Technology and Engineering Applications of Simulink

Technology and Engineering Applications of Simulink
اسم المؤلف
S.C. Chakravarty
19 مارس 2021
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Technology and Engineering Applications of Simulink
Edited by S.C. Chakravarty
Preface IX
Chapter 1 Analysis of Power Electronic
Controllers in Electric Power Systems Using Simulink 1
Juan Segundo-Ramirez and A. Medina
Chapter 2 Study of Inductive-Capacitive
Series Circuits Using the Simulink Software Package 19
Titu Niculescu
Chapter 3 Fixed Transmission Media 41
Rastislav Róka
Chapter 4 Co-Simulation Procedure for
PID and Fuzzy Logic Active Controls
Strategies Applied to a Sprayers Boom Suspension 69
Cristiano Okada Pontelli and Mario Francisco Mucheroni
Chapter 5 S-Function Library for
Bond Graph Modeling 97
B. Umesh Rai
Chapter 6 From Control Design to
FPGA Implementation 129
Marcus Müller,
Hans-Christian Schwannecke and Wolfgang Fengler
Chapter 7 Describing Function Recording with
Simulink and MATLAB 149
Krunoslav Horvat, Ognjen Kuljaca and Tomislav Sijak
Chapter 8 Performance Evaluation of a Temperature
Control Stage Used on a Semiconductor Gas
Sensor 3D Electro-Thermal Model Through Simulink® 167
E.N. Vázquez-Acosta, S. Mendoza-Acevedo,
M.A. Reyes-Barranca, L.M. Flores-Nava,
J.A. Moreno-Cadenas and J.L. González-VidalVI Contents
Chapter 9 Matlab Simulink® Model of
a Braked Rail Vehicle and Its Applications 189
Grażyna Barna
Chapter 10 Using of Hybrid Supply for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles 219
N. Rizoug, G. Feld, B. Barbedette and R. Sadoun
Chapter 11 The Uses of Artificial Intelligence for
Electric Vehicle Control Applications 239
Brahim Gasbaoui and Abdelfatah Nasri
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