SolidWorks Basics 2016

SolidWorks Basics 2016
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Christopher F. Sikora
10 يونيو 2019
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SolidWorks Basics 2016
By Christopher F. Sikora
General Course Outline
Date Week Topic
1. Introduction to the Interface Lecture
Modeling Theory – Sketching and Base Feature Geometry
2. Revolved Features and Mirroring
3. Part Modeling
Secondary Features. Fillets, Chamfers, Draft, Patterns, Mirroring.
4. Sweeps, and Circular Patterns
5. Modeling Quiz and CAD Administration
6. Building Assemblies (Bottom-Up method “BU”)
7. Creating Drawings. Review for Mid Term
8. Mid Term Exam
9. 3D Curves and Sweeps
10. Swept Blends/Lofting
11. Assemblies Creation (Top-Down Method “TD”)
12. Assembly/Part Editing (“TD” & “BU” Methods)
13. Q2 Assembly Project
14. Q2 Assembly Project (continued)
15. Lab time, Review for Final Exam
16. Final Exam
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