Introduction to Manufacturing Processes – Overview

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes – Overview
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Dr. Tim Gutowski, Dr. H N Dhaka
5 مايو 2019

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Introduction to Manufacturing Processes – Overview
Professor Tim Gutowski, Dr H N Dhaka
Process Overviews
Net Shape
Material Phase
Solid Phase – E.g. Machining, Bending
Liquid Phase – E.g. Casting, Injection Molding
Mixed Phase – E.g. Composites Molding
Vapor Phase – E.g. Chemical Vapor Deposition
Lecture Slides on Rolling
• Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting
• Basics and Countermeasures
• Phase Change, Shrinkage
• Heat Transfer
• Pattern Design
• Variations & Developments
• Environmental Issues
Tc 9-237
Department of the Army
Washington, Dc, 7 May 1993
Training Circular
No. 9-237
Operator 1 S Circular
Welding Theory and Application
Reporting Errors and Recommending Improvements
You Can Help Improve This Circular. If You Find Any Mistakes or if You Know
Of a Way to Improve the Procedures, Please Let Us Know. Mail Your Letter or
Da Form 2028(Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms), Located
In the Back of This Manual, Direct to: Commander, Us Army Ordnance Center
And School, Attn: Atsl-cd-cs, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md 21005-5201. A
Reply Will Be Furnished to You.
Table of Contents
Paragraph Page
Chapter 1.
Section I.
General . .
Chapter 2.
Section I.
Safety Precautions in Welding Operations
General Safety Precautions
Safety Precautions in Oxyfuel Welding
Safety in Arc Welding and Cutting
Safety Precautions for Gas Shielded Arc Welding
Safety Precautions for Welding and Cutting
Containers That Have Held Combustibles. . . .
Safety Precautions for Welding and Cutting
Polyurethane Foam Filled Assemblies
Chapter 3.
Print Reading and Welding Symbols
Print Reading
Weld and Welding Symbols . . . .
Chapter 4. Joint Design and Preparation of Metals 4-1 4-1
5. Welding and Cutting Equipment
Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment . . .
Oxyacetylene Cutting Equipment . . .
Arc Welding Equipment and Accessories
Resistance Welding Equipment . . . .
Thermit Welding Equipment
Forge Welding Tools and Equipment. .
Distribution Restriction: Approved for Public Release; Distribution Is
Itc 9-237
Table of Contents (Cont)
Paragraph Page
Chapter 6.
Section I.
Welding Techniques
Nomenclature of the Weld
Iii. Types of Welds and Welded Joints
Iv. Expansion -uu.-iaiy Positions and Contraction in Welding Operations
Welding Problems and Solutions
Chapter 7.
Section I.
Metals Identification
Standard Metal Designations
General Description and Weldability of Ferrous
General Description and Weldability of Nonferrous
Chapter 8.
Section I.
Electrodes and Filler Metals
Types of Electrodes
Other Filler Metals
8-1 8-1
Ii. 8-4 8-14
Chapter 9. Maintenance Welding Operations for Military
Equipment 9-1 9-1
Chapter 10.
Section I.
Arc Welding and Cutting Processes
Arc Processes
Related Processes
Chapter 11.
Section I.
Oxygen Fuel Gas Welding Procedures
Welding Processes and Techniques .
Welding and Brazing Ferrous Metals
Related Processes
Welding, Brazing, and Soldering Nonferrous Metals 11-19
Chapter 12.
Section I.
Special Applications
Underwater Cutting and Welding With the Electric
Underwater Cutting With Oxyfuel
-loil 1c Catting Steel and Cast Iron Lz 1 “S-1ior-
Flame Treating Metal
Cutting and Hard Surfacing With the Electric Arc
Armor Plate Welding and Cutting
Pipe Welding
Welding Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Carbon Steel,
And Forgings
Forge Welding
Heat Treatment of Steel
Xii. Other Welding Processes
1 Ttc 9-237
Paragraph Page
Chapter 13.
Section I.
Destructive and Nondestructive Testing
Performance Testing
Visual Inspection and Corrections ….
Physical Testing
13-1 13-1
Ii. 13-4 13-2
Iii. 13-12 13-8
Appendix a. References a-l a-l
Appendix B. Procedure Guides for Welding B—1 B—1
Appendix C. Troubleshooting Procedures C-l C-l
Appendix D. Materials Used for Brazing, Welding, Soldering,
Cutting, and Metallizing D-l D-l
Appendix E. Miscellaneous Data E-l E-l
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