Training Basic Hydraulics

Training Basic Hydraulics
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1 يوليو 2020
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Training Basic Hydraulics
Table of Contents
Description Pg
Best Power to Weight Ratio 5
Simple Hydraulic System 6
Hydraulic Symbols 7
Dump Pumps 8
Gear Pumps 9
Accumulators 10
Directional Control Valves 11
Double Acting Cylinders 12
Fixed Displacement Motor 13
In Cab Control Valves 14
Electronic Controls 15
How Much Oil 16
What Kind of Oil 17
How to Check Oil 18
When to Replace the Filter 19
What Size Tank 20
What Should Be Included In the Tank 21
What Kind of Hoses 22
Type of Pump 23
Pumps Used With Open Center Valves 24Pumps Used With Closed Center Valves 25
What Kind of valve 26
Valve Size and Pressure 27
Single Double Acting Valve 28
Hydraulic Mid Inlets 29
Power Beyond 30
Open Center Schematic 31
Closed Center LS Schematic 32
Horse Power Consumption 33
Hydraulic Cylinders 34
Single Acting Double Acting Cylinders 35
Bleeding Air 36
Hydraulic Motor Types 37
How Motors Work 38
Filtration 39
How Filters are Selected 40
PTO Types 41
Manual PTO’s 42PTO’s for Automatic Transmissions 43
Dump Truck 2 Line System 44
Dump Truck 3 Line System 45
QDB Manual Spreader Valve with Power Beyond 46
PSM 1000 Spreader Valve No In Cab Hydraulics 47
PSM Spreader Valve With LS 48
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