Studying Techniques – 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book

Studying Techniques – 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book
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Troye Bates
13 فبراير 2022
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Studying Techniques – 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including
How to Study Effectively, How to Mind Map and How to Learn Faster
Troye Bates
Table of Contents
Studying Techniques
More by Troye Bates
Table of Contents
Book 1: How to Study Effectively
Book 2: How to Mind Map
Book 3: How to Learn Faster
More by Troye Bates
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: 7 Easy Steps to Study Effectively
Step 1 – Get Organized
Step 2 – Pay Attention in Class
Step 3 – Study with a Group
Step 4 – Master the Art of Note-Taking
Step 5 – Reduce Interference
Step 6 – Overlearn the Material
Step 7 – Make it Important
Chapter 2: Become a Succesful Student
Depending on Systems, Not Inspiration
Observing Whichever Fresh Information Acquired on the Same Day
Cultivate Positive Beliefs
Analyze the Mistakes You Make in Tests
Be Around People Who Are Inspired and Dedicated
Pre-commit to Precise Behaviors and Conducts
Don’t Blame Others
Cultivate a Sense of Tenacity
Helping Other Students in Their Studies
Test Yourself Periodically
Be Consistent in Your Study Time
Don’t Be Tempted to Cram in Your Session.
Set a Specific Goal or Aim
Review Your Notes
School is Not Everything
Intellectually Curious
Develop a Good Posture
Exercise on a Regular Basis
Get Enough Sleep
Create a Conducive Environment
Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions
Try the Use of Different Techniques
Ask Questions
Submit Your Assignments on Time
Have a Weekly ScheduleDon’t Multitask
Break Big Task into Smaller Ones
Eat Healthy
Prepare for Lectures Earlier
Challenge Yourself
Take Notes
Solution Finders
Chapter 3: Taking Notes
Revisiting Your Notes
Line Diagrams
System Maps
Index Cards
Using Tables
Highlighting and Annotating
Recording Notes
Outline Method
Cornell Technique
Boxing Method
Charting Method
Taking Notes with a Computer
Taking Notes on Paper
Integration Method
Sentence Method
Holistic Method
Visual Method
The Write-on-slides Method (WOS)
The 2-6 Method
T-Note Method
List Method
Target Notes
Reporters Notes
Judge’s Notes
SQ3R Method
Guided Notes
Taking Notes in Lectures
Linear NotesChapter 4: Prepare for Your Exams
Getting in the Mood
Planning Study Time
Stay Healthy
Prepare an Outline
Use of Mnemonics
Mind Palaces
Get Organized
Writing Down Notes
Be Informed About the Exam
Study Groups
Pragmatic Approach
Ask Questions
Say No to’ Bad Influence’
Learn from Your Mistakes
Avoid Procrastination
Work Smarter
Reading Key Facts More Than Once
Avoid Multitasking
Be Attentive in Class
Trust Yourself
Be Calm
Read Instructions
Use Documentary Video
Study Area
Write Neatly
Study Breaks
Watch for Clues
Understand the Concept
Question Yourself
Meeting You Lecturer
Revolve Your Focus

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