Robot Arms

Robot Arms
اسم المؤلف
Satoru Goto
23 مايو 2021

Robot Arms
Edited by Satoru Goto
Preface IX
Part 1 Model and Control 1
Chapter 1 Modeling Identification of the Nonlinear
Robot Arm System Using MISO NARX Fuzzy
Model and Genetic Algorithm 3
Ho Pham Huy Anh, Kyoung Kwan Ahn
and Nguyen Thanh Nam
Chapter 2 Kinematics of AdeptThree Robot Arm 21
Adelhard Beni Rehiara
Chapter 3 Solution to a System of Second Order Robot Arm
by Parallel Runge-Kutta Arithmetic Mean Algorithm 39
S. Senthilkumar and Abd Rahni Mt Piah
Chapter 4 Knowledge-Based Control for Robot Arm 51
Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif
Chapter 5 Distributed Nonlinear Filtering Under
Packet Drops and Variable Delays for
Robotic Visual Servoing 77
Gerasimos G. Rigatos
Chapter 6 Cartesian Controllers for Tracking of Robot
Manipulators under Parametric Uncertainties 109
R. García-Rodríguez and P. Zegers
Chapter 7 Robotic Grasping of Unknown Objects 123
Mario Richtsfeld and Markus VinczeVI Contents
Chapter 8 Object-Handling Tasks Based on
Active Tactile and Slippage Sensations 137
Masahiro Ohka, Hanafiah Bin Yussof
and Sukarnur Che Abdullah
Part 2 Applications 157
Chapter 9 3D Terrain Sensing System using Laser
Range Finder with Arm-Type Movable Unit 159
Toyomi Fujita and Yuya Kondo
Chapter 10 Design of a Bio-Inspired 3D Orientation
Coordinate System and Application in
Robotised Tele-Sonography 175
Courreges Fabien
Chapter 11 Object Location in Closed Environments
for Robots Using an Iconographic Base 201
M. Peña-Cabrera, I. Lopez-Juarez, R. Ríos-Cabrera
M. Castelán and K. Ordaz-Hernandez
Chapter 12 From Robot Arm to Intentional Agent:
The Articulated Head 215
Christian Kroos, Damith C. Herath and Stelarc
Chapter 13 Robot Arm-Child Interactions: A Novel Application
Using Bio-Inspired Motion Control 241
Tanya N. Beran and Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano
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