Mechanical Properties of Structural Films

Mechanical Properties of Structural Films
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Christopher L. Muhlstein and Stuart B. Brown
16 سبتمبر 2019
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Mechanical Properties of Structural Films
Christopher L. Muhlstein and Stuart B. Brown, Editors
Overview Vii
Fracture and Fatigue of Structural Films
Surface Topology and Fatigue in Si Mems Structures–s. M. Allameh,b. Gally,
S. Brown, and W. O. Soboyejo . 3
Cross Comparison of Direct Strength Testing Techniques on Polysiliconfilms–
D. A. Lavan, T. Tsuchiya, G. Coles, W. G. Knauss, 1. Chasiotis, and D. Read . 16
Fatigue and Fracture in Membranes for Mems Power Generation–d. F. Bahr,
B. T. Crozier, C. D. Richards, and R. F. Richards . 28
Effects of Microstructure on the Strength and Fracture Toughness of Polysilicon:
A Wafer Level Testing Approach–r. Ballarini,h. R~hn, N. Tayebi,
Anda. H. Heuer . 37
Fatigue Crack Growth of a Ni-p Amorphous Alloy Thin Film–g. Takashima,
M. Shimojo, Y. Higo, and M. V. Swain 52
Direct Tension and Fracture Toughness Testing Using the Lateral Force Capabilities
Of a Nanomechanical Test System–d. A. Lavan,k.jackson,b. Mckenzie,
S. J. Glass, T. A. Friedmann, J. P. Sullivan, and T. E. Buchheit 62
Fracture Behavior of Micro-sized Specimens With Fatigue Pre-crack Prepared
From a Ni-p Amorphous Alloy Thin Film–k. Takashima, M. Shimojo,y. Higo,
Andm. V. Swain . 72
Elastic Behavior and Residual Stress in Thin Films
Integrated Platform for Testing Mems Mechanical Properties at the Wafer Scale
By the Imap Methodology–m. P. De Boer, N. F. Smith, N. D. Masters,
M. B. Sinclair, and E. J. Pryputniewicz 85
Influence of the Film Thickness on Texture, Residual Stresses and Cracking Behavior
Of Pvd Tungsten Coatings Deposited on a Ductile Substrate—t. Ganne,
G. Farges, J. Crepin, R.-m. Pradeilles-duval, and a. Zaoui 96
High Accuracy Measurement of Elastic Constants of Thin Films by Surface Brillouin
Scattering–m. O. Beghi, C. E. Bottani, and R. Pastorelli . 109
Effect of Nitrogen Feedgas Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Nano-structured
Carbon Coatings–s. A. Catledge and Y. K. Vohra 127
Characterization of the Young’s Modulus of Cmos Thin Films–n. Hossain,
J. W. Ju, B. Warneke, and K. S. J. Pister 139
Derivation of Elastic Properties of Thin Films From Measured Acoustic Velocities–
R. Pastorelli, S. Tarantola, M. G. Beghi, C. E. Bottani, and a. Saltelli . 152
Side-by-side Comparison of Passive Mems Strain Test Structures Under Residual
Compression–n. D. Masters, M. P. De Boer, B. D. Jensen, M. S. Baker,
And D. Koester . 168vi Contents
Tensile Testing of Structural Films
Mechanical Tests of Free-standing a L U M I N U M Microbeams for M E M S a P P L I C a T I O N – –
P. Zhang, H.-j. Lee, and J. C. Bravman . 203
Tensile Testing of Thin Films Using Electrostatic Force Grip—t. Tsucniya
And J. Sakata 214
Tensile Tests of Various Thin Fiims—w. N. Sharpe,jr., K. M. Jackson,6. Coles,
M. A. Eby, and R. L. Edwards 229
Ductile Thin Foils of Ni3ai–m. Demura,k. Roshida,o. Umezawa,e. P. George,
And T. Hirano 249
Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Electrodeposited Gold F I L M S – –
G. S. Long,o. T. Read,j. D. Mccolskey,and K. Crago . 262
Determining the Strength of Brittle Thin Films for Mems—g. C. Johnsor~,p. T. Jones,
M.-t. Wu, and T. Honda . 278
Thermomechanical, W E a R , and Radiation D a M a G E of Structural Films
Thermomechanical Characterization of Nickel-titanium-copper Shape M E M O R Y
Alloy Films–k. P. Sewart),p. B. Ramsey,andp. Krulevitch 293
Deformation and Stability of Gold/polysilicon Layered M E M S Plate Structures
Subjected to T H E R M a L Loading–m. L. Dunn,y. Ziaang,and V. M. Brecht 306
The Effects of Radiation on the Mechanical Properties of Polysilicon and
Polydiamond Thin F I L M S – – M L. Newtonand I. L. Davidson . 318
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