Handbook of Micro/Nano Tribology

Handbook of Micro/Nano Tribology
اسم المؤلف
Bharat Bhushan
13 ديسمبر 2018

Handbook of Micro/Nano Tribology 2nd ed
Bharat Bhushan
Bharat Bhushan, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Computer Microtribology and Contamination Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
Part I Basic Studies
1 Introduction—Measurement Techniques and Applications Bharat Bhushan
2 AFM Instrumentation and Tips Othmar Marti
3 Surface Physics in Tribology John Ferrante and Phillip B. Abel
4 Characterization and Modeling of Surface Roughness and Contact Mechanics
Arun Majumdar and Bharat Bhushan
5 Surface Forces and Adhesion Nancy Burnham and Adrzej A. Kulik
6 Friction on an Atomic Scale Jaime Colchero, Ernst Meyer, and Othmar Marti
7 Microscratching/Microwear Nanofabrication/Nanomachining, and Nano/picoindentation Using Atomic Force Microscopy Bharat Bhushan
8 Boundary Lubrication Studies Using Atomic Force/Friction Force
Microscopy Bharat Bhushan
9 Surface Forces and Microrheology of Molecularly Thin Liquid Films
Alan Berman and Jacob N. Israelachvili
10 Nanomechanical Properties of Solid Surfaces and Thin Films
Bharat Bhushan
11 Atomic-Scale Simulations of Tribological and Related Phenomena
Judith A. Harrison, Steven J. Stuart, and Donald W. Brenner
Part II Applications
12 Design and Construction of Magnetic Storage Devices Hirofumi Kondo,
13 Microdynamic Systems in the Silicon Age Richard S. Muller
14 Micro/Nanotribology and Micro/Nanomechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices
Bharat Bhushan
15 Mechanical Properties of Materials in Microstructure Technology
Fredric Ericson and Jan-?ke Schweitz
16 Micro/Nanotribology and Micro/Nanomechanics of MEMS Devices
Bharat Bhushan
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