Performance Evaluation on Bearings

Performance Evaluation on Bearings
اسم المؤلف
Rakesh Sehgal
14 سبتمبر 2023
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Performance Evaluation on Bearings
Edited by Rakesh Sehgal
Preface VII
Section 1 Plain Bearings 1
Chapter 1 Thermal Studies of Non-Circular Journal Bearing Profiles:
Offset-Halves and Elliptical 3
Amit Chauhan and Rakesh Sehgal
Section 2 Rolling Element Bearings 25
Chapter 2 Performance Evaluation of Rolling Element Bearings
Based on Tribological Behaviour 27
Jerzy Nachimowicz and Marek Jałbrzykowski
Chapter 3 Radial Ball Bearings with Angular
Contact in Machine Tools 49
Ľubomír Šooš
Chapter 4 Rolling Contact Fatigue in Ultra High Vacuum 93
Mike Danyluk and Anoop Dhingra
Chapter 5 Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Information Fusion
and Intelligent Algorithms 115
Jiangtao Huang
Section 3 Magnetic Bearings 133
Chapter 6 Feasibility Study of a Passive Magnetic Bearing Using
the Ring Shaped Permanent Magnets 135
Teruo Azukuzawa and Shigehiro Yamamoto
Chapter 7 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
of Dynamics of the Flexible Rotor with
an Additional Active Magnetic Bearing 163
Dorota Kozanecka
Chapter 8 Control of Magnetic Bearing System 193
Hwang Hun Jeong, So Nam Yun and Joo Ho Yang

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