Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation

Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation
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T.-J. Tarn, S.-B. Chen, C. Zhou
3 يونيو 2021
(لا توجد تقييمات)

Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation
T.-J. Tarn, S.-B. Chen, C. Zhou (Eds.)
With 234 Figures and 36 Tables
Preface V
T.-J. Tarn, S.-B. Chen, and C. Zhou
Part 1: Intelligent and Automatic Techniques for Welding
Dynamic Process
Process Stability of Automated Gas Metal Arc Welding of Aluminum 1
S. Emil
Nd:YAG – Laser – GMA – Hybrid Welding in Shipbuilding
and Steel Construction 14
U. Jasnau, J. Hoffmann, and P. Seyffarth
Computer Vision Sensing and Intelligent Control
of Welding Pool Dynamics 25
S.B. Chen, D.B. Zhao, Y.J. Lou, and L. Wu
Surface Shape Reconstruction of Weld Pool during Pulsed GTAW
from Its Single Image 56
D.B. Zhao, J.Q. Yi, S.B. Chen, and L. Wu
A Novel Intelligent Monitor for Manufacturing Processes 63
M. Ge and Y. Xu
3-D Grasp Analysis and Synthesis Using the Ray-Shooting Technique 80
Y.H. Liu, D. Ding, and M.L. Lam
Part 2: Intelligent Techniques for Robotic Welding
Laser Visual Sensing and Process Control in Robotic Arc Welding
of Titanium Alloys 110
H. Luo and X.Q. ChenIntelligent Technologies for Robotic Welding 123
S.B. Chen, T. Qiu, T. Lin, L. Wu, J.S. Tian, W.X. Lv, and Y. Zhang
The Seam Tracking System for Submerged Arc Welding 144
H. Zhang, X. Ding, M. Chen, B. Da, and C. Zou
Visual Measurement of Path Accuracy for Laser Welding Robots 152
D. Du, B. Sui, Y.F. He, Q. Chen, and H. Zhang
Part 3: Intelligent Robotic Systems
Map Building and Localization for Autonomous Mobile Robots 161
Y.L. Ip, A.B. Rad, and Y.K. Wong
Control and Stabilization of the Inverted Pendulum via Vertical Forces 190
D. Maravall
Vision Based Motion Planning of Humanoid Robots 212
M.F. Ercan and C. Zhou
Evolution of Locomotion Controllers for Legged Robots 228
A. Boeing and T. Bräunl
Gait Planning for Soccer-Playing Humanoid Robots 241
Z. Tang, C. Zhou, and Z. Sun
Fuzzy-Neural Impedance Control for Robots 263
Z. Xu and G. Fang
On Singular Perturbation Based Inverse Dynamics Control
for a Two-Link Flexible Manipulator 276
X. Dai, L. Sun, and H. Cai
Part 4: Intelligent Techniques and Its Applications
Wavelets and Biorthogonal Wavelets for Image Compression 281
D. Hong, M. Barrett, and P. Xiao
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Systems with Unknown Time Delay 304
F.H. Ho, A.B. Rad, Y.K. Wong, and W.L. Lo
VIII ContentsAdaptive Robust Fuzzy Tracking Control for a Class
of Nonlinear Systems 327
Y. Yang and C. Zhou
A Complete Algorithm for Attribute Reduction 345
B. Wang and S.B. Chen
Preliminary Probe of Embedded Real-Time Operating System
and Its Application in Welding Control 353
W. Chen, S. Chen, and T. Lin
Estimation of Oxygen Concentration Using Dynamic Recurrent Neural
Network Based on PCA 358
D. Sun, F. Ye, and X. Gu
Robust Stability of Interval Lur’e Systems: A Bilinear Matrix
Inequality Approach 365
T. Sun
Thresholding Segmentation and Classification in Automated Ultrasonic
Testing Image of Electrical Contact 372
H.D. Chen, Z.Y. Cao, Y.W. Wang, and J. Xue
Author Index 38
Author Index
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S. B. Chen, 25, 56, 123, 345, 353
W. Chen, 353
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B. Da, 144
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S. Emil, 1
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D. B. Zhao, 25, 56
C. Zhou, 212, 241, 327
C. Zou, 144
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