Medium Velocity Impact on Sandwich Beams

Medium Velocity Impact on Sandwich Beams
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Mohammad Azeem* R. Ansari
8 مايو 2021
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Medium Velocity Impact on Sandwich Beams
Mohammad Azeem* R. Ansari
Mechanical Engg Dept., Aligarh Muslim University Mechanical Engg Dept., Aligarh Muslim University
Abstract— Sandwich structures are now extensively used everywhere due to their high strength and less weight. In
this paper the impact tests on adhesively bonded sandwich beams are carried out. Sandwich beams with GFRP as a
core material having aluminium facesheets are transversely impacted by a rigid projectile at various impact velocities
of the projectile with the help of pneumatic gun. Various failure modes exhibited by the sandwich beams are
encountered which involves large inelastic deformation, core shearing and delamination etc.
Keywords— Sandwich beam; GFRP; projectile; Impact; delamination
The impact tests with Blunt – cylindrical projectile were carried out on the sandwich beams having 0.875 mm
aluminium facesheet and 2 mm GFRP as a light weight core bonded by Araldite adhesive. Experimental results show that
the deflection of all sandwich beam specimen increases with increase in projectile velocity up to ballistic limit. After the
ballistic limit is crossed turning of the fractured parts towards the clamps in beam specimen took place, and the turning is
larger at larger impact velocities. Some of the specimens namely 7 and 8 experienced about 2700 turning of the back
facesheet. Several failure modes in the specimens are encountered during as a result of impact. These are large inelastic
deformation, core shear, delamination, tearing of face sheets. Face sheet debonding from the core largely impairs the load
bearing capacity of sandwich beams, and hence the property of the adhesive becomes the important parameter for
designing sandwich structures.
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