Design Workbook Using Solidworks

Design Workbook Using Solidworks
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Ronald E. Barr, Thomas J. Krueger
2 فبراير 2023
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Design Workbook Using Solidworks
Ronald E. Barr, Ph.D.
Thomas J. Krueger, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Davor Juricic, D.Sc.
Professor Emeritus
Alejandro Reyes CSWE, CSWI
Table of Contents

  1. Design Workbook Lab 1: Basic 2D Sketching
    Introduction to SOLIDWORKS; Screen Layout; Menus; FeatureManager Tree; View
    Orientations; Sketching Toolbars; Sketch Planes; Starting a New Part; Part Units; Basic
    Dimensioning; Extruded and Revolved Parts.
    Exercise 1.1: Carbon Fiber Gasket 1-9
    Exercise 1.2: Cover Plate 1-16
    Exercise 1.3: Wall Bracket 1-20
    Exercise 1.4: Machine Handle 1-23
    Supplementary Exercises 1-26
  2. Design Workbook Lab 2: Advanced 2D Sketching
    Review of 2D Sketch Entities; Advanced Sketching Tools; Sketch Editing Tools; Linear and
    Circular Repeats; Extruded and Revolved Parts.
    Exercise 2.1: Metal Grate 2-3
    Exercise 2.2: Torque Sensor 2-8
    Exercise 2.3: Scalloped Knob 2-11
    Exercise 2.4: Linear Step Plate 2-14
    Supplementary Exercises 2-19
  3. Design Workbook Lab 3: 3D Modeling Part I
    Adding Sketch Relations; 3D Features Toolbar; Advanced Extrusion and Revolution
    Operations; Create Reference Geometry; 3D Mirror Feature; Create Linear and Circular 3D
    Exercise 3.1: Clevis Mounting Bracket 3-3
    Exercise 3.2: Manifold 3-8
    Exercise 3.3: Hand Wheel 3-13
    Exercise 3.4: Toe Clamp 3-18
    Supplementary Exercises 3-23
    iiiDesign Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2020
  4. Design Workbook Lab 4: 3D Modeling Part II
    Creating Advanced 3D Features: Draft, Shell, Dome, Loft, Sweep; Advanced Extrusion and
    Revolution Operations.
    Exercise 4.1: Drawer Tray 4-2
    Exercise 4.2: Tap-Light Dome 4-7
    Exercise 4.3: Threads and Fasteners 4-10
    Exercise 4.4: Jack Stand 4-19
    Supplementary Exercises 4-23
  5. Design Workbook Lab 5: Assembly Modeling
    Practice 3D Part Modeling; Creating a New Assembly; Assembly Toolbar; Adding Parts to
    an Assembly; Move and Rotate a Component; Mate Parts Together.
    Exercise 5.1: Terminal Support Assembly 5-5
    Exercise 5.2: Pulley Assembly 5-15
    Supplementary Exercises 5-24
  6. Design Workbook Lab 6: Part Evaluation and Configurations
    Measure Tool; Component Mass Properties; Mass Properties Units; Editing and Modifying
    a Solid Model; Design Table Basics; Entering Design Table Parameters; Configuration
    Exercise 6.1: Rocker Arm Mass Properties 6-4
    Exercise 6.2: Socket Design Table 6-12
    Supplementary Exercises 6-18
  7. Design Workbook Lab 7: Static Stress and Thermal Analysis
    Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation; Definition of
    FEA Terms; Basic FEA Stress Analysis; Applying Loads and Constraints; FEA Mesh
    Creation; Analyzing the Model for Stress Distribution; Printing the von Mises Stress
    Distribution; Design Changes Based on Analysis Results.
    Exercise 7.1: Finite Element Analysis of a Pillow Block 7-3
    Exercise 7.2: Thermal Analysis of a Computer Chip 7-15
    ivTable of Contents
  8. Design Workbook Lab 8: Animation, Detailing and Rapid Prototyping
    Introduction to the SOLIDWORKS Animation Wizard; Assembly Exploded View; Creating
    the Animation; Animation Controller; Editing the Animation; Saving an .AVI File;
    Animation Motion Elements; Introduction to Rapid Prototyping.
    Exercise 8.1: Exploded Animation of the Terminal Support Assembly 8-6
    Exercise 8.2: Exploded Animation of the Pulley Assembly 8-11
    Exercise 8.3: Creating Component Drawing Views for Manufacturing 8-15
    Exercise 8.4: Rapid Prototyping of a Solid Model Part 8-19
  9. Design Workbook Lab 9: Section Views in 2D and 3D
    Viewing a 3D Section View of a Solid Model; Printing 3D Section View; Changing Drawing
    and Hatch Pattern Options; Projecting Orthographic Views; Making a 2D Section View.
    Exercise 9.1: Rod Base Section View 9-5
    Exercise 9.2: Tension Cable Bracket Section View 9-11
    Exercise 9.3: Milling End Adapter Section View 9-17
    Exercise 9-4: Plastic Revolving Ball Assembly Section View 9-23
    Supplementary Exercises 9-30
  10. Design Workbook Lab 10: Manufacturing Detail Drawings
    Drawing Sheet Options; Projecting Orthographic Views in a Drawing; Adding Centerlines;
    Importing Annotations from the 3D Model; Dimensioning the Drawing; Adding Manual
    Exercise 10.1: Guide Block Drawing 10-7
    Exercise 10.2: Pipe Joint Drawing 10-11
    Exercise 10.3: Pedestal Base Drawing 10-16
    Exercise 10.4: Tooling Pad Drawing 10-20
    Supplementary Exercises 10-26
    APPENDIX A – Drawing Sheet Template

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