Workshop Electrics

Workshop Electrics
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Alex Weiss
20 يونيو 2018

22 – Workshop Electrics
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Workshop Practice Series
Alex Weiss
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Planning and preparation
Location and size of workshop, basic electrical principles, equipment to be
installed, power consumption, sources of electricity, assessing the household
installation, replacing consumer units, wiring regulations, planning and
positioning lights and power outlets, three phase machinery, inspection and
testing, sources of materials.
Chapter 3. Safety in workshop electrics
The importance of safety, electricity and water, isolating the mains, wiring
colours, fuses and miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), extension leads and
adapters, rotating machinery and power failure, double insulation, plugs and
cables, battery chargers, working alone, first aid, fire risks, lightning, safety
Chapter 4. Single phase supplies
Circuits, consumer units, standby power supplies, 110/120 volt equipment,
filters and suppressers.
Chapter 5. Fuses and MCBs
Fuses, MCBs, residual current devices (RCDs), why fuses blow, repairing
fuses, checking for faults.
Chapter 6. Wiring and connection to the mains
Permanent mains wiring, flexible wiring, cable stripping, permanent wiring
installation, surface and metal boxes, junction and terminal boxes, wiring up
different circuits, test equipment and testing, other types of wiring.
Chapter 7. Outside workshops
Size and length of cable, underground and overhead connection, connection
at house and workshop, outside lights and sockets, security lights.
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