Q Skills for Success 4 Listening and Speaking

Q Skills for Success 4 Listening and Speaking
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Debra Daise, Chari Norloff , Paul Came
29 سبتمبر 2017

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Q Skills for Success 4 Listening and Speaking
Debra Daise, Chari Norloff , Paul Came
Quick Guide
Scope and Sequence
Q; What makes someone a hero?
Reading 1:WeAIINeedaHero
Reading 2:Everyday PeopleChanging theWorld
Unit 1 2
$0OnlinePractice Reading:
Taking Responsibility for
Your Actions
QOnline Practice Reading:
Think Before You Buy
Q What makes you want to buy something?
Reading 1: So Much Dead Space
Reading 2:Now on Stage:Your Home!
Unit 2 28
Q: What important lessons do we learn
as children?
Reading 1:The GoodTeen
Reading 2:Bird by Bird
Unit 3 54
QSiblings Onlineand Practice Social Reading Skills :
Q: How does the environment affect our health?
Reading 1: Can Climate ChangeMake Us Sicker?
Reading 2:Tips for a Greener Planet:And a Happier,
Healthier You
Unit 4 80
Q Online Practice Reading;
Healthy Community Design
Q; How important is art?
Readingl:Two Styles of Songwriting
Reading 2:What Does It Take to Be a Successful Artist?
Online Practice Reading:
Thinking about Art
Q Online Practice Reading:
Turning Food Into Science
Unit 5
Q Should science influence what we eat?
Reading 1: Eating Well:Less Science,
More Common Sense
Reading 2: Anatomy of a NutritionTrend
Unite 130
Q: Does school prepare you for work?
Reading1:From Student to Employee
Reading 2:Making My First Post-College Decision
Unit ? 156
mQ Online Practice Reading:
Work That Gets You Hired
Q: Is discovery always a good thing?
Reading 1:ATribe Is Discovered
Reading 2:The Kipunjt
Units 182
New Discoveries about Diseases
Have humans lost their connection to nature?
Reading 1:Survival School
Reading 2:Man Against Nature
Unit 9 206
Q Online Practice Reading:
The Comfort of Nature
Unit 10 Q: Why is it important to play?
Reading 1:The Promise of Play
Reading 2: Child’s Play:It’s Not Just for Fun
QA Online Movie Review Practice of Reading Babies:
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