Industrial Safety and Security

Industrial Safety and Security
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5 مايو 2019

Industrial Safety and Security
Unit 1 Industrial Safety
Unit 2 Motivation and Training
(f) Inattention to grievances.
(g) Poor working conditions,
(h) Political promotions.
Unit 3 Crime Prevention and Report Writing
Unit 4 Public Relations
Unit 5 Frauds and Investigations
Unit 6 Vigilance, Espionage and Industrial Policing
Unit 7 Documentary Security & Industrial Crime
4. Lunch breaks.
5. Change over of shift duty.
6. Xeroxing room / Ferro printer or duplicator’s room.
7. Classified Waste.
8. VIP/Guest arrival.
9. Hurriedly asking or calling for information.
Unit 8 Industrial Unrest and Crisis Management
Unit 9 Disaster Management and Bomb Threats
Unit 10 Accident & Fire
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