Face2Face – Upper-Intermediate

Face2Face – Upper-Intermediate
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Face2Face – Upper-Intermediate
Welcome to face2face! Photocopiable Materials
face2face Upper Intermediate
The face2face Approach
The Student’s Book
The CD-ROM/Audio CD: Instructions pio
The Common European Framework
Teaching Tips
P4 Class Activities Vocabulary Plus
1A My classmates
1B Auxiliary dominoes
1C Something circles
2A Nightmare neighbours
2C Where’s the stress?
2D The Big Question
3B The Unlucky Club
3C Preposition pelmanism
3D Easy money!
4A Jack’s story
4B The book quiz
4C The island
5A Comparisons board game
5B Nature crossword
5D The congestion charge
6A Is this your card?
6B Future thoughts
6D Four in a line
7A My partner’s life
7B Foreign correspondent
7G Wordbuilding squares
8A Life isn’t perfect
8B Money snakes and ladders
8C Bingo!
9A Passive dominoes
9B Entertainment crossword
9D Giveaway!
10A Having things done
10B Going, going, gone!
10D Love it or hate it
11A The photoshoot
11B Reported board game
11C Business partners
12A The diamond mystery
12B What would you have done? pi72
1 Academic subjects/
2 Phrases with get
3 Word pairs
4 Descriptive verbs
5 Geographical features
6 Commonly confused verbs pl8l
7 Words from other languages pi82
8 British and American English pi83
Teaching Notes
9 Phrases with set, turn, put
1 A life of learning and bring
2 Time for a change
3 It’s against the law
4 Telling stories
5 Nature’s best
6 Breaking codes
7 Small world
8 Making ends meet
9 Out and about
10 The great divide
11 Making a living
12 That’s weird!
10 Nouns from phrasal verbs pi85
11 Stress on nouns/verbs p186
12 Idioms about feelings/
Study Skills
Instructions p188
1 Spelling rules: the final -e pi90
2 Word maps
3 Silent letters
4 Homonyms
Progress Tests
Instructions p194
Answer Key and Recording Scripts pi94
Progress Test 1
Progress Test 2
Progress Test 3
Progress Test 4
Progress Test 5
Progress Test 6
Progress Test 7
Progress Test 8
Progress Test 9
Progress Test 10
Progress Test 11
Progress Test 12
Grammar and
Vocabulary Real World Reading
1 A life of learning CP-RQM f- Tl<
1A A global language
IB My first week
1C Making the grade
ID Evening classes
p language ability
pS education
plO verb pat!errt-( (t|
the English verb system
uses of auxiliaries
Who owns English?
ltoder examination
pl2 Real World Keeping a conversation
i Review and ProgressPortfolia pi3
2 Time for a change CD-ROM[•
2A ltrs bad for youI pid expregyrng frequency Iacte p&&mand rjftdstates pa*iMaDutiiwaiffd So what wpod for mdp
20 Life’s different here pte feelingsml opinions he used in. qet used to Letter from abroad
2C Managing my time pi8 word building d’|:suffixes Timely lies
2D I see your point pSO Reai World ttscusRon language ;l):
agreeing and disagreeing pgtrtety
2 Review and: Progress Portfolio r>?1
3 It’s against the law ClMtipM
3A Honesty
3B lt‘s a crime
3C Identity theft
3D Do you need any help?
types oi crime, crtniinaJs and crime verbs second condrlLonai; ^jfefnaiives tor ,*/ How honest are you?
An unsuccessful robbery
Protect yuuir identity
crime and puni&iwmfnt
vwts and prepositions
Shifd conditional
Real World makin– refusing awl
accepting offers
3 Review and Progress Portfolio p2S
4 Telling stories CO-RDM I •gfl: >»
4A Urban legends p3G phrasal verba m narrative verb forms; Past Perfect
I? must be true
4B Magical novels p32 books and reading defining, non-denning and reduced
relative daises
Book reviews
40 Very funny! p34 connecting words:reason and
Aprrl RxH!
4D How was your day? p36 ways ol exaggerating Real Worm saying you surprised
or not surprised
4 R&vidw and Progress Portfolio p37
S Nature’s best COMM [ B^lil
SA Keeping koi p3Q animals ways of comparing living jewels
5B The global garden p4D plants and gardens future verb forms; Rrhiie Continuous The Eden Project
5C That smells nice! p42 back referencing
adjectives for giving opinions
The history of 1lowers
5D Ecological footprints p44 Real World discussion language (2):
How big is your ecologies
5 Review and Progress Portfolio p4S
6 Breaking codes CD-ROM t ^ TfJJ
What every visitor to England
needs ta know
6A Cades of conduct p46 phrases with toft? uses ci verb+top
6B He’s got no manners p43 compound adjectives describino
guessing meaning from context
modal verbs (1); levels of certainty
about the luluie
SC Hidden messages
6D Ain t interrupting?
Codes through the ages
Real World polite interruptions
(5 REview and Progress Portfolio p531
Help with Listening
Listening and Help with Fluency Extended Speaking Writing
An English learner profile
Two university students
Exam stories
Doing evening classes
sentence stress and rhythm
Help with Fluency sentence stress
and rhythm
A one-minute conversation
Exam experiences
Conversations about everyday topics
Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 WB p64
Two people’s eating habits Old and new habits Your eating habits
Discussion about things that you’re
used to, etc.
How organised are you?
Things your family are used to, etc.
Saving time linking (1): consonant-vowel links;
linking /r/ sounds
Help with Fluency linking (1): consonantvowel links; linking /r/ sounds
Problems with young children
Song Complicated
Discussion about controversial statements
Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 WB p66
Honesty questions
How life would have been different
Discussion of real-life crimes
Asking for help
Gun crime
A lawyer-client meeting
A phone conversation
third conditional
weak forms
Help with Fluency sentence stress and
weak forms (1)
Your imaginary past
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 WB p68
Famous urban legends Two urban legends
Completing a story
A practical joke predicting what comes next Telling a true story Using connecting words in sentences
A nightmare day
Song / Heard it Through the Grapevine
Help with Fluency sentence stress Good day or bad day
Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 WB p70
Comparing things
Life in the year 2050
Comparing places, people or things
Personal plans and arrangements
A trip to the Eden Project
The history of perfume
A conversation about ecological
Help with Fluency linking and
Designing a new perfume or aftershave
Discussions about the environment
Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 WB p72
Tips for a British tourist in your country Tips on social codes
A difficult colleague The next two weeks The future of people you know
Breaking codes
A day at the office
linking (2): /w/, /j/ and /r/ sounds Types of code
intonation: being polite Two conversations
Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 WB p74Grammar and
Real World Reading
p54 state verbs
7 Small world
simple and continuous aspects;
activity and state verbs
Present Perfect Simple and Present
Perfect Continuous
7A At the airport
7B The new superpower p56 business and trade
p58 the Internet; word building (2):
7C Life in cyberspace Dur digital world
7D You’re breaking up p60 Real World problems on the phone
7 Review and Progress Portfolio p61
88A Making I’m brokeends PBT meet pCO62 -MM{dealing ^1with -i money wishes (1); / hope…;It’s time…
How to make wme &KI.?3 cash
IntemalkmaJ topping fifflqti&lte
wishes (2); should have
Real World apologising
Review and Progress Portfolio p69
p70 the cinema
9 Out and about
9A The Oscars the passive Anti the winner is…
Michael Landy
Real World making and responding
to suggestions
9 Review and Progress Poittoi.o p77
iO The great divide CO-ROM
have/get something done, get
somebody to do something,
do something yourself
10A How practical are you? p78 household jobs
p80 male, female and neutral words Men in the 21st century
IOC The same but different p82 compound nouns and adjectives
10B New man quantifiers
10D I did tell you! Real World adding emphasis
10 Review and Progress Portfolio p85
11 Making a living CO-ROMI
work collocations describing future events;
Future Perfect
11A Meeting up p86
11B Going into business
11C The coffee shop
11D Advertising works
p88 !>U#ftftSS COltoItfrtS
A problem at Daisy’s
Real World discussion language (3)
11 Review and Progress Portfolio p93
12 That’s weird! CD-ROM fIHH
p94 colloquial words/phrases modal verbs (2):deduction in the
present and the past
past forms of modal and related verbs Radio play creates panic across USA
Look behind you!
12A Where’s my mobile?
12B Invasion p96 news collocations
Review and Progress Portfolio plOO
Songs p102 Pair and Group Work p104 Language Summaries pH3 Recording Scripts pl43Help with Listening
Listening and Help with Fluency Extended Speaking Writing
Hiftv people pass me lime at exports Discussion about things you’ve wanted
to do, etc.
How your country to changed Changes in your country
Using the Internet recognising redundancy Internet habits An Internet survey
Making plans on the phone
Sung IVr Are the Cfaimpw.
Help with Fluency sentence straps and A conversation on the phone
weak twins (2)
Reading and Writing Portfolio 7 WB p76
f’fl pay you hack Things ‘hat annoy you
Discussions regrets
Who else deserves tips0
Role plays
Persanai wishes
wishes Your regrets
British and American accents
Help with Fluency inking |2|
UK and US tippiug habits
Eddy’s got a |OP!
Reading ami Writing PortJwio 8 WR p78
Oscars quiz
Discussion about film, play or TV dramas A film, play or TV drama
Are these real works of art?
Deciding what to do this weekend
A night at the theatre
Call that art?
Arranging an evening out
missing words, reduced infinitives
Help with Fluency natural rhythm A conversation about going out
Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 WB p80 [
Practical women Who is the most practical?
Discussion about your family
The differences between men and women
Your family
Why Men Lie and Women Cry
Having people for a meal
Song Wonderwall
Help with Fluency contradicting People you know
Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 WB p82
Two friends arranging to meet Future Perfect and Future Continuous Talking about your future
A business opportunity
Decision time
The Go! advertising campaign
Reporting questions and answers
Starting your own business
Designing an advertising campaign
back referencing
Help with Fluency review
Reading and Writing Portfolio 11 WB p84
Louise’s missing mobile modal verbs in the past Making deductions
Things you would haw (Sftftfj, etc
L is; my flat Imunsed7 natural rhythm review WteU cfa you betoe in”-1
Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 WB p86 |
Answer Key pi59 Phonemic Symbols pl59 CD-ROM/Audio CD Instructions pl60
Vocabulary Grammar and Real World Reading and Writing
1 A life of learning p5 Portfolio 1 p64
language ability education. ve»b pattern*II) Real the English Worldverb Keeping system a conversation ,us*** of auxular going .es Reading Writing planning an articleand about drafting (earning an artde languages
‘v f
2 Time for a change pio Portfolio 2 p66
ejqyessing frequency feelings and opinions,
word buildnq (1):suffixes
present and past habits repealed actions and states;
be used to get used to
Real World discussion language (1) agreeing and
disagreeing politely
Reading two letters to a newspaper
Writing giving emphasis
3 It’s against the law pis Portfolio 3 p68
crimes,cilm.nals and crime verbs, enme and
punishment,verbs and prepositions
second conditional;alternatives for it, third conditional Reading a police leaflet about personal safety
Real World making,retuslng and accepting oilers Writing leaflets:giving advice
4 Telling stories p2Q \! Portfolio 4 p70
phrasal verbs <1) books and reading,
connecting words reason and contrast, ways of
narrative verb forms. Past Perfect Continuous;defining,
non-detining and reduced relative clauses
Real World saying you’re surpnsed or not surprised
Reading a biography of Johnny Dopp
Writing a short biography, avoiding
repetition; adding detailand personal comment
5 Nature’s best p25 Portfolio 5 P72
animats;plants and gardens, back referencing,
adjectives for giving opinions
ways of comparing future verb forms.
Future Continuous
Real World discussion language (2).opinions
Reading a science presentation
Writing the language of presentations
6 Breaking codes p30 1 Portfolio 6 p74A
phrases with take, compound adjectives desenbing
character, guessing meaning from contoxl
uses ol vertH-tog;modal verbs U).levels of certainty
about the future
Real World polite Interruptions
Reading a description ol a place
Writing describing places,reducod rctahvo clauses,
strong adjectives
7 Small world p35 1Portfolio 7 p76
state verbs, business and trade; the internet word
building (2):prefixes, on Ihe phone
simple and continuous aspects;activity and state
verbs; Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect
Real World problems on the phono
Reading a leaflet,an article,an email,notes anda
fundraising letter
Writing scmi-formal fetters:including relevant
8 Making ends meet p40 Portfolio 8 p78
dealing with money; phrasal verbs (2). money;
wishes (1) i hope It’s time . wishes (2| shouid Reading an article reporting on consumer spending
have Writing generafising.giving examples
Real World apologising
Answer key pi-vill
9 Out and about p45 Portfolio 9 p80
the cinema; entertainment adjectives;
the passive;as. like such as;so, such
Real World making and respond ng
to suggestions
Reading a review of two websites
Writing reviews beginning reviews,useful phrases
10 The great divide p50 Portfolio 10 p82
household jobs, male, female and neutral wordscompound nouns and adjectives
have/get something done, get someone to do
something, do something yourself quantifiers
Real World adding emphasis
Reading an article about combining parenthood and
Writing a discursive article:common connecting words
11 Making a living pbb ‘1 Portfolio 11 p84
walk collocations, business collocatiuns; verb
patterns (2) reporting verbs advertising
dcscnbmq future events Future Ferfect. reported
Real World discussion language (3|
Reading two emails asking for and g vtng information
Writing making arrangements in informal and mere
formal emails
12 That’s weird! p6Q Portfolio 12 p86
co’luqu:ai words/phrases; news
colorations; idioms
modal verbs <2). deduction in Ihe present and Ihe past,
past forms of modais and related verts
Reading a personal email about a ghostly experience
Writing a personal email about an experience,
sommem mstakes
Upper Intermediate Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio
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