The Prop Builder’s Molding & Casting Handbook

The Prop Builder’s Molding & Casting Handbook
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Thurston James
2 نوفمبر 2019
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The Prop Builder’s Molding & Casting Handbook
Thurston James
The Materials of Molding and Casting
How to Get Started
A Word About Failure
Protecting Yourself From the Effects of Hazardous Chemicals
Personal Protection Equipment
In Conclusion
The Model
Preparing the Model
The Mold
Undercuts—the Need for Multiple Part Molds
Mold-making Considerations
Casting Plaster
A Two-part Plaster Mold
A One-part Plaster Molda Two-part Mold—shim Method
Dental Alginate
Rubber Molds
Latex Rubber
Silicone Rtv Rubber Molds
Fabric Reinforcements
Making an Injected Silicone Rubber Mold
Extending Silicone With Fillers
Mold Releases
Self-releasing Molds
Absorption Molds
Water as a Release Agent
Aluminum Foil
Petroleum Jelly, Green Soap, and Wax
Glass as a Mold Release
Other Release Factors
Mold Release Recommendations
Making the Castingschoosing the Right Casting Material
Absorption Casting
Latex Casting
Neoprene Casting Rubber
Laminated Castings
Hot Melts and Thermoplastics
Wax (Paraffin)
Machinable Wax
Hot Plasticine
Hot Melt Glue
Hot Melt Rubber
Breakaway Glass
Sugar Glass
Picco Resin Breakaway Glass
Breakaway Bottles
Polyester Resinwater-extendable Polyester (Wep)
Urethane Casting Materials
Two-part Urethane Foam
Supplemental Techniques Useful When Working With Latex and
Hair Implanting
Urethane Rtv Casting Rubber
Casting With Hardware Store Products ….
Silicone Caulking as a Mold-making Material
Casting With Plastic Body Filler
Plastic Wood
Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty
Dowman’s Fixall
Vacuum Forming With Thermoplastics
Vacuum Forming Machines
Vacuum Formable Plastics
The Vacuum Forming Process
Making a Vacuum Forming Machine
The Clamping Frame
The Oven
Building the Chassisthe Vacuum System
Making Modifications
Making Vacuum-formed Castings
The Pattern
Producing Multiple Patterns
Cutting and Trimming
Making Splices
Oversized Castings
Framing Oversized Castings
Cornice Moulding
Prepainting the Plastic Sheet
A Few Projects That Demonstrate Vacuum Forming Techniques
Making a Marble Clock
Vacuum Formed Books
Vacuum Formed Leaves
A Vacuum Formed Marketplace Display …
Making a Lightweight Statue
Making a Lightweight Headdress
Vacuum Forming Transparent Plastics
Making a Sphere
Appendix Glossary
Where to Get Your Supplies
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