Machine Tool Advanced Skills Technology

Machine Tool Advanced Skills Technology
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Machine Tool Advanced Skills Technology
Common Ground:
Toward a Standards-based Training
System for the U.s. Machine Tool
And Metal Related Industries
Volume 9
Tool and Die
A 15 Volume Set of Skills Standards
Curriculum Training Materials for the
Precision Manufacturing Industry
Catalog of 15 Volumes
Volume 1
Volume 2
Executive Summary
Statement of the Problem
Machine Tool Advanced Skills Technology
Project Goals and Deliverables
Project Methodology
Project Conclusions and Recommendations
Career Development
General Education
Volume 3 Machining – Core Courses (Mac)
Volume 4 Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Met)
Volume 5 Mold Making (Mld)
Volume 6 Welding (Wld)
Volume 7 Industrial Maintenance (Imm)
Volume 8 Sheet Metal (Sml) and Composites (Com)
Volumz. 9 Tool and Die (Tld)
Volume 10 Computer-aided Drafting and Design (Cad)
Volume 11 Computer-aided Manufacturing and
Advanced Cnc (Cnc)
Volume 12 Instrumentation (Int)
Volume 13 Laser Machining (Lsr)
Volume 14 Automated Equipment Technology (Cim)
Volume 15 Administrative Information
Volume 9
Tool and Die Maker
Table of Contents
Foreword 1
Development Center Profile 2
Tool and Die Maker Competency Profile 3
Tool and Die Maker Duty/Task/Sub -Task Outline 4
Course Listing/Course Descriptions 5
Technical Competency/Course Crosswalk 6
“SCANS”/Course Crosswalk 7
Individual Course Syllabi 8
Appendix A – Industry Competency Profiles 9
Appendix B – Pilot Program Narrative 10
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