A Vocational Training Report On Diesel Locomotive Works

A Vocational Training Report On Diesel Locomotive Works
اسم المؤلف
Digvijay Singh
4 أبريل 2020
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A Vocational Training Report
On Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi
The Department of Mechanical Engineering
Jaypee University Anoopshahr
Name Digvijay Singh
B.tech 3rd Year (5th Sem)
Mechanical Engg.
Enrollment No.- 8814105011 (E1)
Table of Contents
S.no. Topic Page No.
Introduction to Dlw 3
Classification of Locomotives 6
Products of Dlw 7
End(Electro Motive Division) or Gm Loco 9
Weg-4000 Hp Goods Locomotive 9
Wdp4-4000 Hp Passenger Locomotive 10
Alco (American Locomotive Company) 13
1350 Hp Cape Gauge Locomotive Vdm4 13
2300 Hp Cape Gauge Locomotive 14
2300 Hp Meter Gauge Locomotive 14
Broad Gauge Mainline Freight Locomotive Wdg3a 15
Diesel’s Advantages Over Steam 16
Basic Concept 17
Production Shops 17
Training Period 20
Light Machine Shop (Lms) 20
Engine Erection Shop (Ees) 21
Loco Assembly Shop (Las) 75
Heavy Machine Shop (Hms) 82
New Snapshots 842
Learning Experience 102
Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi
Brief History:
August 1961 Dlw Set Up as Green Field Project in Technical Collaboration
With Alco, the USA for Manufacture of Diesel Electric Locomotives
January 1964 First Locomotive Rolled Out and Dedicated to the Nation
January 1976 Entered in Export Market, First Locomotive Exported to
December 1977 First Diesel Generating Set Commissioned
October 1995 the Transfer of Technology (T-o-t) Agreement Was Signed
March 2002 the First Indigenous Emd Wdg4 Freight Loco
November 2002 3600 Hp Engine Produced
March 2003 the First Indigenous Passenger Version of Emd Loco Wdp4
September 2003 Development of 16 Cylinder 3300 Hp Power Upgraded Dlw
Engine, Wdm3d Locomotive
November 2006 Dlw Manufactured First Wdg4 Locomotive Equipped With
IGBT Based Converter.
March 2007 First Wdp4 Locomotive Equipped With Igbt Based
April 2007 Dlw Has Successfully Switched Over to Use of
Microprocessor-Based Control System on All Its Locomotives3
March 2009 257 Locomotives Manufactured in 2008-09, Highest Ever
Locomotive Production
November 2009 5690 Locomotives Upto 30th Nov’ 2009 (Including 348 End Locos)
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