Mechanical Systems – Research, Applications and Technology

Mechanical Systems – Research, Applications and Technology
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Seifedine Kadry
16 سبتمبر 2019
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Mechanical Systems – Research, Applications and Technology
Seifedine Kadry
Preface Vii
Chapter 1 System Diagnostics and Prognostics: a Review 1
Seifedine Kadry
Chapter 2 Random Vibro-impact Vibration in Mechanical Systems 35
H. T. Zhu
Chapter 3 the Machine for Cutting Cane and Other Aquatic Plants in
Navigable Waterways by Agustín De Betancourt Y Molina:
Analysis by Computer-aided Engineering Techniques
With an Autodesk Inventor Professional 53
José Ignacio Rojas-sola and
Eduardo De La Morena-de La Fuente
Chapter 4 Mechanical Systems and Microfluidics: the Application of a
Vision System in the Testing of Fluids Behavior 73
Wendy Flores-fuentes, Mónica Delgado-valenzuela,
Miguel E. Bravo-zanoguera, Moisés Rivas-lopez,
Oleg Sergiyenko, Lars Lindner, Alejandro S. Ortiz-perez,
Daniel Hernandez-balbuena and Julio C. Rodríguez-quiñonez
Chapter 5 the Structural Study of Limited Invariant Sets of Relay
Stabilized Systems 101
G. V. Alferov, G. G. Ivanov and P. A. Efimova
Chapter 6 Finding an Unbiased Warranty Length for a Product Under
Parametric Uncertainty of Underlying Lifetime Models 165
Nicholas a. Nechval and Konstantin N. Nechvalvi Contents
Chapter 7 Modeling of Mechanical Aspects’ (Static, Dynamic)
Influence on the Production of Electric Fuel Cell
(Pemfc) Power 189
Raed Kouta
Chapter 8 Quantum Graph-type Models of the Helmholtz Resonator
And the Completeness of Resonance States 229
Anton Popov and Igor Popov
Chapter 9 Applied Research in Forensic Engineering 249
Martina J. Mazankova
Chapter 10 Energy Efficiency via a Turbulator 267
Suvanjan Bhattacharyya
Chapter 11 a Mathematical Model of a Rocket Engine
For Reliability Analysis 281
Ajay Kaushik, Nupur Goyal and Mangey Ram
About the Editor 301
Index 30
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