Gas Turbine Theory 4Th Edition

Gas Turbine Theory 4Th Edition
اسم المؤلف
H. Cohen, GFC Rogers, HIH Saravanamuttoo
29 أكتوبر 2017

Gas Turbine Theory 4Th Edition
H. Cohen, GFC Rogers
Lately Fellow, Queen’s College, Cambridge
GFC Rogers
Professor Emeritus, University of Bristol
HIH Saravanamuttoo
Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering, Carleton University
Prefaces ix
1.1 Open cycle single-shaft and twin-shaft arrangements
1.2 Multi-spool arrangements
1.3 Closed cycles
1.4 Aircraft propulsion
1.5 Industrial applications
1.6 Environmental issues
1.7 Some future possibilities
1.8 Gas turbine design procedure
2 Shaft power cycles
2.1 Ideal cycles
2.2 Methods of accounting for component losses
2.3 Design point performance calculations
2.4 Comparative performance of practical cycles
2.5 Combined cycles and cogeneration schemes
2.6 Closed-cycle gas turbines
3 Gas turbine cycles for aircraft propulsion
3.1 Criteria of performance
3.2 Intake and propelling nozzle efficiencies
3.3 Simple turbojet cycle
3.4 The turbofan engine
3.5 The turboprop engine
3.6 Thrust augmentation
4 Centrifugal compressors
4.1 Principle of operation
4.2 Work done and pressure rise
4.3 The diffuser
4.4 Compressibility effects
4.5 Non-dimensional quantities for plotting compressor
4.6 Compressor characteristics
4.7 Computerized design procedures
Axial flow compressors
5.1 Basic operation
5.2 Elementary theory
5.3 Factors affecting stage pressure ratio
5.4 Blockage in the compressor annulus
5.5 Degree of reaction
5.6 Three-dimensional flow
5.7 Design process
5.8 Blade design
5.9 Calculation of stage performance
5.10 Compressibility effects
5.11 Off-design performance
5.12 Axial compressor characteristics
5.13 Closure
6 Combustion systems
6.1 Operational requirements
6.2 Types of combustion system
6.3 Some important factors affecting combustor design
6.4 The combustion process
6.5 Combustion chamber performance
6.6 Some practical problems
6.7 Gas turbine emissions
6.8 Coal gasification
Axial and radial Sow turbines
7.1 Elementary theory of axial flow turbine
7.2 Vortex theory
7.3 Choice of blade profile, pitch and chord
7.4 Estimation of stage performance
7.5 Overall turbine performance
7.6 The cooled turbine
7.7 The radial flow turbine
Prediction of performance of simple gas turbines
8.1 Component characteristics
8.2 Off-design operation of the single-shaft gas turbine
8.3 Equilibrium running of a gas generator
8.4 Off-design operation of free turbine engine
8.5 Off-design operation of the jet engine
8.6 Methods of displacing the equilibrium running line
8.7 Incorporation of variable pressure losses
Prediction of performance— further topics
9.1 Methods of improving part-load performance
9.2 Matching procedures for twin-spool engines
9.3 Some notes on the behaviour of twin-spool engines
9.4 Matching procedures for turbofan engines
9.5 Transient behaviour of gas turbines
9.6 Principles of control systems
Appendix A Some notes on gas dynamics
A.1 Comnressibilitv effects (Qualitative treatment)
A.2 Basic equations for steady one-dimensional compressible
flow of a perfect gas in a duct
A.3 Isentropic flow in a duct of varying area
A.4 Frictionless flow in a constant area duct with heat transfer
A.5 Adiabatic flow in a constant area duct with friction
A.6 Plane normal shock waves
A.7 Oblique shock waves
A.8 Isentropic two-dimensional supersonic expansion and
Appendix B Problems 416
Appendix C References 428
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