TopSolid Wood Advanced Training Guide

TopSolid Wood Advanced Training Guide
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Missler Software
6 سبتمبر 2019

TopSolid Wood Advanced Training Guide
Missler Software
Creation of a guitar body 1
Creation of the body .1
Creation of operations 6
Part definition .12
Introduction to components .13
Creation of a library 13
Exercise 1: Creation of a shelf .14
Designing the construction volume 14
Creation of parts .15
Definition of parts and set 16
Assembling the shelf .17
Saving work in library 18
Supplement: Creation of supports 19
Exercise 2: Creation of a cabinet component .21
Creation of a driver block component 21
Assembling the cabinet .25
Creation of panels .27
Supplement: Predefined values 30
Exercise 3: Creation of a grooved back component 31
Creation of the component 31
Creation of processes 32
Exercise 4: Use of components in an interior design 35
Importing and using a DWG file 35
Use of standard components 38
Exercise 5: Creation of a counter with geometric drivers .45
Creation of a component with geometric drivers 45
Drawing the parts .47
Creation of parts .49
Definition of parts .54
Use of the component 58
Exercise 6: Creation of a door .60
Creation of a moulding tool 60
Creation of a door component .63
Creation of a handle component 68
Creation of a hinge component 72
Use of the door .78TopSolid’Wood Advanced
iv Missler Software
Supplement: Declaration of the handle as a sub-component 79
Exercise 7: Creation of glass shelves . 80
Creation of the component .80
Creation of processes 82
Supplement: Shelf propagation as driver 85
Exercise 8: Creation of separation panel components . 86
Creation of the shelf component 86
Creation of distributed separation panel components .89
Using the separation panels 91
Exercise 9: Creation of a coffee table 93
Creation of the table .93
Saving and defining the table 94
Assembling the table .95
Insertion of the table .96
Exercise 10: Creation of an extruded component 97
Creation of the extruded component .97
Use of the extruded component .100
Supplement: Creation of a catalog and addition of baseboards 101
Exercise 11: Creation of a draft template .103
Creation of a draft template .103
Use of the draft template 106
Exercise 12: Creation of a BOM template 111
Creation of a BOM template .111
Using the BOM template .113
Exercise 13: Creation of a multi-draft 115
Creation of the multi-draft template 115
Creation of the multi-draft 117
Supplement: Insertion of information on the part in the title block 118
Exercise 14: Project configuration .121
Configuration of components .121
Modifying the material of undefined elements 124
Notes .125
Individual course evaluation form
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