Optimum Design 2000

Optimum Design 2000
اسم المؤلف
Anthony Atkinson ,Barbara Bogacka , Anatoly Zhigljavsky
23 مارس 2018
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Optimum Design 2000
Edited by
Anthony Atkinson
London School of Economics
Barbara Bogacka
Queen Mary & Westfield College
Anatoly Zhigljavsky
Cardiff University
Part I. Theory
Some History Leading to Design Criteria for Bayesian Prediction
A.C.Atkinson, V.V. Fedorov
Optimal Designs for the Evaluation of an Extremum Point
R.C.H. Cheng, V.B. Melas and A.N. Pepelyshev
On Regression Experiment Design in the Presence of Systematic Error
S.M. Ermakov
Grobner Basis Methods in Mixture Experiments and Generalisat ¨ ions
B. Giglio, E. Riccomagno and H.P. Wynn
Efficient Designs for Paired Comparisons with a Polynomial Factor
H. Gro?mann, H. Holling, U. Gra?hoff and R. Schwabe
On Generating and Classifying All qnm Regular Designs for
Square-Free q
P.J. Laycock and P.J. Rowley
Second-Order Optimal Sequential Tests
M.B. Malyutov and I.I. Tsitovich
Variational Calculus in the Space of Measures and Optimal Design
I. Molchanov and S. Zuyev
On the Efficiency of Generally Balanced Designs Analysed by Restricted
Maximum Likelihood
H. Monod
Concentration Sets, Elfving Sets and Norms in Optimum Design
A. P´azman
Sequential Construction of an Experimental Design from an
I.I.D. Sequence of Experiments without Replacement
L. Pronzato
Optimal Characteristic Designs for Polynomial Models
J.M. Rodr´?guez-D´?az and J. L´opez-Fidalgo
A Note on Optimal Bounded Designs
M. Sahm and R. Schwabe
Construction of Constrained Optimal Designs
B. Torsney and S. Mandal
Part II. Applications
Pharmaceutical Applications of a Multi-Stage Group Testing Method
B. Bond, V.V. Fedorov, M.C. Jones and A. Zhigljavsky
Block Designs for Comparison of Two Test Treatments with a Control
S.M. Bortnick, A.M. Dean and J.C. Hsu
Optimal Sampling Design with Random Size Clusters for a Mixed Model
with Measurement Errors
A. Giovagnoli and L. Martino
Optimizing a Unimodal Response Function for Binary Variables
J. Hardwick and Q.F. Stout
An Optimizing Up-And-Down Design
E.E. Kpamegan and N. Flournoy
Further Results on Optimal and Efficient Designs for Constrained
Mixture Experiments
R.J. Martin, M.C. Bursnall and E.C. Stillman
Coffee-House Designs
W.G. M¨uller
(Dt; C)-Optimal Run Orders
L. Tack and M. Vandebroek
Optimal Design in Flexible Models, including Feed-Forward Networks
and Nonparametric Regression
D.M. Titterington
On Optimal Designs for High Dimensional Binary Regression Models
B. Torsney and N. Gunduz
Planning Herbicide Dose-Response Bioassays Using the Bootstrap
S.S. Zocchi and C.G. Borges Dem´etrio
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Optimum Design 2000: List of Participants
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