Robot Manipulators , New Achievements

Robot Manipulators , New Achievements
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Aleksandar Lazinica and Hiroyuki Kawai
26 أكتوبر 2019
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Robot Manipulators , New Achievements
Aleksandar Lazinica and Hiroyuki Kawai
Preface V
1. Modeling and Control of a New Robotic Deburring System 001
Jae H. Chung
2. Trajectory tracking control for robot manipulators with no
velocity measurement using semi-globally and globally
asymptotically stable velocity observers 017
Farah Bouakrif
3. Robotic Machining from Programming to Process Control 035
Zengxi Pan and Hui Zhang
4. Fuzzy Optimal Control for Robot Manipulators 059
Basil M. Al-Hadithi, Agustín Jiménez and Fernando Matía
5. Development of Adaptive Learning Control Algorithm for a
two-degree-of-freedom Serial Ball And Socket Actuator 081
Hayder M. A. A. Al-Assadi and Ahmed Jaffar
6. Singularity-Based Calibration – A Novel Approach for
Absolute-Accuracy-Enhancement of Parallel Robots 093
Philipp Last, Annika Raatz and Jürgen Hesselbach
7. Advanced Nonlinear Control of Robot Manipulators 107
Adel Merabet and Jason Gu
8. Modelling of HDD head positioning systems regarded as
robot manipulators using block matrices 129
Tomasz Trawiński and Roman Wituła
9. Mobile Manipulation: A Case Study 145
10. A Concept for Isles of Automation 169
Mikko Sallinen and Tapio Heikkilä
11. Stiffness Analysis for an Optimal Design of Multibody Robotic Systems 185
Carbone GiuseppeVIII
12. Concurrent Engineering of Robot Manipulators 211
M. Reza Emami and Robin Chhabra
13. Desktop Cartesian-Type Robot with Abilities of
Compliant Motion and Stick-Slip Motion 241
Fusaomi Nagata, Shintaro Tani,Takanori Mizobuchi, Tetsuo Hase,
Zenku Haga and Keigo Watanabe
14. Kinematic calibration of articulated arm coordinate measuring
machines and robot arms using passive and active self-centering
probes and multipose optimization algorithm based in
point and length constrains 255
Jorge Santolaria and Juan José Aguilar
15. Two Cooperating Manipulators with Fractional Controllers 279
N. M. Fonseca Ferreira, J. A. Tenreiro Machado and József K. Tar
16. MFR (Multi-purpose Field Robot) based on Human-robot
Cooperative Manipulation for Handling Building Materials 289
Seungyeol Lee
17. A Sensor Classification Strategy for Robotic Manipulators 315
Miguel F. M. Lima, J. A. Tenreiro Machado and António Ferrolho
18. Passivity-based Visual Force Feedback Control for
Eye-to-Hand Systems 329
Hiroyuki Kawai, Toshiyuki Murao and Masayuki Fujita
19. Kinematic Analysis of 3-UCR Parallel Robot Leg 343
Cheng Gang and Ge Shi-rong
20. Digital Control of Free Floating Space Robot Manipulators
Using Transpose of Generalized Jacobian Matrix 361
Shinichi Sagara and Yuichiro Taira
21. Kinematics, Singularity and Dexterity Analysis of Planar
Parallel Manipulators Based on DH Method 387
Serdar Kucuk
22. Robot Manipulator Probabilistic Workspace Applied to
Robotic Assistance 401
Fernando A. Auat Cheein, Fernando di Sciascio,
Juan Marcos Toibero and Ricardo Carelli
23. On the Design of Human-Safe Robot Manipulators 419
Vincent Duchaine, Nicolas Lauzier and Clément Gosselin
24. Vibration Based Control for Flexible Link Manipulator 435
Tamer Mansour, Atsushi Konno and Masaru UchiyamaIX
25. Control of Robotic Systems with Flexible Components
using Hermite Polynomial-Based Neural Networks 459
Gerasimos G. Rigatos
26. Dimensional optimization of completely restrained
positioning cable driven parallel manipulator with large span 487
XiaoQiang Tang and Rui Yao
27. Multi-Criteria Optimization Manipulator Trajectory Planning 503
E. J. Solteiro Pires, P. B. de Moura Oliveira and J. A. Tenreiro Machado
28. On Designing Compliant Actuators Based On Dielectric
Elastomers for Robotic Applications 523
Giovanni Berselli, Gabriele Vassura, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli and Rocco Vertechy
29. Hybrid Control Techniques for Static and Dynamic Environments:
a Step towards Robot-Environment Interaction 551
Fabrizio Romanelli
30. Maximal Operational Workspace of Parallel Manipulators 577
E. Macho, O. Altuzarra and A. Hernandez
31. Kinematical and Dynamical Models of KR 6 KUKA Robot,
including the kinematic control in a parallel processing platform 601
John Faber Archila Díaz, Max Suell Dutra and
Fernando Augusto de Noronha Castro Pinto
32. Manipulator Design Strategy for a Specified Task Based
on Human-Robot Collaboration 621
Seungnam Yu, Seungwhan Suh, Woonghee Son, Youngsoo Kim and Changsoo Han
33. PSPRD and PSPRD+I Control of Robot Manipulators
and Redundant Manipulators 645
Kiyotaka Shimizu
34. 3D Imaging System for Tele-Manipulation 663
Hideki Kakeya
35. Experimental evaluation of output–feedback tracking
controllers for robot manipulators 679
Javier Moreno–Valenzuela, Víctor Santibáñez and Ricardo Campa
36. Higher Dimensional Spatial Expression of Upper Limb
Manipulation Ability based on Human Joint Torque Characteristics 693
Makoto Sasaki, Takehiro Iwami, Kazuto Miyawaki, Ikuro Sato,
Goro Obinata and Ashish Dutta
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