Oxford English Grammar Course – Intermediate

Oxford English Grammar Course – Intermediate
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Michael Swan & Catherine Walter
3 أغسطس 2019
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Oxford English Grammar Course – Intermediate
Michael Swan & Catherine Walter
A Grammar Practice Book for Intermediate and Upper-intermediate
Students of English
With Answers
University Press
Words for Talking About Grammar
List of Units
Answer Key
We Owe a Continuing Debt to the Many People Whose Advice and Comments Helped Us With Earlier
Versions of This Material.the Present Book Has Benefited Enormously From the Hard Work and
Professionalism of Our Editorial and Design Team at Oxford University Press.in Particular, We Would
Like to Acknowledge the Contributions of Our Remarkable Editor,sarah Parsons,and Our Equally
Remarkable Designer,phil Hargraves,who Have Made It Possible for Us to Write the Book That We
Wanted to, and Whose Input is Evident on Every Page.
Vlist of Units
Section 1 Be and Have Pages 1-12
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Be and Have
Revise the Basics: There is/was Etc
More About There is There Seems to Be a Delay. 5
Have With Got and Do
We Haven’t Got / Don’t Have Time.
Habitual and Repeated Actions
Do You Often Have Colds?
Have for Actions I’m Going to Have a Swim,
Be and Have: More Practice
Be and Have: Revision Test
Future Perfect
He’ll Have Finished the Roof by Saturday.
Talking About the Future:more Practice
Talking About the Future:revision Test
Section 4 Past Tenses Pages 39-46
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Simple Past Forms
Revise the Basics: Which Past Tense?
More About Past Tenses
Past Tenses in Requests Etc
I Wondered if You Were Free.
Past Tenses: More Practice
Past Tenses: Revision Test
Section 2 Present Tenses Pages 13-24
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Which Present Tense?
Revise the Basics: Spelling
Present Progressive for Changes
Prices Are Going Up.
Simple Present:instructions Etc
You Take the First Left
Non-progressive Verbs
I Remember His Face.
Present Tenses: More Practice
Present Tenses:revision Test
Section 5 Perfect Tenses Pages 47-70
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:
Present Perfect Forms and Use
Revise the Basics:
Present Perfect or Simple Past?
Revise the Basics: Tenses With Time Words
Revise the Basics:already, Yet and Just
Finished Time or Up to Now?
This Morning; at School
News We’ve Found Oil in the Garden!
News and Details
A Plane Has Crashed.it Came Down …
Revise the Basics: Present Perfect
Progressive;since, for
Present Perfect or Present Perfect
Simple Past and Present Perfect:summary
Revise the Basics: Past Perfect
More About the Past Perfect
After I Had Finished
Past Perfect Progressive
She Had Been Working Too Hard
This is the First Time Etc
Perfect Tenses:more Practice
Perfect Tenses: Revision Test
All Past and Perfect Tenses: Revision Test
Section 3 Talking About the Future
Pages 25-38
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Going to
Revise the Basics: Present Progressive for Future 27
Revise the Basics:will-future
Will in Decisions,promises Etc Ok,i’ll Go.
Which Future? Will, Going to or Present
Simple Present
My Credit Card Expires at Midnight.
Future Progressive
This Time Tomorrow I’ll Be Skiing,
Be + Infinitive You’re to Do Your Homework.
Future in the Past
I Was Going to Ring You Yesterday.
X List of Unitssection 6 Modal Verbs Pages 71-92
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: the Grammar of Modals
Revise the Basics: Must, Should and Ought to
Have to and Must
Must Not; Do Not Have to; Do Not Need to / Needn’t 76
Had Better You’d Better Take Your Umbrella,
Supposed to
You’re Supposed to Start Work at 8.30.
Must/can’t: Certainty
She Must Be in. He Can’t Be Hungry,
May and Might It May Rain.it Might Even Snow. 80
Revise the Basics: Permission,requests Etc
Shall in Questions What Shall Wedo?
Can and Could (Ability): Past and Future
Revise the Basics: Used to
Will and Would: Typical Behaviour
She Will Talk to Herself.
Perfect Modal Verbs:should Have …
Perfect Modal Verbs: May Have…; Must Have… 87
Perfect Modal Verbs:could Have…;
Needn’t Have …
Modal Verbs:more Practice
Modal Verbs:revision Test
Revise the Basics:negatives
Negative Questions Aren’t You Well?
Questions and Negatives:more Practice
Questions and Negatives:revision Test
Section 9 Infinitives and -ing Forms
Pages 115-140
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Infinitive With and Without to 116
Revise the Basics: Infinitive of Purpose
Revise the Basics: Verb + Infinitive or -ing Form 118
Revise the Basics: Preposition + -ing Form
More About Infinitives:to Sit, to Be Sitting,…
Perfect Infinitives: to Have Gone Etc
To for Whole Infinitive
I’d Like to. I Don’t Want to.
-ing Forms as Subjects,objects Etc
Smoking is Bad for You
More About Verb + Infinitive or -ing Form
Go …ing She’s Gone Shopping.
-ing Form and Infinitive Both Possible
Verb + Object + Infinitive
He Wants Me to Wash His Socks.
Adjective + Infinitive or -ing Form
Pleased to See Etc
Noun + Infinitive or -ing Form
Time to Go; Fear of Flying
More About Noun/pronoun + Infinitive
Nothing to Wear
For … To … It’s Time for the Postman to Come. 133
More About Adjective + Infinitive
Easy to Please Etc
Before, After,since, by and for + -ing
To…ing I Look Forward to Seeing You.
Infinitives and -ing Forms:more Practice 137-139
Infinitives and -ing Forms:revision Test
Section 7 Passives Pages 93-102
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Active and Passive
Passive Infinitives and -ing Forms
To Be Seen; Being Seen
Passives: Verbs With Two Objects
Susan Was Given a Prize.
Prepositions With Passives
Ted Likes Being Read to.
Reasons for Using Passives
Passives:more Practice
Passives: Revision Test
Section 10 Various Structures With Verbs
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:imperatives;let’s
Revise the Basics:verbs With Two Objects
Revise the Basics: Causative Have and Get
How Beautiful! What a Surprise!
Do: Emphatic Auxiliary You Do Look Nice.
Section 8 Questions and Negatives
Pages 103-114
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Questions
Question-word Subjects
Who Won? What Happened?
Prepositions in Questions
What Areyou Thinking About?
List of Units Xiit: Preparatory Subject It’s Nice to Talk to You. 147
Emphasis With It and What
It’s Not Tea That I Want.
Phrasal Verbs Lookout! I’ll Think It Over. 150-151
Various Structures With Verbs:
More Practice
Various Structures With Verbs:revision Test
Other(S) and Another
Determiners and of Most People; Most of Us
Determiners:more Practice
Determiners: Revision Test
Section 13 Personal Pronouns and Possessives
Pages 189-200
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:i, Me, My,mine Etc
A Friend of Mine Anne Broke Her Arm.
Personal Pronouns ‘who’s That?’ ‘it’s Me.’ 192-193
She Taught Herself to Play the Guitar,
You,one and They
You Can’t Learn French in a Month.
Personal Pronouns and Possessives:
More Practice
Personal Pronouns and Possessives:
Revision Test
Section 11 Articles:a/an and the
Pages 155-166
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:a/an and One
Revise the Basics:a/an
She’s a Farmer. He’s Got a Long Nose.
Revise the Basics:a/an
A Spider Has Eight Legs. A Man Called.
Revise the Basics: the Pleaseclose the Door.
Revise the Basics:generalisations Without the
I Like Music.
The \r\ Generalisations
Who Invented the Telescope?
Place Names Lakesuperior; the Atlantic
Other Special Cases
In Prison;she Becamequeen.
Articles: More Practice
Articles:revision Test
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:countable and
Uncountable Nouns
More About Countable and Uncountable Nouns 203
Revise the Basics:how to Spell Plurals
Plurals of Nouns: Special Cases
Aircraft; Sheep,arms
Mixed Singular and Plural
My Family Are Angry With Me.
Revise the Basics: Possessive’s
Possessive’s or of …
My Father’s Name; the Name of the Book
Revise the Basics:noun+noun
Noun + Noun or Preposition
Road Signs;signs of Anger
One(S) a Big One With Cream
Nouns:more Practice
Nouns:revision Test
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:this,that, These, Those
Revise the Basics:some and Any
Some/any or No Article
Have Some Toast.i Don’t Like Toast,
Any,not Any,no and None
Any =’one or the Other – It’s Not Important
Revise the Basics:much, Many,a Lot (of)
Revise the Basics:enough, Too and
Too Much
Revise the Basics:(a) Little, (a) Few
Less and Least, Fewer and Fewest
Revise the Basics: All
Revise the Basics:all,every,everybody,
Every and Each; Everyone
Both, Either and Neither
Which? And What?
Section 15 Adjectives and Adverbs
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:adjectives,adverbs of
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:ordinary Tense Use
Revise the Basics:if I Had a Million Dollars,…
Revise the Basics:if I Go and if I Went
Could =’would Be Able to’
We Could Go Cycling if…
Unreal Past Situations
Ifjane Hadn’t Helped Me,…
Unless Come Tonight Unless I Phone,
If Only and / Wish: Tenses if Only I Knew …
In Case I’m Taking My Umbrella in Case It Rains. 262
It’s Time and I’d Rather: Tenses
It’s Timeyou Had a Haircut,
If Etc: More Practice
If Etc: Revision Test
Interested and Interesting Etc
Adjectives Without Nouns
In the Country of the Blind
Order of Adjectives
A Terrible Little Boy; Old and Grey
Adverbs With the Verb
I Can Never Wake Up in Time,
Even and Only; End-position Adverbs
Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs: Fast,
Hard, Late,…
Adjectives and Adverbs:more Practice
Adjectives and Adverbs:revision Test
Section 16 Comparison Pages 227-238 263
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:comparative and
Superlative Adjectives
Revise the Basics:comparative and
Superlative Adverbs
As … As as Many People as Possible
More on Comparatives
Taller and Taller; the More the Better
More About Superlatives
The Best Player of Us All
Like and as; So and Such
Comparison:more Practice
Comparison:revision Test
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Who(M), Which and That 268-269
Revise the Basics:leaving Out Relative
What-‘the Thing(S) That’ Take What You Like. 271
Whose a Girl Whose Beauty …
Prepositions in Relative Clauses
The Girl I Was Talking About
Reduced Relative Clauses
Luggage Left Unattended
Non-identifying Relative Clauses
Kelly, Who Does My Hair,…
Reading Sentences With Relative Clauses
Relatives: More Practice
Relatives:revision Test
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:use and Position of
Revise the Basics:present for Future
I’ll Tell You When I Know.
Using Certain Conjunctions:so That,
As Long as, Until Etc
Leaving Out That She Knew I Was Right,
Both …and; (N)either … (N)or
Perfect for Completion When I’ve Finished
Tenses With Since and for
…since We Were Students
Conjunction + -ing or -ed
After Talking to You; Until Cooked
Clauses Without Conjunctions
Putting Down My Book …
Conjunctions:more Practice
Conjunctions:revision Test
Section 20 Indirect Speech Pages 281-292
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics: Why Things Change
Revise the Basics:’here’ and’now1words
Revise the Basics: Tenses
Present Situations
He Proved That the Earth is/was Round.
Revise the Basics:indirect Questions
Revise the Basics:infinitives
He Promised to Write.
Indirect Speech: Special Cases
He Said I’d Better Go.
Indirect Speech: More Practice
Indirect Speech:revision Test
Grammar Summary
Revise the Basics:time
Revise the Basics: Place and Movement
Some Preposition Choices
Verbs With Prepositions Look at Her.
Nouns With Prepositions Lack of Sleep
Adjectives With Prepositions Full of Water
Expressions Beginning With Prepositions
At a Party
Prepositions:more Practice
Prepositions:revision Test
Section 22 Spoken Grammar Pages 305-316
Grammar Summary
Spoken Sentence Structure
It’s Difficult,the Exam.
Dropping Sentence Beginnings Must Dash.
Dropping Words After Auxiliaries
‘getup!’ ‘lam!’
Revise the Basics: Question Tags
It’s Cold,isn’t It?
More About Question Tags
Nobody Phoned,did They?
Revise the Basics: Short Answers and
Reply Questions
Revise the Basics:so Am I Etc
Structures With So and Not
I (Don’t) Think So. I Hope So/not.
Spoken Grammar: More Practice
Spoken Grammar: Revision Test
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