SolidWorks Simulation Training

SolidWorks Simulation Training
اسم المؤلف
Stephen Benjamin
15 يوليو 2019

كورس شرح برنامج سوليدوركس
SolidWorks Simulation Training
Stephen Benjamin Alcaraz, ECE
Applications Engineer, CSWE
About this course
• Class Introductions
• Prerequisites
• Course Design Philosophy
• Using this book
• A note about files
• House Rules
Contents (Day 1)
Lesson 1: The Analysis Process
Lesson 2: Mesh Controls, Stress Concentrations and Boundary Conditions
Lesson 3: Assembly Analysis with Contact
Lesson 4: Symmetrical and Free Self-Equilibrated Assemblies
Lesson 5: Assembly Analysis with Connectors and Mesh Refinement
Lesson 6: Compatible/Incompatible Meshes
Lesson 7: Analysis of Thin Components
Contents (Day 2)
Lesson 8: Mixed Meshing Shells & Solids
Lesson 9: Beam Elements
Lesson 10: Mixed Meshing Solids, Beams & Shells
Lesson 11: Design Study
Lesson 12: Thermal Stress Analysis
Lesson 13: Adaptive Meshing
Lesson 14: Large Displacement Analysis
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