Surfactants in Tribology Volume 2

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 2
اسم المؤلف
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
1 يناير 2019

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 2
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
Preface vii
Editors xi
Contributors xiii
Part I Films, Membranes, and Self-Assembled
Monolayers: Relevance to Tribological Behavior
Chapter 1 Tribological.Properties.of.Self-Assembled.Monolayers 3
Miki Nakano
Chapter 2 Nano-Tribological.Properties.of.Aromatic.and.Polyaromatic.
Thiol.Self-Assembled.Monolayers 17
Yutao Yang and Marina Ruths
Chapter 3 Friction.of.Graphite.against.Silane-Functionalized.Silicon.Wafers . 47
Marjorie Schmitt, Sophie Bistac, and Khalil Jradi
Chapter 4 Frictional.Properties.of.Physisorbed.Layers.of.Self-Organized.–Liquid.Interface .85
Koji Miyake
Chapter 5 . 103
Shuchen Hsieh, YiLen Liu, David Beck, Minda Suchan,
and I-Ting Li
Chapter 6 Mechanical.Properties.of.Phospholipid-Based.Biolubricant.
Films.and.Membranes . 119
Matthew P. Goertz and Benjamin L. Stottrupiv Contents
Part II Emulsions and Aqueous Systems:
Relevance to Tribological Phenomena
Chapter 7 In?uence.of.Surfactants.on.Wetting.and.Colloidal.Processes.of.
Lubricant.Emulsions.on.Metal.Surfaces . 149
Svajus Joseph Asadauskas and Henrikas Cesiulis
Chapter 8
Fluids . 173
Kenneth M. Doll and Brajendra K. Sharma
Chapter 9
Water/Oil.Emulsion.Interface . 191
Ahmed M. Al-Sabagh, Rasha A. El-Ghazawy, Mahmoud R.
Noor El-Din, and Nadia G. Kandile
Chapter 10 Antiwear.and.Antiseizure.Properties.of.Aqueous.Solutions.of.
Alkyl.Polyglucosides . 219
Marian W. Sulek and Tomasz Wasilewski
Chapter 11 Formulation.Effects.on.the.Lubricity.of.O/W.Emulsions.Used.
as.Oil.Well.Working.Fluids . 241
J.M. Gonz?lez, F. Quintero, R.L. M?rquez, S.D. Rosales, and
G. Quercia
Part III Biobased Lubricants
Chapter 12 Estolides:.Biobased.Lubricants .269
Steven C. Cermak
Chapter 13 Development.and.Tribological.Behavior.of.Advanced.Biobased.
Lubricants 321
Atanu Adhvaryu
Chapter 14 Characterization.of.Surface-Active.Materials.Derived.from.
Farm.Products . 353
Girma BiresawContents v
Chapter 15 Chemically.Modifed.Fatty.Acid.Methyl.Esters:.Their.Potential. 387
Brajendra K. Sharma, Kenneth M. Doll, and Sevim Z. Erhan
Chapter 16
a.Function.of.Chemical.Composition:.Morphology.of.Carbon. 409
Leslie R. Rudnick, Mohamed A. Abdellatif, ?mer Gül, and
Girma Biresaw
Part IV General Topics and Applications
Chapter 17 . 437
Wilfred T. Tysoe
Chapter 18 457
Tom Karis
Chapter 19 Improving.Organic.Antiwear.and.Friction.Modifer.Compounds.
for.Automotive.Applications .507
Frank J. DeBlase
Chapter 20 Antimicrobial–Surface.Activity.Relationship.of.Novel.Di-Schiff.
Hydrophobes . 543
Nabel A. Negm
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