Hot Cracking Phenomena in Welds II

Hot Cracking Phenomena in Welds II
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Thomas Bollinghaus, Horst Herold
21 يوليو 2016

Hot Cracking Phenomena in Welds II
Thomas Bollinghaus – Horst Herold
Part I: Solidification Cracking Theory
In Search of the Predicition of Hot Cracking in Aluminum
Alloys 3
L Katgerman, D G Eskin
Application of the Rappaz-Drezet-Gremaud Hot Tearing
Criterion to Welding of Aluminum Alloys 19
J -M Drezet, D Allehaux
Weld Solidification Cracking: Critical Conditions for Crack
Initiation and Growth 39
C E Cross, N Coniglio
Consideration of the Welding Process as a Thermo-Physical
Mechanism to Control Cracking in Weldments 59
H Herold, M Streitenberger
Determination of Critical Strain Rate for Solidification
Cracking by Numerical Simulation 77
M Wolf, Th Kannengießer, Th Böllinghaus
Part II: Solidification Cracking of Ferrous and
Nickel-Base Alloys
Classification and Mechanisms of Cracking in Welding
High-Alloy Steels and Nickel Alloys in Brittle Temperature
Ranges 95
K A Yuschenko, V S Savchenko
Submerged Arc Welding – A Test for Centerline Cracking 115
K Håkansson
Influence of Local Weld Deformation on the
Solidification Cracking Susceptibility of a Fully Austenitic
Stainless Steel 127
A Kromm, Th Kannengießer
Weld Solidification Cracking in Solid-Solution Strengthened
Ni-Base Filler Metals 147
J C Lippold, J W Sowards, G M Murray, B T Alexandrov,
A J Ramirez
Hot Cracking Susceptibility of Ni-Base Alloy Dissimilar
Metal Welds 171
H Hänninen, A Brederholm, T Saukkonen
Evaluation of Weld Solidification Cracking in Ni-Base
Superalloys Using the Cast Pin Tear Test 193
B T Alexandrov, J C Lippold, N E Nissley
SAW Cold Wire Technology- Economic Alternative for
Joining Hot Crack Sensitive Nickel-Base Alloys 215
U Reisgen, U Dilthey, I Aretov
Part III: Solidification Cracking of Aluminium Alloys
Hot Tearing During Laser Butt Welding of 6xxx Aluminium
Alloys: Process Optimisation and 2D/3D Characterisation
of Hot Tears 241
D Fabrègue, A Deschamps, M Suéry, H Proudhon
The Integral Approach- a Tailored Method to Optimize
Structural Behavior and Weldability 257
H Gruss, A Pshennikov, H Herold
Weld Parameter and Minor Element Effects on Solidification
Crack Initiation in Aluminum 277
N Coniglio, C E Cross
Using Simulation for Investigations of Hot Cracking
Phenomena in Resistance Spot Welding of 6xxx Aluminium
Alloys (AA6016 and AA6181) 311
VIII Contents
A Eder, S Jaber, N Jank
Part IV: Liquation Cracking
Evaluating Hot Cracking Susceptibility of Ni-Base SAW
Consumables for Welding of 9% Ni Steel 329
L Karlsson, E -L Bergquist, S Rigdal, N Thalberg
Assessment of HAZ Hot Cracking in a High Nitrogen
Stainless Steel 349
K Stelling, M Lammers, D Meinel
Crack Appearance in Hot Rolled Billets 371
S T Mandziej G Krallics
Part V: Ductility-Dip Cracking
Effect of Filler Metal La Additions on Micro-Cracking in
Multi-Pass Laser Overlay Weld Metal of Alloy 690 389
K Nishimoto, K Saida, M Sakamoto, W Kono
Ductility-Dip Cracking in High Chromium, Ni-Base
Filler Metals 409
J C Lippold, N E Nissley
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Approach to Ductility-Dip
Cracking Resistance Improvement of Ni-base Alloy
ERNiCrFe-7: Effect of Ti and Nb Additions 427
A J Ramirez, C M Garzón
Contents IX
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