First Principles of Mechanical and Engineering Drawing

First Principles of Mechanical and Engineering Drawing
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First Principles of Mechanical and Engineering Drawing
H. Holtbutterfill
– the Valce of a Knowledge Ok Drawing to the Student
Chapter T
Ttie Tools and Materials Required by the Student
Drawing Pencils -board – tee-sgnare – adjustable Bladod Square – set-squares –
Merits – drawing •pius – Paper – rnbbor – Ink – Drawing Instru- L=11
Chapter Ii
Mechanical and Freehand Drawing : Their Difference Uses
Tho Moaning of Freehaud Drawing – how Objects Are Mode Visible –
The Avhat Usea of Perspective a Perspective is – drawing How a Perspective to Tho Workman Drawing – anis Orthographic Obtained –
Projection, and How Obtained – the Meaning of Plan and Elevation 12 – 16
Chapter Itt
Practical Geometry and Mechanical Drawing
Tlie Meaning Solid Geometry of the Term “ Geometry*’ – the Difference Between Plane and
Plane Geometrical – definition Figures of Geometrical Terms Used in the Work – 17 – 22
Chapter Ly
Plane Geometry Problems
To Divide a Straight Lir.e Into Two Equal Parts
– to Erect a Perpendicular
To a Given Straight Line – to Let Fall N Perpendicular to a Straight
– – to Bisect a Given Angle – to Draw a Line Parallel to a Given Line
– to Draw an Angle Oqual to a Given Angle – ‘to Draw a Line Malting 23
On Apgle With a Given Line – 27
Mat.vlll Contents
R* I:r
Chapter V
Plane Geometrical Figures
To Construct an Equilateral Triangle, an Isosceles Triangle, a Scalene Triangle
– to Construct a Square, a Rectangle, a Rhombus, a Rhomboid, a Trapezium, a Regular Pentagon, a Hexagon, a Regular Octagon 28-34
Orthographic Projection
The Planes of Projection – the Difference Between a Vertical and a Perpendicolar Plane – the Relative Position of the Planes of Projection –
The Line Iaclincd Projections to of Thea Planes Point of Andprojection a Straight Line – the Projections of a 35 – 41
Chapter Vii
Projection Op Plane Figures
The Projection of the Triangle – the Square – the Pentagon and the
Hexagon, Etc. 42 – 40
Chapter V I I I
The Projection Ok Solids
Definitions of the Plane Solids
Models of the Solids Necessary – the Tocube the ,student the Prismfor , the a Thorough Pyramid, Know Etc. – –
Ledge of Their Projection – elevations of Objects Given to Find Their
Plans – meaning of Section, Side Elevation, Sectional Plans and Elevations 47- Bp
Chapter Tv
Projection in Tiie Lpper Plane
The Front Elevation Given , to Find the Side Elevation – the Sectional Elevations of the Solid and Hollow Cube, Prism and Pyramid 59 – 70
Projection From Thf, Lower to the Upper Plane
The Plans of Objects Given, to Find Their Elevations Ami Sectional Elevations 71
– 76
Chapter Xi
-in Drawings in Ink
The Kind of Lines to L>c Used
– the Direction in Which the Light is Supposed
To Fall on the Object Represented – to Find the Angle That the Rays of
Light Make With the Planes of Projection – why Different Qualities of
Lines Are Used in Mechanical Drawing – the Importance of Correctness
In Made Their Application – How Ink for Lining-in a Drawing Should Be
– and How to Fill the Drawing-pen 77 – 84
Berrechtlich Sc Hutztes Materialcontents 1 Xfauk
Chapter Xii
The Projection of Curved Lines
The Definition of a Curved Line
– tho Front Elevation of a Cm Ved Line Being
Given, to Find Its Aide Elevation and Plan – how to Find the Projection*
Of a Line of Double Curvature
– the Projections of Combined Curved Ami
Right Lines – the Plan of a Circular Plate Being Given, to Find It3 C!ova»
– to Draw an Ellipse … » « » 85 – 97
Chapter Xiii
The Projection of Solids With Curved Surfaces
The Definitions of the Cylinder, the Cone, and the 3phere – the Plan of a
Cylinder Given, to Find Its Elevation in Various Positions – the Plan
Of a Cone Given, to Find Its Elevation in Different Position* 03 – 102
Chapter Xtv
Trie Projection of Tnf. Sections of a’np.n
The Elevation of a Cylinder Given, to Find Its Sectional Elevation and
Plan … •m … 103 – 105
Chapter Xv
The Projection or the Como Sections
The Definitions of the.sections of a Cone
Being Given, to Find Its Sectional Projection – the Plan and Elevation of a Cone
– to Find the True Form of
Any Projections Section of a Cylinder or Cone – the Sections of a Sphero and Their
Lining- in in – ink Definitions of Solidsofwith the Subsidiary Curved Surfaces Solids – of How Revolution the Light – falls the
Upon Them … * » < … 106 – 119
Chapter Xvi
Tun Projection of Objects I^mxnn to Thk Plant.* Op
To Find Projection the Projection of Plane Offigures a Pointwhen , and Line Inclined Lyingtoon Theanplanes Inclined of Projection Plane – the
– »
Tho Projection of a Solid When Inclined to the Planes of Its Projection
– the Projections of the Solid and Hollow Cube, the Pyramid, and
Cone, When Inclined to the Planes of Their Projection – thu Projections of a Six-sided Nut, When Inclined to the Plane; of Projection … 120 – 111
Chapter Vvtt
The Penetration and Intersection of Soups
Tho Penetration Penetration of of Prisms Prisms Having by Priams Their Atarea Right Inclined Anglestotoeach Eachother Other – the … 142 – 152
Berrechtlich Geschutzles Materialx Contents
Chapter Xvhi
The Intersections of Plank Soups (Continued )
The Penetration of a Prism by a Pyramid – the Penetration of Pyramids
… 15a
By Pyramids – 163
Chapter Xty
The Intersections of Solids Having Curved Surfaces
The Intersections of Equal-sized Cylinders at Right Angles to Each Other –
The Intersection of Unequal-sized Cylinders – the Intersection of Inclined Cylinders – the Intersection of the Cylinder Ami Cone – the
Intersection of Cone9 by Cylinders Ami Cooes – the Intersection of the
Sphere by Prisms and Pyramids- – the ‘ Intersection of the Sphere Bv
Tile Cone and Cylinder … 164 – 186
Chapter Xx
The Development of the Surfaces of Solids
What a Development Means – what is a Developable Snrface – the Development of Plane-surfaced Solids – the Development of the Surfaco of a
Pyramidal-3hai>ed Solid, Having a Curved Surface – the Development
Of the Oblique Pyramid – the Development of the Snrface of a Right
Cylinder, and the Frustum of a Right Cylinder – the Development of
The Surface of an Oblique Cylinder, and of a Right and Oblique Cone –
The Development of the .surface of the Sphere and Hemisphere … 187 – 211
Urheberrechtlich Geschutztes Material
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