Face2Face – Advanced

Face2Face – Advanced
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31 مايو 2020
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Face2Face – Advanced
Teacher’s book
Student’s Book
Welcome to fac«2face! Photocopiable Materials
face2face Advanced Components p4
The face2face Approach
The Student’s Book
The CD-ROM: Instructions
p4 Class Activities Vocabulary Plus
1 Vague language
2 Guessing the meaning
of unknown words
3 Health idioms
4 Words used in newspaper
5 Phrasal verbs with out;
back and down
1A Getting to know you
1B Student survey
1C In other words,…
2A The great brain game
2B Survival at sea
2C Tourism role play
3A Connotation crossword
3B This is my life
3C Tactful or tactless?
1-3 Review Board game
4A No comment!
4B Guess the word
4C The powers of persuasion
5A Prefix Pelmanism
5B Picture story
5C Carry on talking
6A Anti-social behaviour
6B Grab a word game
6C What a joke!
* 4-6 Review Cash quiz
7A You said it!
7B Fact or fiction?
7C Crime circle
8A The council meeting
8B The thrill-seekers
8C What a dilemma!
9A Verb dominoes
9B My partner
9C Entrepreneur enterprises pi63
7-9 Review Across the board pi64
10A Secret auction
10B Give me the sentence
10C A problem shared
The Common European Framework
(CEF) p15
Teaching Tips for Advanced Classes
6 New words from the Internet
8 Stress patterns in long words pi79
9 Formal and informal
money expressions
10 Idioms about success
and failure
Teaching Notes
7 Law and crime
1 Let’s talk
2 Remarkable!
3 Well-being
4 Civilised
5 It’s just a job!
6 Ask the public
7 Laying down the law
8 What’s stopping you?
9 Cash
10 The key to success
Help Instructions with Listening
1 Monologues
2 Taking part in a conversation pi90
3 Leaving things out
4 Disagreeing
5 Talking about problems
and solutions
6 Asides
7 Opinions
8 Small words
9 Different uses of that
10 Presenting information
Progress Tests
Answer Key and Recording Scripts
Progress Test 1
Progress Test 2
Progress Test 3
Progress Test 4
Progress Test 5
Progress Test 6
Progress Test 7
Progress Test 8
Progress Test 9
Progress Test 10
Vocabulary Grammar and Real World Reading and Writing
1 Let’s talk p4 Portfolio 1 p54
communicating; prepositions and phrases; sayings Past Simple and Present Perfect;
cleft sentences; what and // clauses
Real World explaining and paraphrasing
Reading an article about a modern problem
Writing topic and supporting sentences
2 Remarkable! P9 Portfolio 2 p57
£ Reading a competition about inspirational people
ft Writing using monolingual dictionaries j j*®
gradable and non-gradable adjectives; adverbs;
intensifying adverbs; adjoctivo word ordor;
adjectives; describing places
relative clauses; relative clauses with prepositions;
vorb+/ngand past participles; participle clauses
3 Well-being p14 1Portfolio 3 pGO
introductory it; subject and verb inversion; Inversion § Reading a proposal for gym membership
Real World being tactful
positive character adjectives; connotation: positive
and negative character adjectives;
phrasal verbs: health; euphemisms
Writing putting forward ideas in a proposal
4 Civilised p19 Portfolio 4 p63>
f Reading a website post
i Writing ways to organiso discussion writing
news collocations; near synonyms future verb forms; phrases referring to the future;
future in tho past
5 It’s just a Job! p24 Portfolio 5 p66
word building (1): prefixes with multiple meanings;
verb + Infinitive with to or verb+/ng (1); verb +
Infinitive with to or vorb+tog (2); verb-noun collocations;
expressions connected to work
reflexive pronouns (1); reflexive pronouns (2)
Real World conversational strategies
Reading an article
o Writing personalising language ‘ • l’ T‘
6 Ask the public p29 Portfolio 6 p69
words with different but related meanings; word pairs ways of comparing; formal and Informal ways of
comparing; adverbs; position of adverbials;
dramatic verbs
. Roadlng letters of complaint
Writing features of letters of complaint; useful phrases
7 Laying down the law p34 Portfolio 7 p72
conditionals:basic forms; conditionals:non-basic forms;
passive forms;Impersonal report structures
Real World functions and intonation of questions
Reading a book review
Writing cohesive devices
phrases with get; phrasal nouns; metaphors
8 What’s stopping you? p39 1 Portfolio 8 p75
phrases with time; whorevor, whoover, whatever, etc.;
word building (2):suffixes
wish/if only; past vorb forms with presont or future
Reading an Informal email
Writing informal language
9 Cash p44 Portfolio 9 p7Q
price and cost; word building (3): productive suffixes;
news and economics
simple v continuous; simple v continuous: verbs with
different meanings; a/an, the, or no article; a/an v one;
few, a fow, quite a few
Real World presenting Information
Reading an instructional leaflet
Writing connecting words In guidelines/instructions;
questions as headings
Answer Key pi-viii
10 The key to success p49 Portfolio 10 p81
review; antonyms subject/verb agreement; review; modal verbs (1):
functions; modal verbs (2):levels of certainty about
the past, present and future
Reading a description of a scene
Writing descriptive language in narratives
Accurate Writing p84
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