Electrical Safety on Construction Sites

Electrical Safety on Construction Sites
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Health and Safety Executive HSE
4 أبريل 2024
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Electrical Safety on Construction Sites
Health and Safety Executive HSE
Introduction Page 1
Legislation 2
The risk 4
Planning the work Page 5
Advicefrom the electricity supplier 8
Overhead lines and underground cables 9
The supply voltage 9
Selection of equipment for the temporary site distribution system 12
Staff appointments 12
The safety of the electrical installation Page 14
Generators 14
Earthing the site supply 15
Earthing equipment connected to the supply 17
The temporary site distribution system 17
Moveable plant 19
Portable equipment 20
Use of mains voltage equipment 21
Residual current devices (RCDs) 22
Maintaining the electrical installation 23
Maintaining portable electrical equipment 24
Table: Suggested inspection and test frequencies for
electrical equipment on a construction site Page 27
Demolition Page 28
Building alteration and refurbishment Page 28
Handover and commissioning work Page 29
Safe working practices Page 30
Treatment of electric shock victims Page 30
Appendices Page 32
1 Legislation 32
2 Technical notes on residual current devices and
reduced low voltage systems 34
3 Emergency procedures for an electric shock casualty 37
References and further reading Page 41 INTRODUCTION

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