IElTS Introduction – Study Skills & Student’s Book

IElTS Introduction – Study Skills & Student’s Book
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IElTS Introduction – Study Skills & Student’s Book
A self-study course for all Academic Modules
Sam Mccarter
Study Skills: Listening
Study Skills: Reading
Section 1
Skills: predicting topic vocabulary, understanding letters and
numbers, avoiding mistakes, dealing with extra information
Question types: completing forms, multiple choice, completing notes
Section 2
Skills: listening for key words, using visual clues
Question types: completing a flow chart, labelling a map
Section 3
Skills: listening for_ synonyms and detail, identifying opinions
Question types: multiple choice, short answers, matching
Section 4
Skills: recognizing paraphrasing, recognizing differences in
sentence structure, predicting word class, recognizing topic
Question types: completing a summary, completing notes
Reading Passages 1, 2 and 3
Skills: getting a general understanding of the passage, matching
headings to paragraphs, understanding the difference between
True, False and Not Given, recognizing the claims of the writer
Question types: matching headings to paragraphs, True, False
and Not Given, Yes, No and Not Given
Reading Passages 4, 5 and 6
Skills: using information in a table, using information in a
diagram, recognizing word class and synonyms,
understanding paraphrasing: passive sentences
Question types: ·completing a table, labelling a diagram,
completing sentences, completing a summary
Reading Passages 7, 8 and 9
Skills: reading the question, recognizing synonyms,
recognizing paraphrasing
Question type�: multiple-choice, matching features
p. 7
-Study Skills: Writing
Study Skills: Speaking
Writing Task 1
Understanding graphs: choosing the most important information
Describing data
Structuring a chart description
Writing an introduction to a graph description
Describing changes over time
Comparing data to show change
Comparing two sets ofdata
Organizing your writing
Choosing between the active and passive
Describing a map
Writing Task 2
Analyzing the question and identifying the essay type
Planning an essay, structuring the essay
Writing a good introduction
Using a range oflanguage·
Being accurate
Writing an effective conclusion
Part 1
Getting started
Learning key vocabulary
Answering the question
Using the correct tense
Speaking fluently
Part 2
Planning your answer: writing notes
Introducing ideas and opinions
Organizing your answer
Using stress and intonation
Part 3
Discussing topics
Practice test
Answer key
Recording scripts
1 Skimming Taskl Section 1 Part 1 Places to visit Listening:
Finding out Matching Describing a Numbers and Talking about Talking about the Numbers and
about the world headings chart letters transport present letters
T/F/ NG Multiple choice Part2 Word building: Writing:
Page 6 from Choosing a listitems Choosing from a listitems Talking places you about like to Adjectives describing for places Describing and fall rise
Short-answer Sentence visit Past simple
questions completion
2 Scanning Task2 Section 2 Partl Collocations with Reading:
In search of time Sentence Introductions Multiple choice Sentence stress time Skimming and
completion Organization Completing a Part2 Present perfect scanning
Page 18 T/F/NG Writing a table Talking about an Synonyms Writing: Speaking
Matching- paragraph Matching electronic device and writing
classifying Part3
3 Scanning Task2 Section 3 Part2 Likes/dislikes and Speaking: Talking
Giving structure Matching Planning Multiple choice Making notes preferences about games and
to our world information Choosing ideas Completing a Talking about a Collocations: team sports
T/F/NG Writing a table school subject Words related to Reading: Nouns
Page30 Short-answer questions paragraph Matching Word Part2stress organiz Comparative ing
Talking about an and superlative
event adjectives
Part3 Collocations:
Beginning an General nouns
Sentence stress
Talking about
4 Prediction Taskl Section 4 Part 1 The passive Reading:
‘Ihe land Skimming and Describing Multiple choice Talking about Nouns and verbs Summarizing and
scanning changes in maps Completing notes changes Locations on maps classifying
Page42 Matching Map labelling Part2 Writing: Map
information Talking about language
Matching- a person who
classifying changed your life
Short-answer Part3
questions Talking about
Multiple choice the physical
5 Finding your way Task2 Section 1 Part2 Word building: Writing: Making a
The processes around a text Writing a Completing notes Talking about Adjectives and revision card for
in life Summary paragraph for an making things nouns process language
completion essay Part3 Cause and effect Speaking: Cause
Page54 from Choos aili ngstitems Taskl Describing a Stress and rhythm Itransitive ntransitive ver / bs and effect chains
Completing a process Process language:
flowchart Nouns and verbs
6 Matching Taskl Section 2 Part2 Collocations Reading/Writing:
Read what you headings Future Sentence Organizing your related to reading Cause and effect
want Matching projections completion answer The future Speaking:
Multiple choice Task2 Matching Describing Collocations: Developing ideas
Page66 Writing a something you Evaluating – using ifclauses
paragraph for an enjoyed/didn’t adjectives
essay enjoy reading First conditional
Beginning your
Speaking flu ently
-7 YIN/NG Task2 Section 3 Part 1 Collocations: Reading: YIN/NG
The mind Sentence Punctuation Multiple choice Describing Technology
completion Taskl Table completion frequency Second conditional
Page78 Multiple choice Describing tables Choosing from a listitems Talking media about Defini defininnggcla anduses nonPart2 Word building:
Fluency and Nouns and
accuracy adjectives
Talking about TV
Talking about
children and
8 T/F/NG Task 1 Section 4 Part 1 Adjectives and Writing:
A world with Table completion Pie charts, Multiple choice Talking about the nouns related to Proportion
water Matching proportions and Completing notes environment the environment Speaking:
the future Matching Part2 Modal verbs and Developing ideas
Page90 Talking about adjectives
people and things Collocations:
you admire Research
Part 3
Building an
9 Completing a Task2 Section 1 Part 1 Words and phrases Vocabulary:Word
Finance summary Writing an Completing a Talking about related to pay association
YI N/NG introduction form your home Complex sentences: Speaking and
Page 102 Sentence Organization country Concession writing: Rewriting
completion and structure Part2 Opinion sentences
Matching Writing a Talking about jobs
sentence endings paragraph Part3
Task2 Complex
Writing about sentences
how to solve
10 Matching Taskl Section 4 Part2 Countable and Reading:
Nature and headings Describing Multiple choice Talking about uncountable nouns Matching
science YI ING tables Labelling a places oun phrases: paragraph and
Choosing items Task2 diagram Part3 Nature and natural section headings
Page 114 from a list views Discuss and inggiving Matching Talki studying ng abo at ut Wo buildin rd ag: ndAdvantage phrase
opinions university and disadvantage
11 T/F/ NG Taskl Section 3 Partl Art Writing and
Culture and the Short-answer Describing pie Multiple choice Talking about arts Definite and speaking:
arts questions charts Completing a events indefinite articles Collecting and
Matching- Task2 flowchart Part2 developing ideas
Page 126 classifying iDeve deasloping Comp table leting a Describ favouriteing item a
Checking for Part3
mistakes Reasons and
12 Matching Taskl Section 3 Part2 Collocations: Writing: Planning
Communication information Describing data Choosing items Choosing relevant Communication
and language Labelling a Task2 from a list ideas Ellipsis and
diagram A range of Multiple choice Practising giving substitution
Page 138 Matching essays Matching answers
sentence endings Part3
Talking about
the importance
of learning
Grammar and vocabulary bank – page 150 Writing – page 162 Audioscripts – page 168

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