wang
Data Mining in Systematic Reviews: A Bibliometric Analysis
of Game-Based Learning and Distance Learning . 343
Jingjing Xu, Brendan M. Duffy, and Vincent G. Duffy
Sequence-to-Sequence Predictive Model: From Prosody
to Communicative Gestures . 355
Fajrian Yunus, Chloé Clavel, and Catherine Pelachaud
Author Index 375
Contents – Part I xixContents – Part II
Rethinking Healthcare
Development and Testing of a Usability Checklist for the Evaluation
of Control Interfaces of Electrical Medical Beds . 3
Davide Bacchin, Patrik Pluchino, Valeria Orso, Marcello Sardena,
Marino Malvestio, and Luciano Gamberini
Kits for Patients with Transtibial Amputation in the Pre- and
Post-prosthetic Phases . 20
Isabel Carvalho, Victor Nassar, and Milton Vieira
Research on Social Innovation Design of SCD Pre-hospital Emergency
Equipment Based on IoT Technology 28
Kun Fang and Wei Yu
Towards a Practical Approach for Assessing Pressure Relief Activities
for Manual Wheelchair Users in Their Daily Lives . 40
Jicheng Fu, Seth Howell, Shuai Zhang, Gang Qian, Daniel Yan Zhao,
and Hongwu Wang
Principles for Designing an mHealth App for Participatory Research and
Management of Chronic Pain 50
Eileen Mary Holowka, Sandra Woods, Amber Pahayahay, Mathieu Roy,
and Najmeh Khalili-Mahani
Automated Escalation and Incident Management in Healthcare During
Mass Casualties and Pandemic Events 68
Md. Yousuf Hossain, Umar Azhar, Yvonne To, Joseph Choi,
and Loutfouz Zaman
Different Patterns of Medication Administration Between Inside and
Outside the Patient Room Using Electronic Medical Record Log Data 86
Alireza Kasaie, Jung Hyup Kim, Wenbin Guo, Roland Nazareth,
Thomas Shotton, and Laurel Despins
Systematic Review of the Importance of Human Factors in Incorporating
Healthcare Automation 96
Jessica Kurniawan and Vincent G. Duffy
Scenario Planning in Healthcare Development in the VUCA World 111
Hiroyuki NishimotoThe Digital Dilemma and the Healthy Nation . 126
Xueying Niu
Development of Autonomous UVC Disinfectant Robot 135
Vishal Reddy Gade, Deep Seth, Manish Kumar Agrawal,
and Bhaskar Tamma
Requirements for a Game-Based Approach to Strengthen Leadership
in Health Care 152
Mareike Sorge, Christina Mayer, Judith Schöner, Robert Kummer,
and Melanie Rentzsch
Towards an Effective Web-Based Virtual Health Intervention: The Impact
of Media Platform, Visual Framing, and Race on Social Presence and
Transportation Ratings . 165
Fatemeh Tavassoli, Mohan Zalake, Alexandre Gomes de Siqueira,
François Modave, Janice Krieger, Benjamin Lok, and Juan Gilbert
The Design of Outpatient Services in Children’s Hospitals Based
on the Double Diamond Model . 182
ZhiWei Zhou, Xi Han, and Tao Xi
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Ethical Issues
Brown Hands Aren’t Terrorists: Challenges in Image Classification
of Violent Extremist Content 197
Margeret Hall and Christian Haas
A Βibliometric Analysis of Intelligent Agent Researches During
2010–2020 Based on VOS Viewer 208
Yu Liu, Yaqin Cao, Yi Ding, and Yun Zhang
What if: Human Rights vs Science – or Both?: An Unusual Argument
from a Disability Perspective 220
László Gábor Lovászy
Sources of Risk and Design Principles of Trustworthy
Artificial Intelligence 239
André Steimers and Thomas Bömer
Analysis of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Space . 252
BeiLe Su
Benchmarking Robots by Inducing Failures in Competition Scenarios 263
Santosh Thoduka and Nico Hochgeschwender
Fairness and the Need for Regulation of AI in Medicine, Teaching,
and Recruiting 277
Laila Wegner, Yana Houben, Martina Ziefle, and André Calero Valdez
xxii Contents – Part IIDigital Human Modeling in Product and Service Design
Research on Tourism Marketing Based on Community E-commerce . 299
Wei Feng and Feng Liu
An Empirical Study of the Influencing Factors on User Experience
for Barrage Video Website — A Case Study of Bilibili 310
Weilin Liu, Zhaoshuang He, and Mengxin Liu
Application of Design Thinking in the Education Segment, Regarding
the Human-Computer Interactions . 322
Vanda Orbulov
Learning Effectiveness Evaluation of Lesson Plan on Streamline
in Model Design Course . 332
Meng-Dar Shieh, Jia-Lin Tsai, Chih Chieh Yang, and Fang-Chen Hsu
Comprehensive Study of Digital Restoration of Buddha Statues
in Qingzhou by 3D Technology 348
Yunqiao Su
Influence of the Color and Logo Position of HNB Products on User
Experience Based on Eye Tracking 360
Lili Sun, Lizhong Hu, Lei Xiang, Xiuling Wang, Lei Wu, and Huai Cao
A Study on the Effect of Online Vertical Searching Advertising Presence
Towards Customer Behavioral Intentions 374
Yu Sun
Influence of HNB Product Packaging Health Warning Design on Risk
Perception Based on Eye Tracking 390
Lili Sun, Lizhong Hu, Feng Zheng, Yue Sun, Huai Cao, and Lei Wu
The Influence of the Aesthetic Design of Taobao APP on Users’
Emotional Experience . 403
Yimeng Zhang, Yang Zhang, and Jiaojiao Gao
Research on Chinese Traditional Garden Immersive Aesthetic Experience
in the Era of Artificial Intelligence 415
Lili Zhang
Author Index 429
Author Index
Agrawal, Manish Kumar II-135
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