Advances in Mechanical Engineering – Select Proceedings of ICRIDME 2018

Advances in Mechanical Engineering – Select Proceedings of ICRIDME 2018
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B. B. Biswal, Bikash Kumar Sarkar, P. Mahanta
15 أكتوبر 2021
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Advances in Mechanical Engineering
Select Proceedings of ICRIDME 2018
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
B. B. Biswal, Bikash Kumar Sarkar, P. Mahanta Editors
Fluid Mechanics
The Effect of Resting Time on the Shedding of a Drop 3
Rahul Goswami, Lukesh Kumar Mahato and Deepak Kumar Mandal
Impact of Palm Oil Methyl Ester Drops on a Surface . 13
Vikas Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Singh and Deepak Kumar Mandal
Successive Impact of Two Drops on Surfaces with Various
Wettability 21
Amrit Kumar, Abhishek Singh and Deepak Kumar Mandal
CFD Analysis of Responses of Two-Equation Turbulence Models
for Flow over NACA 0012, NACA 4412 and S809 Aerofoils 31
S. Sahoo and S. Maity
Linear Instability Analysis of Viscous Planar Liquid Sheet
Sandwiched Between Two Moving Gas Streams . 41
Debayan Dasgupta, Sujit Nath and Dipankar Bhanja
Flow Analysis of Vortex Generators in the Shroud of a Horizontal
Axis Wind Turbine 51
S. Sharma, S. Anand and Koushik Das
A Coupled Level Set and Volume-of-Fluid Method for Modeling
Two-Phase Flows . 65
H. Deka, G. Biswas and A. Dalal
A Novel Passive Flow Control Method for Underwater Vehicles . 75
R. Kant and S. Maity
Experimental and Computational Analysis of Heat Transfer
by a Turbulent Air Jet Impingement on a Flat Surface 85
Yatish Kumar Baghel and Vivek Kumar Patel
xiA Study on the Wake Regime Control and Drag Reduction Using
Single Splitter Plate for a Flow Past a Semicircular Cylinder . 97
S. M. Dash, S. D. Chavda and K. B. Lua
Numerical Analysis of Wall Shear Stress Parameters of Newtonian
Pulsatile Blood Flow Through Coronary Artery and Correlation
to Atherosclerosis . 107
Abdulrajak Buradi and Arun Mahalingam
Effect of Thickness of Porous Layer on Thermo-Hydraulic
Characteristics and Entropy Generation in a Partially
Porous Wavy Channel . 119
Debayan Bhowmick, Pitambar R. Randive and Sukumar Pati
Computational Study of Slot Jet Impingement Heat Transfer
on a Combined Dimpled and Protruded Concave Surface 131
Alankrita Singh and B. V. S. S. S. Prasad
Numerical Study of Coaxial Evacuated Tube Collector
with Nano-fluid . 145
B. R. Tamuli, Sujit Nath and Dipankar Bhanja
Materials and Manufacturing
Optimization of Microwave Power and Reinforcement
in Microwave-Cured Coir/HDPE Composites 159
Manoj Kumar Singh, Nishant Verma, Nayan Pundhir, Sunny Zafar
and Himanshu Pathak
Design and Simulation Study of HPDC for Automotive
Parts—Pinion Housing Based on ADSTFEAN Simulation
System . 171
Sunil Kumar and Lokeswar Patnaik
Conceptualization of a Machining Fixture for Machining Cylinder
Block on a Horizontal Machining Center . 185
Lokeswar Patnaik, Saikat Ranjan Maity and Sunil Kumar
Multi-scale Computational Analysis of Carbon-Nanotube–Polymer
Composite . 205
Gaurav Arora and Himanshu Pathak
Comparative Study of Some Machining Characteristics During Hard
Turning of Alloy Steel with Untreated and Cryotreated Cermet
Inserts . 217
Anshuman Das, S. K. Patel, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
and R. N. Mahapatra
xii ContentsProcess Parameters Optimization of EDMed Surface
of Titanium-Grade-4 Alloy Using Topsis Coupled
with Taguchi Philosophy . 227
Dipraj Banik, Rahul, Himanshu Ranjan Sinha and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Analytical Study for Enhancing Gear Performance Using Al2O3
Paint Coating 235
Himanshu Ranjan Sinha, Rahul, Dipraj Banik and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Ballistic Impact Response of HDPE/UHMWPE Polymer
Composite . 245
Nayan Pundhir, Gaurav Arora, Himanshu Pathak and Sunny Zafar
PCA-GRA Integrated Multi Response Optimization of Wire-Cut
EDM of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy for Sustainable Production . 257
D. Devarasiddappa and M. Chandrasekaran
Investigating Weldability in Microalloyed Al Alloys . 271
Sanjib Banerjee, Rakesh Bhadra, Sanjib Gogoi and Ravi shankar Dutta
Thermomechanical Analysis of Al-7075 to Predict Residual Stresses
by Using 3D Finite Element Simulation 281
Ankit Saxena and Ravindra K. Saxena
Application of Nitriding Treatments on EN 3 and EN 24 Steels
for Rotating Bending Fatigue Resistance . 295
Vinay Jayashankar Varier, Sachin Suresh Barve
and Sachin Shankarrao Naik
Finite Element Based Prediction of Transient Temperature
Distribution, Heat Affected Zone and Residual Stresses
in AISI 304 Stainless Steel Weldment 307
Gurdeep Singh, Ravindra K. Saxena and Sunil Pandey
Isogeometric FE Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates 321
N. Devi, A. Bhar and R. Pandey
Investigation of Weld Bead Characteristics and Optimization
of GMAW of Nitrogen Strengthened Austenitic Stainless Steel
(AISI 201Gr) 333
Vivek Singh, M. Chandrasekaran and Sutanu Samanta
Two-Dimensional Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Laser
Parameters on Laser Indirect Machining of Glass 347
Upasana Sarma and Shrikrishna N. Joshi
Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Temperature Profiles
on the Wire Electrode During Wire Electric Discharge Machining
Process . 359
Jitendra Kumar, Sanghamitra Das and Shrikrishna N. Joshi
Contents xiiiSynthesis and Responsive Study of Tensile and Flexural Properties
of Bamboo Filler Based Functionally Graded Composite . 373
Rahul Kumar, Gaurav Kumar and Sumit Bhowmik
A Study on the Effect of Micro-alloying of Titanium in 2xxx
Aluminium Alloy . 385
Manash Bhuyan, Arnab Saikia and Anil Borah
A Study of Effect of Micro-alloying of Tin on Ageing Behaviour
of 6xxx Series Aluminium Alloys . 397
Monoj Baruah, Anjali Ladha, Manish Baruah, Arnav Kar, Agradeep Deb
and Anil Borah
A Brief Review of White Layer Formation in Hard Machining
with a Case Study 407
Sanjib Kr Rajbongshi, D. K. Sarma and Meinam Annebushan Singh
Effect of µEDM Milling Process Parameters on Surface Roughness
During Machining Ti–6Al–4V . 419
Basil Kuriachen and Jose Mathew
Analysis of Chip Formation of AISI 52100 Steel During Hard
Turning with Newly Developed HSN2 Coated Carbide Insert . 429
Anupam Alok and Manas Das
Minimization of Transportation Cost of Paraffin Wax:
A Proposed Approach Using C 439
Priyanka Hazarika and Chinmoy S. Kalita
Evaluation of Dry Sliding Wear Properties of Stir Cast
AA7050/10B4C Composites Through Fuzzy-ARAS 449
Arvind Kumar and Ram Naresh Rai
Investigation of Machining Capabilities of 2.5 vol. % MWCNT
Al2O3 Composites in µ-EDM 459
Meinam Annebushan Singh, Deba Kumar Sarma, Sanjib Kr Rajbongshi,
Ondrej Hanzel and Pavol Sajgalik
Microstructure and Microhardness Characteristics of TiC–TiN
Ceramics Coating by TIG Process on Mild Steel . 467
Anjani Kumar, Rana Kumar Singh, Rahul Rathore and Anil Kumar Das
Microstructural Characterization of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Fiber Laser
Weldments 475
Chandan Kumar and Manas Das
Drilling Analysis of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Polylactic Acid
Composites Fabricated by Hot Compression Moulding 487
M. Roy Choudhury and Kishore Debnath
xiv ContentsParametric Study of Photochemical Machining of Aluminium
Using Taguchi Approach . 497
Rashed Mustafa Mazarbhuiya and Maneswar Rahang
Effect of Fiber Orientation on the Tensile and Wear Properties
of Flax Fiber-Reinforced Composites 505
Naveen Kumar, P. Avinash, Abhishek Singh and Kishore Debnath
Exploration of MOORA Based Hybrid Taguchi Method
for Multi-response Optimization—A Case Study . 515
Rajesh Kumar Verma, Prakhar Kumar Kharwar, Arpan Kumar Mondal,
Kumar Abhishek and Jogendra Kumar
Drilling an Array of Square Micro-holes Using Micro-EDM 527
Tapas Debnath and Promod Kumar Patowari
Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing of Ferromagnetic Air Compressor
Cylinder Using Smart MR Polishing Fluid 539
Kunal Sharma, Ambrish Singh, Anwesa Barman and Manas Das
Induction of Conditioning Gas and Its Optimization
in Nonconventional Plasma Machining Process of Fused Silica 549
Krishna Enni, D. Sam Dayala Dev and Manas Das
Design and Fabrication of Electrochemical MicroMachining
(ECMM) Experimental Setup for Micro-hole Drilling . 561
Pranesh Dutta, Anwesa Barman, Abhinav Kumar and Manas Das
Factor Effect on Crater Shapes in Electrical Discharge
Machining 575
Jibin T. Philip, Basil Kuriachen and Jose Mathew
Drilling of Micro-holes in Titanium Using Micro-EDM:
A Parametric Investigation 589
Siddhartha Kar, Pallab Sarmah, Binoy Kumar Baroi
and Promod Kumar Patowari
Effects of Kingpin and Caster Offset on Braking Stability
of Long Wheelbase Bus 601
Sagar Jambukar and C. Sujatha
Shear Behaviour of the Delaminated Glass Fibre Reinforced
Composite Laminates 617
Mashun Vashum, Subhankar Roy and Tanmoy Bose
Parametric Optimization of Process Parameters in WEDM
of AISI 316 Stainless Steel 627
Samir Kumar Bose, Suprakash Patra, Arnab Kundu
and Prasanta Kumar Bardhan
Contents xvNumerical Study of Welding Distortion in SAW Welded Creep
Strength Enhanced Ferrite Steel Joint . 641
Saurav Suman and Pankaj Biswas
Finite Element Analysis of Patient-Specific Femur Bone for Synthetic
Biomaterials . 649
Navneet Khare, Gorang Sharma and Yashwant Kumar Modi
Investigation of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties
of Magnesium Matrix Hybrid Composite . 661
Naveen Kumar, Ajaya Bharti and Hariom Tripathi
Investigations of Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix
Hybrid Composite 671
Deepak Kumar, Ajaya Bharti, Syed Mohd Azam, Naveen Kumar
and Hariom Tripathi
Effect of Tool Rotation on Microstructure and Hardness of AZ31
Mg Alloy Processed by FSP . 677
Hariom Tripathi, Ajaya Bharti, Ankur Vishal and Naveen Kumar
Thermal Engineering
Experimental Investigation of Forced Convective Cooling
of Rectangular Blocks . 687
Krishna Roy, Asis Giri and Maibam Romio Singh
Conduction-Based Standardization of K-Type Coaxial
Thermocouple for Short-Duration Transient Heat Flux
Measurement 699
Sanjeev Kumar Manjhi, Rakesh Kumar and Digvijaysinh Barad
Performance Analysis of a Coal-Fired Open Cycle MHD Plant
at Constant Subsonic Inlet Nozzle Mach Number with Variation
in Nozzle–Area Ratio 709
Prabin Haloi and Tapan Kumar Gogoi
A Simplified Approach for the Rapid Evaluation of Thermodynamic
Properties of Saturated Water and Steam 717
Amrit Chatterjee and Bijan Kumar Mandal
Prediction of Moisture Ratios (MRs) During Fluidized Bed Drying
of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) Cubes by Using Mathematical
Modeling and Experimental Validation 729
Prasanta Majumder, Abhijit Sinha, Laxman Mishra and Rajat Gupta
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Variable Compression
Ratio (VCR) Engine Using Different Biofuels—A Review 741
Dipankar Saha and Abhijit Sinha
xvi ContentsHydrodynamics of a CFB Gasifier with Two Different Cross
Sections in the Riser . 753
Prabhansu, S. Ganguli, Krishna Kant Dwivedi, P. Chandra,
M. K. Karmakar and P. K. Chatterjee
Thermodynamic Analysis of Irreversible Reversed Brayton
Cycle Heat Pump with Finite Capacity Finite Conductance
Heat Reservoirs 763
Raghav Mundhra and Achintya Mukhopadhyay
Indian Sub-bituminous and Low-Rank Coal Gasification
Experiments in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasifier Under Air
Atmosphere . 777
Krishna Kant Dwivedi, Prabhansu, A. K. Pramanick, M. K. Karmakar
and P. K. Chatterjee
Thermal Model for Temperature Control of Building Subjected
to Variable Solar Radiation . 785
S. Sukumar, Abhijit Sinha and S. P. Kar
Performance Analysis of Mixed Convection in T-Shaped Geometry
for Entropy Generation Using Lattice Boltzmann Method 797
Arupjyoti Das and Shikha Bhuyan
Analytical Model for Tri-Dimensional Fourier Bioheat Transfer
Encountered in Regional Hyperthermia 809
Jaideep Dutta and Balaram Kundu
A Comparative Evaluation of Combustion Characteristics of Strut
and Wall Injection Technique in a Cavity-Based Scramjet
Combustor 823
Lakka Suneetha, Pitambar R. Randive and Krishna Murari Pandey
Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Turbulence Models
on Prediction of Flow Characteristics of a Scramjet Combustor . 835
Lakka Suneetha, Pitambar R. Randive and Krishna Murari Pandey
Effect of Varying Oblique Angle on Heat Transfer Enhancement
in Oblique Channel . 845
Badyanath Tiwary, Ritesh Kumar and Pawan K. Singh
Performance Analysis of Split-Drop-Shaped Pin Fins for Improved
Heat Transfer Rate 857
Alok Ranjan, Surender Singh Yadav and Koushik Das
Simulation of Fully Developed Flow and Heat Transfer in Wavy
Channels Using OpenFOAM 869
S. Harikrishnan and Shaligram Tiwari
Contents xviiNumerical Analysis of Different Arrangement of Square Pin-Fin
Microchannel Heat Sink 879
Prabhakar Bhandari and Yogesh Kumar Prajapati
Exact Analytical Determination of Nusselt Number for Flow
Through a Microchannel Under Electric and Magnetic Field . 893
Sujit Saha and Balaram Kundu
Thermodynamic Analysis of a 500-MWe Subcritical Coal-Fired
Thermal Power Plant with Solar-Aided Post-Combustion CO2
Capture 907
Rajesh Kumar, Ravi Anand and Sujit Karmakar
Performance Analysis of LPG Cook Stoves with Modifications 921
Dhananjay Singh Yadav and Bireswar Paul
Parametric Study of Wavy Microchannel Using Nanofluid . 931
Ritesh Kumar, Badyanath Tiwary and Pawan K. Singh
Bed Hydrodynamics of Fluidized Bed Paddy Drying:
An Experimental Study 941
Binayak Pattanayak, Siba Shankar Mohapatra and Harish Chandra Das
Experimental Studies on Energy Conservation in Pool Boiling
Heat Transfer Using Eco-friendly Additive . 949
Sameer S. Gajghate, Anil R. Acharya and Swapan Bhaumik
Thermal Analysis and Estimation of Tumor Properties
in Breast Tissue 963
Souradeep Bhowmick, Raghavendra Gupta and Koushik Das
Simulation of Emission from Coal-Fired Power Plant . 975
Pruthiviraj Nemalipuri, Harish Chandra Das and Malay Kumar Pradhan
Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
in Mini-channel Heat Sink with Interconnecting Channels 987
Vasujeet Singh, Harish Chandra Das and Pruthiviraj Nemalipuri
Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis in Falling
Film Absorber . 1001
H. Barman and R. S. Das
Identification of Maximum Stressed Region in Hip Prosthesis . 1013
R. Patra, Harish Chandra Das, J. Sahoo and Sk. Md. Ali
Thermal Performance of Heat Pipe with PCM Jacket . 1021
Virendra Vishnu Bhagwat and Biplab Das
New Approach for Determining Fin Performances of an Annular
Disc Fin with Internal Heat Generation 1033
Tanmoy Majhi and Balaram Kundu
xviii ContentsCFD-Based Study on Thermal and Fluid Flow Dynamics Due
to Miller Teeth Shaped Ribs Over Absorber Plate of Solar Air
Collector 1045
P. J. Bezbaruah, R. S. Das and Bikash Kumar Sarkar
Natural Convective Heat Transfer from an Inclined Isothermal
Fin Array . 1055
Krishna Roy, Biplab Das and Subhrajit Dutta
Vibration and Acoustics
Design of Inertial Class Gyroscope Resonator with Ultrahigh
Quality Factor for Interplanetary Space Missions 1071
N. Gireesh Sharma, Arun George, S. Paul Pandian, T. Sundararajan
and Sachin Singh Gautam
Experimental Study on Vibration Analysis of a Needle Roller
Bearing Using Various Grades of Lubricant Viscosity . 1085
Praveen Sharma, Subhas Chandra Rana and Rabindra Nath Barman
Multi-directional Sound Reduction by Slitted Sonic Crystal . 1099
Preeti Gulia and Arpan Gupta
A Novel Passive Mechanism to Improve Induced Strain in Two-DOF
Piezoelectric Energy Harvester . 1109
Kote Suresh, K. Shankar and C. Sujatha
Cepstrum Analysis of Instantaneous Angular Speed for Gearbox
Fault Detection . 1117
Sankar K. Roy, A. R. Mohanty and C. S. Kumar
Combustion Detection in IC Engine by Analysis of Instantaneous
Angular Acceleration 1127
Sankar K. Roy and A. R. Mohanty
Identification of Nonlinear Structural Parameters Using Combined
Power Flow and Acceleration Matching Approaches 1139
R. Anish and K. Shankar
Finite Element Analysis of Buckling, Free Vibration and Flexure
of Clamped Laminated Composite Plates in Variable Thermal
Environment . 1151
Ranjan K. Behera, Nitin Sharma and S. K. Parida
Detection of Local Defect Resonance Frequencies for Defect
Imaging: A Nonlinear Ultrasound-Based Approach . 1163
Subhankar Roy, Tanmoy Bose and Kishore Debnath
Contents xixNumerical Assessment of Fatigue Life for Concrete Column 1173
Moinul Haq, Tabassum Naqvi and Suresh Bhalla
Non-linear Analysis of Rotational Inertial Double-Tuned Mass
Damper by Harmonic Balance Method 1183
S. Mohanty, S. Sikder and S. K. Dwivedy
Comparative Study of Performance of Optimized Valve for Different
Flow Indices of Rheological Model 1191
Keshav Manjeet and C. Sujatha
Static Stability Investigation of an Asymmetric Sandwich Beam
in Temperature Environment 1203
Dipesh Kumar Nayak and Pusparaj Dash
Renewable Energy
Thermo-economic Study of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
for Thermal Energy Storage . 1217
Laxman Mishra, Abhijit Sinha and Rajat Gupta
Comparative Analysis of Absorber Tubes of Parabolic Trough Solar
Collector Using Therminol VP-1 as Heat Transfer Fluid . 1227
Suresh Vishwakarma, Biplab Kumar Debnath, Kishore Debnath
and Biplab Das
Exergy Analysis of a Variable Compression Ratio Engine Operated
on Diesel and Pine Seed Oil Biodiesel Blends 1241
Shivendra P. Singh and Biplab Kumar Debnath
Solar Resource Assessment Using GHI Measurements at a Site
in Northeast India 1253
A. Maisanam, B. Podder, K. K. Sharma and Agnimitra Biswas
Computational Analysis of Internally Grooved Absorber Tubes
of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector for Constant Mass Flow Rate
of the Heat Transfer Fluid 1267
Suresh Vishwakarma, Prabina Kumar Meher, Biplab Kumar Debnath
and Kishore Debnath
Effect of Size and Cascading of Receivers on the Performance
of a Solar Collector System . 1281
Suraj Bhardwaj and Santosh Bopche
Experimental Investigation of Solar Powered Vapor Compression
Air Conditioner with Indian Climatic Condition . 1291
Susant Kumar Sahu, N. Sendhil Kumar and T. Ganapathy
xx ContentsFeasibility of Wind Energy as Power Generation Source at Shillong
(Meghalaya) . 1303
Syed Mujibur Rahman, Himadri Chattopadhyay and Romesh Laishram
Computational Analysis of Sensible Energy Storage
for Low-Temperature Application 1315
Sujit Roy, Biplab Das, Agnimitra Biswas and Biplab Kumar Debnath
Feasibility Study of Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV/T) Collector
in Assam (India) Using Polysun 1331
Dudul Das and Pankaj Kalita
An Analytical Investigation of Solar Water Heater Performance
During Winter Period in Jharkhand Region 1339
Anand M. Sharan, Manabendra Pathak and Manish Verma
Energy Saving Potential of an Air-Conditioning System
with Desiccant and Solar Assisted Ventilation . 1351
Gaurav Singh and Ranjan Das
Trapezoidal Approach to Establish One-Dimensional Analysis
of an Absorber Plate for Two-Dimensional Heat Flow . 1361
Jayanarayan Mahakud and Balaram Kundu
Heat Transfer Analysis of a Solar Air Heater Roughened
with Chamfered Rib and Groove Roughness on the Absorber
Plate Using CFD Approach . 1373
Amit Kumar, Apurba Layek and Partha Kumar Mondal
Study of LPG and Biogas Combustion in Two-Layer Porous
Radiant Burners (PRBs) 1385
Sangjukta Devi, Niranjan Sahoo and P. Muthukumar
Mathematical Modeling and Optimized Design Aspects of Secondary
Reflectors for Solar Parabolic Trough Collector 1393
Alka Bharti, Abhishek Mishra and Bireswar Paul
Adaptive Control of the Wind Turbine Transmission System
for Smooth Power Generation . 1411
Neeraj Kumar, Emanuel Khraw Mawsor and Bikash Kumar Sarkar
Parametric Optimization for Yield of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking
Oil Feedstock 1425
Uddipta Das and Prasanta Kumar Choudhury
Comparison of Various Solar Radiation Data Sources for Feasibility
Study of Parabolic Trough Collector Power Plant in Assam 1437
Pinku Kumar Goswami, Nabajit Dev Choudhury and Rupam Kataki
Contents xxiA Numerical Study on Microchannel Cooling
for Photovoltaic Cells 1447
Siddhant Mohapatra, Chanchal Gupta, Sujit Nath and Dipankar Bhanja
Robotics and Mechatronics
Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm Based Collision-Free
Navigation and Path Optimization for a Mobile Robot
in the Static Environment . 1459
Kevin Pirewa Lagaza, Abhishek Kumar Kashyap and Anish Pandey
Kinematic and Dynamic Optimal Trajectory Planning of Industrial
Robot Using Multi-objective Ant Lion Optimizer . 1475
Amruta Rout, Golak Bihari Mahanta, Balamurali Gunji,
B. B. V. L. Deepak and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Type-1 Fuzzy Pulse Width Modulation Controlled Motion Planning
of Differential Drive 4-Wheeled Power Robot 1487
Sourabh Rajwade, Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari and Anish Pandey
Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Bioinspired
Underactuated Robotic Gripper Using Multi-Objective
Grey Wolf Optimizer 1497
Golak Bihari Mahanta, Amruta Rout, Balamurali Gunji,
B. B. V. L. Deepak and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Implementation of Topological Derivative as an Evolutionary
Approach . 1511
Kandula Eswara Sai Kumar and Sourav Rakshit
Geodesic Approach for Trajectory Planning of Mobile Robot
Manipulators 1521
Pradip Kumar Sahu, Bijaya Kumar Khamari, Bunil Kumar Balabantaray,
Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal and Surya Narayan Panda
Electro-hydraulic Motion Tracking Control of a Hot MS Plate
of a Laboratory-Scale Reciprocating ROT 1533
Gaurav Kumar Mandal, Sohag Sutar, Anindya Datta
and Pranibesh Mandal
Path Planning of a Humanoid Robot Using Rule-Based
Technique . 1547
Manoj Kumar Muni, Priyadarshi Biplab Kumar, Dayal R. Parhi,
Asita Kumar Rath, Harish Chandra Das, Animesh Chhotray,
Krishna Kant Pandey and Kitty Salony
Automated Vehicles Path Modification for Designated Via-Point
Using Nonlinear Simplex Optimizer . 1555
L. B. Yadav and B. Halder
xxii ContentsZero-Speed Off-tracking Analysis of Tractor-Semitrailer with Split
Fifth Wheel Coupling for 90° and 180° Turning Manoeuvres . 1567
Ajith Jogi and Sujatha Chandramohan
Turbo Machinery
Derivation of Complete Performance Characteristics of a Low Head
Prototype Francis Turbine Using CFD . 1581
Gyanendra Tiwari, Vishnu Prasad, S. N. Shukla and Vivek Kumar Patel
Stress and Deformation Analysis of a Swash Plate Type Variable
Displacement Axial Piston Pump Through Solidworks
Environment . 1593
Abhisek Gupta, Nitesh Mondal and Rana Saha
Comparative Study of Stress Analysis for Three Bladed Underwater
Vehicle Propellers with Two Different Composite Materials . 1601
Pritam Majumder, Krishna Murari Pandey, Nishikant V. Deshpande
and Subhendu Maity
Recent Development and Application of the Hydrostatic
Transmission System 1613
Neeraj Kumar, Bikash Kumar Sarkar and Subhendu Maity
Active Power Control of the Francis Turbine System by Model-Free
Adaptive Controller . 1627
J. Vinod, Bikash Kumar Sarkar, Saikat Mookherjee and Dipankar Sanyal
Part VIII Experimental Aerodynamics
Design Procedure for a Blast Wave Generator and Its Validation
with Shock Tube Experiments . 1643
Santanu Dey, T. Murugan and Dipankar Chatterjee
A Feasibility Study of Superhydrophobic Coating on Al6061
for Airplane Anti-icing Applications . 1663
J. Bruce Ralphin Rose
Dynamic Calibration of Three-Component Accelerometer Force
Balance System Using Deconvolution 1675
Sushmita Deka, Pallekonda Ramesh Babu and Maneswar Rahang
Author Index . 1685
Contents xxiiiAbout the Editors
Author Index
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Saha, Sujit, 893
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Zafar, Sunny, 159,

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