ICTP Lecture Notes

ICTP Lecture Notes
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Donald M. Gabriels, GianCarlo Ghirardi, Donald R. Nielsen, Ildefonso Pla Sentis, Edward L. Skidmore
8 مايو 2021
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ICTP Lecture Notes
College on Soil Physics
Donald M. Gabriels
University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium
GianCarlo Ghirardi
University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy
Donald R. Nielsen
University of California, California, USA
Ildefonso Pla Sentis
University of Lleida, Lleida, Spain
Edward L. Skidmore
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA
S.K. Agodzo, P.Y. Okyere and K. Kusi-Appiah
The Use of Wenner Configuration to Monitor Soil Water Content 1
S.K. Agodzo and I. Adama
Bulk Density, Cone Index and Water Content Relations for
Some Ghanian Soils 7
Zafer Aslan
Climatological Changing Effects on Wind, Precipitation and Erosion:
Large, Meso and Small Scale Analysis 15
Zafer Aslan
Modelling of Environmental and Climatic Problems: Wind and
Water Erosion 23
Gautam Barua
In-Situ Determination of Directional Conductivities of Soil 31
Gautam Barua
Optimal Estimations of Random Fields Using Kriging 41
R.M. Bhagat
Rice Lands of South and South East Asia, Some Soil Physics Aspects 47
R.M. Bhagat
Management of Soil Physical Properties of Lowland Puddled Rice Soil
For Sustainable Food Production 63
Estela Bricchi
Hydrological Behaviour of Sealing Under Different Soil Management
Conditions in the Center South Cordoba, Argentina 77
Estela Bricchi
Structure and Organic Matter Under Different Soil Management
Conditions in the Center of Argentina 85
Fernando Delgado
Soil Physical Properties on Venezuelan Steeplands: Applications to Soil
Conservation Planning 93
Moacir de Souza Dias Junior
A Soil Mechanics Approach to Study Soil Compaction and Traffic Effect
On the Preconsolidation Pressure of Tropical Soils 111
Durval Dourado Neto, Klaus Reichardt and Gerd Sparovek
Soil Physics and Agriculture 139vi
Durval Dourado Neto, Gerd Sparovek, Klaus Reichardt,
Luiz Carlos Timm and Donald R. Nielsen
Agroclimatic Mapping of Maize Crop Based on Soil Physical Properties 159
G. Erpul, D. Gabriels and L.D. Norton
The Combined Effect of Wind and Rain on Interrill Erosion Processes 173
Alvaro Garcia-Ocampo
Physical Properties of Magnesium Affected Soils in Colombia 183
Mauro Giudici
Experimental and Modelling Studies of Infiltration 191
Mauro Giudici
Inverse Modelling for Flow and Transport in Porous Media 199
Radka Kodesová
Percolation Theory and its Application for Interpretation of Soil Water
Retention Curves 209
Radka Kodesová
Determination of Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Soil via
Inverse Modeling 221
Deyanira Lobo Lujan
Soil Physical Properties Affecting Soil Erosion in Tropical Soils 231
Joe S.C. Mbagwu
Aggregate Stability and Soil Degradation in the Tropics 245
Joe S.C. Mbagwu
Environmental Control of Soil Structure in Mediterranean Soils 253
Franco Humberto Obando Moncayo
Oxygen Transport in Waterlogged Soils, Part I. Approaches to
Modelling Soil and Crop Response to Oxygen Deficiency 261
Franco Humberto Obando Moncayo
Oxygen Transport in Waterlogged Soils, Part II. Diffusion Coefficients 281
Svetla Rousseva
Influence of a Compacted Subsurface Layer on Soil Erosion 299
Svetla Rousseva
Ideas for Physical Interpretation of the USLE 309
Maria Elena Ruiz and Angel Utset
Models for Predicting Water Use and Crop Yields – A Cuban Experience 321
Maria Elena Ruiz and Hanoi Medina
Soil Hydraulic Properties of Cuban Soils 32
F.K. Salako
Susceptibility of Coarse-textured Soils to Soil Erosion by Water in the
Tropics 339
F.K. Salako
Soil Physical Conditions in Nigerian Savanas and Biomass Production 363
Mingan Shao
Boundary Layer Theory for Solute Transport in Soils 379
Mingan Shao
General Similarity Theory and Integral Method for Water Flow in Soils 383
L.C. Timm, K. Reichardt, J.C.M. Oliveira, F.A.M. Cassaro,
T.T. Tominaga, O.O.S. Bacchi and D. Dourado-Neto
State-Space Approach for Evaluating the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System 387
Luís Carlos Timm, Klaus Reichardt and Osny Oliveira Santos Bacchi
Dimensional Analysis, Scaling and Fractals 429
Carlos Manoel Pedro Vaz
Use of a Combined Penetrometer-TDR Moisture Probe for Soil Compaction
Studies 449
Carlos Manoel Pedro Vaz
Automatic Gamma-Ray Equipment for Multiple Soil Physical Properties
Measurements 459
Miguel A. Taboada
Soil Shrinkage Characteristics in Swelling Soils 469
Miguel A. Taboada
Soil Structural Behaviour of Flooded Soils
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