Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials

Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials
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Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
13 ديسمبر 2018

Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials
Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Preface in
Contributors ix
1. Artificial Neural Networks as a Semi-Empirical Modeling Tool for Physical Property
Predictions in Polymer Science 1
Ramesh Keshavaraf Richard William Tock , and Raghu S. Narayan
2. New Generation High Performance Polymers by Displacement Polymerization 35
Pradip Kumar Dutta, Susanta Banerjee, and Sukumar Maiti
3. Acrylamide Polymers 61
Valery F. Kurenkov
4. Transparent Polyolefins 73
Yu. P. Losev
5. Polyolefin Stabilizers with Intramolecular Synergism 77
Yu. P. Losev
6. High-Temperature Stabilization of Polyolefins 81
Yu. P. Losev
I. Poly(malic Acid) from Natural Sources 93
Eggehard Holler
8. Stabilization of Polyolefins 105
Sahar Al-Malaika
9. Gamma Radiation Induced Preparation of Polyelectrolytes and Its Use for Treatment
of Waste Water 119
T. Siyam
10. Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Polymeric Blends 137
Cheng-Di Huang and Jiong Chen
II. Mechanical Properties of lonomers and lonomer Blends 145
Masanori Hara and J. A. Sauer
12. Metallocene-Based Polyolefins: Product Characteristics 155
Virendra Kumar Gupta
vvi Contents
13. Preparations and Properties of Porous Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Poly(vinyl acetate) Composites 167
Sadao Hayashi
14. Hydrophobization of Polyanionic Polymers to Achieve Higher Biological Activity 179
Naoto Oku, Raphael M. Ottenbrite, and Yasuo Suda
15. Uniform Latex Particles 189
Ali Tuncel and Huseyin Qiqek
16. Reaction Mechanism of Vinyl Polymerization with Amine in Redox and Photo-Induced
Charge-Transfer Initiation Systems 227
Xin~De Feng, Kun-Yuan Qiu > and Wei-Xiao Cao
17. Photoinitiation of Free Radical Polymerization by Organometallic Compounds 243
Salah M. Aliwi
18. Chemical Modification of Polystyrenes in the Presence of Cationic Catalysis and Their
Industrial Applications 259
Ramazan Mirzaoglu, Refiga Kurbanova, and Mustafa Ersdz
19. Performance of Polyethylenes in Relation to Their Molecular Structure 111
Ajit B. Mathur and Ishwar Singh Bhardwaj
20. The Crystallization of Polyethylene Under High Pressure 295
Rui Huang, Xiongwei Zhang, and Guangxian Li
21. Structure, Stability, and Degradation of PVC 317
Mohammad Kazim Naqvi
22. Solution State of Metal Complex Calixarenes and Polymeric Calixarenes 339
Mustafa Yilmaz
23. Thermodynamic Opportunity Due to the Degradation Reaction Initiation 351
E. F. Vainstein and G. E. Zaikov
24. Polymerization by Ylides 373
A. K , Srivastava
25. Characterization and Properties of Thermotropic Polybibenzoates 383
Ernesto Perez, Jose M. Pereha, Rosario Benavente, and Antonio Bello
26. Polymeric Ultraviolet Stabilizers for Thermoplastics 399
Jayant 5. Parmar and Raj P , Singh
27. High-Performance and Functional Materials from Natural Monomers and Polymers 411
Chennakkattu Krishna Sadasivan Pillai
28. Ionic Thermoplastic Elastomer Based on Maleated EPDM Rubber 441
Santanu Datta and S. K. De
29. Elastomeric Compound— The Importance of Consistency in Economic Component Manufacture 451
Robert Bond
30. Advancement in Reactively Processed Polymer Blends 465
Mohini M. Sain and Claude Daneault
31. Graft Copolymerization Onto Natural and Synthetic Polymers 481
Inderjeet Kaur and Bhupendra Nath Misra
32. Methods, Characterization, and Applications of Grafting 501
Elsayed Mohamed Abdel-Bary and Eman Mohamed El-NesrContents vii
33. Surface Properties of Modified Polymers 517
Jayasree Konar, Bhola Nath Avasthi, and Anil K. Bhowmick
34. Grafting of Cellulose 529
Abd-Alla M. A. Nada and Mohamed Adel Yousef
35. Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Monomers Onto Macromolecules Having Active Pendant Group via
Ceric Ion Redox or Photo-Induced Charge-Transfer Initiation 541
Kun-Yuan Qiu and Xin-De Feng
36. Modification of Properties of Nitrile Rubber 555
Susmita Bhattacharjeey Anil K. Bhowmick, and Bhola Nath Avasthi
37. Industrial Perspective of Cellulosics in Thermoplastic Composites 577
Dehesh Maldas
38. Liquid Crystalline Polymer Composite— Preparation and Properties 585
Yongsok Seo
39. Self-Organization of Core-Shell Type Polymer Microspheres and Applications to Polymer Alloys 601
Reiko Saito and Koji Ishizu
40. Flow Behavior of Polymer Blends as Affected by Interchain Crosslinking 611
Chapal K , Das
41. Tough Composites Based on Premixed PP/LCP Blends 623
Markka T. Heino and Tommi P. Vainio
42. Compatibilization of Thermoplastic Elastomer Blends 633
R. Asalethay Zacharia Oommen, and Sabu Thomas
43. Polymer Blends and Alloys 649
B. S. Kaithy A , 5. Singhay and Sunil
44. Reactive Compatibilization of Immiscible Polymer Blends 667
Snooppy George, Josephine George, and Sabu Thomas
45. Polymer Blends Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer 685
Xiao-Su Yi
46. Energetic Composites 705
M. B. Khan
47. Macrointermediates for Block and Graft Copolymers 725
Baki Hazer
48. Azo Initiators as Transformation Agents for Block Copolymer Synthesis 735
Yusuf Yagci and Ivo Reetz
49. Block Copolymers Derived from Macroinitiators: Recent Advances of Synthesis, Properties,
and Applications 755
Akira Ueda and Susumu Nagai
50. Poloxamers 765
Iain F. Patersonf Babur Z. Chowdhryf and Stephen A. Leharne
51. Recent Advances in Cationic Resins 775
Metwally Shafik Metwally
52. Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastics 787
A. K. Bledzki and J. Gassanviii Contents
53. Short Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites 811
Jayamol George and Sabu Thomas
54. Peculiarities of the Fine Structure of PET Fibers and the Relationship to Their Basic Physical
Properties 839
Grzegorz Urbahczyk and Andrzej Jeziorny
Index 859
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