Solidworks – Advanced Surface Modeling – Training Manual

Solidworks – Advanced Surface Modeling – Training Manual
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Solidworks – Advanced Surface Modeling – Training Manual
Table of Contents
About This Course 3
Course Design Philosophy
Using this Book
Laboratory Exercises
A Note About Dimensions
About the Training Files
Conventions Used in this Book
Windows XP
Use of Color
Graphics and Graphics Cards .
Color Schemes
Hide/Show Tree Items
Lesson 1:
Understanding Surfaces
Solids and Surfaces
What is a Solid? l()
Hdges. notIloles
Behind the Scenes
Introducing: Extruded Surface
Introducing: Planar Surface ..
Introducing: Trim Surface …
Introducing: Untrim Surface..
Working with Surface Bodies
Introducing: Knit Surface….
Checking for a Closed Surface
ISolidWorks 2008 Training Manual
Introducing: Thicken 16
Decomposing a Solid into Surfaces .
Introducing: Delete Face.
Introducing: Face Curves
Surface Types
Why Use Surfaces?
When Not to Use Surfaces
Hybrid Modeling
Continuity Explained
Workflow with Surfaces
Working with Images
Layout Sketch
Identify Symmetry and Edges
Identify Functional Faces
Check your Models Frequently
Introducing: Verification on Rebuild
Introducing: Check Entity
Folders in the FeatureManager
Exercise I : Trimming Surfaces
Exercise 2: Trimming and Knitting
Lesson 2:
Introduction to Surfacing
Similarities Between Solid and Surface Modeling 35
Basic Surfacing 35
Introducing: Revolved Surface .
Introducing: Swept Surface . ..
Filleting Surfaces
Cutting the Bottom
Introducing: Radiate Surface . .
Introducing: Cut with Surface. .
Exercise 3: Basic Surface Modeling
Introducing: Extend Surface. ..
Exercise 4: Halyard Guide
Lesson 3:
Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling
Hybrid Modeling 57
Using Surfaces to Modify Solids
Introducing: Replace Face
Interchanging Between Solids and Surfaces.
Performance Implications
Surfaces as Construction Geometry
Stages in the Process
Making Copies of Faces
uSolidWorks 2008 Training Manual
Introducing:Offset Surface 70
Problem Statement
Exercise 5: Finial Wrap
Lesson 4:
Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry
Importing Data …
What to Import’
Why Do Imports Fail?
Resulting Problems
Repairing Models
Stages in the Process
Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry
Introducing: Import Diagnostics
Options for Deleting Faces
Patching Holes
Introducing: Filled Surface
Consistency Notification
Editing Imported Parts
Introducing: Delete Hole
Exercise 6:Import Diagnosis
Exercise 7: Using Import Surface and Replace I ace
Exercise X: Using Surfaces to Create Solids
Lesson 5:
Advanced Surface Modeling
Stages in the Process 103
Using Sketch Picture to Capture Design Intent
Ruled Surfaces .
Introducing: Ruled Surface 109
Lolling Surfaces
Modeling the Lower Half
Introducing: Partial Ellipse
Preparation for Using Filled Surface
Consistency Notification
Deviation Analysis
Introducing: Curve Through Reference Points
Design Changes
Dynamic Feature Editing
Introducing: lnstanl3D
Replacing a Face
Exercise 9: Mouse Model
Exercise 10: Bar of Soap
Exercise 11: Finial Scroll
Exercise 12: Handle
aSolidWorks 2008 Training Manual
Lesson 6:
Blends and Patches
Complex Blends 163
Stages in the Process
Splitting Trim Boundaries
Hide/Show Bodies
Introducing: Hide/Show Bodies
Trimming the Bottom Bracket .
Wrap Feature
Introducing: Isolate
Smoothing Patches
Three Alternative Approaches .
Introducing: Boundary Surface.
Curvature Combs
Freeform Feature
Introducing: Freeform
Using the Triad
Moving Control Points
Undoing Changes
Boundary Conditions
Comer Blends
Stages in the Process
Alternative Approach
Spline on Surface
Introducing: Spline on Surface.
Exercise 13: Comer Blend
Exercise 14: Patches .
Exercise 15: Bicycle Frame
Lesson 7:
Master Model Techniques
Introduction to Master Models 217
Transmitting Curve Data 218
Push and Pull type Operations
Naming Bodies
Split Feature
Summary of Recommendations
Surface Master Model Technique
Propagating Changes
Working with a Solid Master Model
Splitting the Part
Modeling the Keypad
Introducing: Draft
Introducing: Draft Analysis
Introducing: Fastening Features
Saving the Bodies and Creating an Assembly
ivSolidWorks 2008 Training Manual
SolidWorks Explorer 246
Rule # I
Rapid Prototyping
Introducing: Print3D
Exercise 16: Solid Master Model
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