Tribology Handbook, 2nd Second Edition

Tribology Handbook, 2nd Second Edition
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3 أغسطس 2016

Tribology Handbook, 2nd Second Edition
Selection of Bearings  A
Selection of Bearing Type and Form  A
Selection of Journal Bearings  A
Selection of Thrust Bearings  A
Plain Bearings  A
Plain Bearing Materials  A
Dry Rubbing Bearings  A
Porous Metal Bearings  A
Grease, Wick and Drip Fed Journal Bearings  A
Ring and Disc Fed Journal Bearings  A
Steady Load Pressure Fed Journal Bearings  A
High Speed Bearings and Rotor Dynamics  A
Crankshaft Bearings  A
Plain Bearing Form and Installation  A
Oscillatory Journal Bearings  A
Spherical Bearings  A
Plain Thrust Bearings  A
Profiled Pad Thrust Bearings  A
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings  A
Hydrostatic Bearings  A
Gas Bearings  A
Rolling Bearings  A
Selection of Rolling Bearings  A
Rolling Bearing Materials  A
Rolling Bearing Installation  A
Special Bearings  A
Slide Bearings  A
Instrument Jewels  A
Flexures and Knife Edges  A
Electromagnetic Bearings  A
Bearing Surface Treatments and Coatings
Rotary Drives  B
B Belt Drives  B
B Roller Chain Drives  B
B Gears  B
B Flexible Couplings  B
B Self-Synchronising Clutches  B
B One Way Clutches  B
B Friction Clutches  B
B Brakes  B
Linear Drives  B
B Screws  B
B Cams and Followers  B
B Wheels Rails and Tyres  B
B Capstans and Drums  B
B Wire Ropes  B
B Control Cables  B
B Damping Devices  B
B Pistons  B
B Piston Rings  B
B Cylinders and Liners  B
Seals  B
B Selection of Seals  B
B Sealing Against Dirt and Dust  B
B Oil Flinger Rings and Drain Grooves  B
B Labyrinths, Brush Seals and Throttling Bushes  B
B Lip Seals  B
B Mechanical Seals  B
B Packed Glands  B
B Mechanical Piston Rod Packings  B
B Soft Piston Seals  B
Lubricants  C
C Selection of Lubricant Type  C
C Mineral Oils  C
C Synthetic Oils  C
C Greases  C
C Solid Lubricants and Coatings  C
C Other Liquids
Lubrication of Components  C
C Plain Bearing Lubrication  C
C Rolling Bearing Lubrication  C
C Gear and Roller Chain Lubrication  C
C Slide Lubrication  C
C Lubrication of Flexible Couplings  C
C Wire Rope Lubrication  C
Lubrication Systems  C
C Selection of Lubrication Systems  C
C Total Loss Grease Systems  C
C Total Loss Oil and Fluid Grease Systems  C
C Dip Splash Systems  C
C Mist Systems  C
C Circulation Systems  C
C Commissioning Lubrication Systems  C
Lubrication System Components  C
C Design of Storage Tanks  C
C Selection of Oil Pumps  C
C Selection of Filters and Centrifuges  C
C Selection of Heaters and Coolers  C
C Guide to Piping Design  C
C Selection of Warning and Protection Devices  C
Operation of Lubrication Systems and Machines  C
C Running-in Procedures  C
C Lubricant Change Periods and Tests  C
C Biological Deterioration of Lubricants  C
C Lubricant Hazards; Fire, Explosion and Health  C
C Lubrication Maintenance Planning  C
Environmental Effects  C
C High Pressure and Vacuum  C
C High and Low Temperatures  C
C World Ambient Climatic Dat C
C Industrial Plant Environmental Dat C
C Chemical Effects  C
C Storage  C
Failures  D
D Failure Patterns and Failure Analysis
D Plain Bearing Failures  D
D Rolling Bearing Failures  D
D Gear Failures  D
D Piston and Ring Failures  D
D Seal Failures  D
D Wire Rope Failures  D
D Brake and Clutch Failures  D
D Fretting Problems  D
Maintenance  D
D Maintenance Methods  D
D Condition Monitoring  D
D Operating Temperature Limits  D
D Vibration Analysis  D
D Wear Debris Analysis  D
D Performance Analysis  D
D Allowable Wear Limits  D
Repair  D
D Repair of Worn Surfaces  D
D Wear Resistant Materials  D
D Repair of Plain Bearings  D
D Repair of Friction Surfaces  D
D Industrial Flooring Materials  D
Basic Information  E
E The Nature of Surfaces and Contact  E
E Surface Topography  E
E Hardness  E
E Friction Mechanisms, Effect of Lubricants  E
E Frictional Properties of Materials  E
E Viscosity of Lubricants  E
E Methods of Fluid Film Formation  E
E Mechanisms of Wear  E
Design Reference  E
E Heat Dissipation from Bearing Assemblies  E
E Shaft Deflections and Slopes  E
E Shape Tolerances of Typical Components  E
E SI Units and Conversion Factors  E
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