Understanding Product Design For Injection Molding

Understanding Product Design For Injection Molding
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Herbert Rees
6 سبتمبر 2019

Understanding Product Design For Injection Molding
Herbert Rees
Herbert Rees Introduction 1
Orangeville, Ontario
1 Plastic Product Design 3
2 Making a New Product 5
2.1 Choosing the Proper Plastic
2.2 Selecting the Best Processing Method
2.2.1 Molding
2.2.2 Extruding
2.2.3 Extrusion Blowing
2.2.4 Injection Blow Molding
2.2.5 Stretch Blow Molding 1-Stage Method 2-Stage or Reheat and Blow (R & B)
2.2.6 Expandable Bead Molding .
2.2.7 Reaction Injection Molding
2.2.8 Structural Foam Molding …
2.2.9 Thermoforming
2.2.10 Rotational Molding
2.2.11 Lost-Core Molding
3 Considerations for New Injection Molding Designs 13
4 Designing a Product 17
4.1 Graphic Delineation
4.1.1 Drawing Board or Computer? Advantages of CAD .
4.2 Starting the Design Process
4.3 Material Selection
4.3.1 Lightweighting
4.3.2 Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength Compressive Strength Shear Strength Impact Strength Flexural Strength Modulus of Elasticity (Tensile or
Compressive) Hardness
4.3.3 Physical Properties
4.3.4 Processing Methods
4.4 Product Shape
4.4. 1 Outside Surface Plastic Thickness Gate Location Flow Path Parting Line Parting Line Selection Venting at the Parting Line Changes in Flow Direction Economic Considerations
4.4.2 Recesses
4.4.3 Holes and Openings Holes in the Bottom (or Top) of the Product…. Creating Holes (or Openings) in Product Walls 1 Side Cores
25 Gussets Gussets in a Box Flat Strip with Upturned End Studs (or Bosses) 1 Stud with Gussets Hubs Projections on the Outside of the Product Outside Threads Other Outside Projections Undercuts on the Inside of the Product … Inside Threads Unscrewing Stripping Other Projections
4.4.5 Other “Difficult” Shapes Freeing Undercuts in an Overcap Collapsible Cores
45 References
47 5 Designing for Assemblies 87
5.1 Mismatch
5.2 Screw Assembly
5.2.1 Holding Power of Screws
5.2.2 Number of Screws
5.2.3 Size of Screws
5.2.4 Screw Holes in Plastic
5.2.5 Long Holes in Plastics
5.3 Other Assembly Methods
5.3.1 Bonding
5.3.2 Welding Sonic Welding … Spin Welding Heat Welding …. Heat Sealing
5.3.4 Staking
5.4 Chamfers and Radii—In the Plastic and in the Mold
5.4.1 Design Assistance Moving Side Walls “Vertical” Shutoffs Shutoff at the Cavity Wall Holes in a Vertical Side Wall Holes in a Vertical Rib
4.4.4 Ribs and Other Projections Reinforcements (Ribs and Gussets) Venting Shrinkage 1 Predicting the Expected Flow Path Flat Surfaces Ribs
64 6 Lettering and Other Distinctive Markings 105 1 Using Ejector Pins Under Ribs 72 6.1 Shape of Engraving
6.2 Raised Lettering
6.3 Depressed Lettering
7 Checklist of Additional Product Requirements 109
8 Safety in Product Design Introduction
8.1 Foreseeable Areas of Risk..
8.2 Responsibility and Liability
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