The Lean Manufacturing Handbook

The Lean Manufacturing Handbook
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Tom Epply
8 أبريل 2019

The Lean Manufacturing Handbook – Fourth Edition
By Tom Epply
What is Lean Manufacturing?
Is speed of delivery the main benefit of Lean?
Lean identifies seven types of waste:
How does Lean Manufacturing differ from traditional manufacturing ?
Batch and Queue Traditional Manufacturing
McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s
What Does Just In Time mean?
How does a plant produce “Just-In-Time”?
How was Lean Manufacturing developed?
Does anyone “Own” Lean Manufacturing?
What can Lean Manufacturing do for me?
How does Lean Manufacturing save me money?
How would Lean Manufacturing change my operation?
How do I learn to “see” my organization?
How do I learn how to do Value Stream Mapping?
Once I have a plan for Lean, how do I implement it?
Who should build the 3D mock-ups?
How do I get started in Lean Manufacturing?
Once I understand Lean, how do I get the ball rolling?
Do we need outside help to get Lean?
After we understand Lean and have lined up some help to go Lean, what is our next step ?
How do I “create” a crisis?
Once we have identified or created a crisis, what is next ?
Is There “Certification” Associated with Lean Manufacturing ?
Can you tell me more about the Lean Implementation Workshop you offer ?
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