Q Skills for Success 5 Listening and Speaking

Q Skills for Success 5 Listening and Speaking
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Susan Earle-Carlin
26 يناير 2016

Q Skills for Success 5 Listening and Speaking
Susan Earle-Carlin
Marguerite Ann Snow
Lawrence J. Zwier
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman
لتعليم مهارات التحدث والإستماع في اللغة الإنجليزية
Q: How do people get the news today?
Listening 1: Citizen Journalism
Listening 2: Pod-Ready: Podcasting for
the Developing World
Q: How does language affect who we are?
Listening 1: My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s
Personal Journey
Listening 2: The Story of My Life
Q: Where can work, education, and fun overlap?
Listening 1: Voluntourism
Listening 2: Science Fairs and Nature Reserves
Q: How can the eyes deceive the mind?
Listening 1: Wild Survivors
Listening 2: Magic and the Mind
Q: What does it mean to be a global citizen?
Listening 1: The Campaign to Humanize
the Coffee Trade
Listening 2: The UN Global Compact
Q: How do you make a space your own?
Listening 1: Environmental Psychology
Listening 2: What Your StuffSays About You
Q: Where do new ideas come from?
Listening 1: Alternative Ideas in Medicine
Listening 2: Boulder Bike-to-School Program
Goes International
Q: How do people react to change?
Listening 1: The Reindeer People
Listening 2: High-Tech Nomads
Q: Where should the world’s energy come from?
Listening 1: Nuclear Energy: Is It the Solution?
Listening 2: Tapping the Energy ofthe Tides
Q: Is bigger always better?
Listening 1: Small Is the NewBig. .
Listening 2: Sizing Up Colleges: One Size Does Not Fit All
f/J.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Stars Use Fame for Good Causes
f/J.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Losing a Native Language
f1.oOn/~ne Practice Listening:
T~rning a Hobby into Work
fl.oOnfine Practice Listening:
The Career of Harry Houdini
fl.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Teaching Chinese
t/l.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Maps and Privacy
f1.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Putting Garbage to Good Use
fl.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Restoring Famous Landmarks
f1.oOnfine Practice Listening:
Energy Alternatives
fl.oOnfine Practice Listening:
The New Green Homes
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