Flywheel Power Multiplication – Case study

Flywheel Power Multiplication – Case study
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Srinivas Chaganti Bhaskar ,Chaganti Bala , Chaganti Arjun
13 ديسمبر 2020
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Flywheel Power Multiplication – Case study
Presenting authors
Srinivas Chaganti Bhaskar ,Chaganti Bala , Chaganti Arjun
Abstract— This Paper deals with the concept of multi-hour electrical generation using flywheels manufactured either from the world of steel, rubber, plastic or hybrid glass. To rotate the 67 ton flywheel at 6000 rpm, the design uses 5 numbers of 3000 kw motors (i.e. one motor for each flywheel) which are connected directly to the battery bank, with at least 15000 kw energy storage capacity is used as a backup support to look into the 5 independent motors constant electrical consumption needs throughout the specified programmed time. For power generation one 1500 kw PMG generator with 1000 rpm is coupled and connected to 67 ton and 3 diameter flywheel. By rotating this flywheel at 6000 rpm in max 10 seconds time and thereafter disconnecting the input energy to all the 5 motors by using timing sensors so that the 6000 rpm fully charged flywheel connected with the generator is rotated continuously to 3600 seconds on the Plummer block bearings and generate energy is the innovation (input time is 10 seconds and output time is 3600 seconds). Here the 67 ton flywheel is rotated for 10 seconds using the power of 15000 kw motor there by the energy stored in the flywheel is very high as a supplement back up help the design will use one 700 kw motor to support the rotations and this 15000 kw backup battery bank is getting the support from hybrid renewable energy combination applications for charging continuously. When renewable energy is not available to support then the discharging batteries using the stored energy to continuously support and run the motors connected to rotate flywheels then back to back charging technology is used to continue power generation process without any stop. When we purchase the new batteries i.e. new batteries are completely full and 100% charged there by the first hour available power is free, because all the motors are connected directly to this battery bank and this stored energy available is constantly used to rotate the series of motors connected to series of flywheels in a loop is the design process. By using 10 seconds input energy from the fully stored battery bank each set of 67 ton flywheels are rotated to maximum 6000 rpm Example: – time taken to come down from initial 6000 rpm to 3000 rpm is minimum 1 hour gap so nearly 3600 seconds is the free energy generated by using only 10 seconds as input energy. As soon as the sensors notice the 3000 rpm once again 10 seconds is used to take the 3000 rpm rotating flywheels back to 6000 rpm. From 3600 seconds fully charged battery bank @ of 10 seconds usage this battery bank will support 360 times to rotate 67 ton flywheels and generate free green electricity. Like this the power generation is continuous without any interruptions because the battery banks are continuously charged every hour and all 365 days.
Example for 67000 kg and 3000 rpm calculations
Force (Newton’s) 9921524820
(kg) 1011713760.33
Surface Speed (m/sec) 471.29
Inertia (kg*m²) 150750
Joules 7441143615
Kwh 2066.98 output
This paper presents a critical review of FESS in regards to its main components and applications, an approach not captured in earlier reviews.
This each one 13 ton weight with 3 diameter steel flywheel must be designed for hard wearing and resistant to cracking for very high speed rotations
A high carbon steel, tensile strength of 1200 N mm-2 and hardness of high carbon steel is about 390 HB.
Steel will be made up of ferrite and cementite. The microstructure of steel, however, will consist fully of pearlite. Carbon, up to a maximum of 0.82%, and manganese, to a maximum of 1.7%, are needed to produce hard, wear resisting.
Single flanged wheels, Heavy duty alloy steel flywheels provide optimal strength and durability for transferring heavy loads safely and efficiently, Using cast and forged steel wheels for heavy duty ensures minimal need for replacement.
An alloy configuration, particularly adapted for the manufacture of heavy duty flywheels, and having an improved combination of hardness, and thus wear resistance, plus resistance to thermal cracking in flywheel applications; the alloy consists essentially of in weight percent, carbon 0.48 to 0.64, phosphorus 0.05 max., sulfur 0.05 max., manganese 0.60 to 1.10, chromium 0.30 to 0.60, nickel 0.50 max., and balance iron.
The rpm is 6000 rotations every one minute and Time taken is 10 seconds time.
Always calculate these parameters to know the total strength of flywheel
Fly Wheel Mass (Kg.)
Radius of Torus (inch) major R width
Radius of the Rim (Inch) minor r maximum thickness
Initial RPM
Final RPM
Time (Seconds)
Moment of Inertia (Kg.m2)
Angular Velocity
Angular Acceleration
Torque Acquired (N.m)
Kinetic Energy of Fly Wheel (J)
Centripetal Acceleration (m/s^2)
Centripetal Force (N) [mv^2/r]
Surface Velocity † m/s to the center and to the periphery
Linear speed:
Centrifugal acceleration:
Centrifugal force
Tangential velocity
Aligning the natural axis of the wheel’s rotation with the desired rotation of the generator and using Compact and durable motors design will operate at high speeds without getting overheated will always increase the energy efficiency of flywheel rpm. So the maximum amount of energy stored doesn’t depend directly on inertia or on the angular velocity, since either of these can be chosen independently to obtain the required design stress. And within the design stress, the amount of energy stored is linearly proportional to the moment of inertia and to the square of its angular velocity. This technology will have multi-task to serve provision of capacity, load, peak shifting, frequency regulation, frequency response, and more, all within a single installation. Multiple numbers of One ¾ horsepower (hp) vacuum pumps are used continuously to achieve a vacuum between 10 and 50 milliTorrs (mTorr) on continuous duty for 6 hours and for the bearing system uses a hybrid mechanical and magnetic bearing arrangement, that results in long life, low drag, and fail-safe functionality. Combination of mechanical bearing drag, wind-age and electromagnetic drag torques, is very challenging to dis-aggregate these losses from each other, as they occur simultaneously, the main components of spinning loss should be understood in power generation.
Some useful formulas
The amount of energy ‘E’ stored in a flywheel varies linearly with moment of inertia ‘I’ and with the square of the angular velocity ‘ω’.
E = 1/2.I.ω^2
Physical quantity of inertia, is the integral of the square of the distance ‘x’ from the axis of rotation to the differential mass ‘dmx’
I=∫▒〖x^2 dm_x 〗
Cylindrical flywheel of mass ‘m’ and radius ‘r’
I = m.r2
Energy stored is proportional to the square of angular velocity
E=1/2.m.r2. 𝜔2
Energy stored can be expressed in terms of peripheral velocity ‘v’,
Perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation and angular speed as
E=1/2.m.v2 since v= r.𝜔
For a mass density ‘ρ’, the tensile strength
Energy density, Em, is loosely defined for a flywheel as the ratio of energy stored to its mass
E_vmax=1/2. σ_max
Stored energy equation, as the product of volume and the mass density
General expression of maximum energy stored per mass, K is flywheel shape factor
Energy stored per mass, where‘s’ is the ratio of minimum to maximum operating speed, usually set at 0.2
E_m=(1-s^2 ).K.σ/ρ
The paper concludes with recommendations for future research.
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[2] H. Ibrahim, A. Ilinca, and J. Perron, ―Energy Storage Systems—Characteristics and Comparisons, J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,
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