Contact Analysis in ANSYS

Contact Analysis in ANSYS
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Mechanics Group - ANSYS, Inc.
3 ديسمبر 2019
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Contact Analysis in ANSYS
Mechanics Group – ANSYS, Inc.
• Capabilities Overview
• Lagrange versus Penalty Contact
• MPC Applications
• Contact Analysis using ANSYS Workbench
Capabilities Overview
– Bodies of vastly different stiffness
– Steel against rubber seals
• Flex­flex
– Bodies of comparable stiffness
– Metal contacting metal
• Self contact
– Body folds over itself
– Column buckling
• Large sliding with friction for all
Penalty vs. Lagrrange
MPC Applications
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. MPC connection for SOLID­SOLID, SHELL­SHELL
3. MPC connection for SOLID­SHELL
4. MPC connection SOLID­BEAM and SHELL­BEAM
5. MPC connection between the FE model and loading point
ANSYS Contact
Workbench Features
Objective and Outline
• Contact related features available in
ANSYS Workbench
– Contact objects
– Initial contact status
– Contact meshing
– Solution information
– Contact results
– Wizards
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