Reliability Modeling, Analysis and Optimization

Reliability Modeling, Analysis and Optimization
اسم المؤلف
Hoang Pham
26 ديسمبر 2017

Reliability Modeling, Analysis and Optimization
Series on Quality, Realibility and Engineering Statistics Vol. 9
Hoang Pham
Rutgers University, USA
Preface vii
List of Contributors xiii
1. Numerical Computation of the Marginal
Distributions of a Semi-Markov Process 1
C. Cocozza-Thivent and R. Eymard
2. Optimal Checkpointing Interval for Task
Duplication with Spare Processing 29
S. Nakagawa, Y. Okuda and S. Yamada
3. Monitoring Inter-ArrivalTimes with Statistical
Control Charts 43
P. R. Sharma, M. Xie and T. N. Goh
4. Optimal Interval of CRL Issue in PKI Architecture 67
M. Arafuka, S. Nakamura, T. Nakagawa and H. Kondo
xvxvi Contents
5. Discrete-Time Economic Manufacturing
Quantity Model with Stochastic Machine
Breakdown and Repair 81
B. C. Giri and T. Dohi
6. Applying Accelerated Life Models to HALT Testing 107
F. Guérin, P. Lantieri and B. Dumon
7. A Poisson Regression Model of Software
Quality: A Comparative Study 131
T. M. Khoshgoftaar and R. M. Szabo
8. Measurement of Object-Oriented Software
Understandability Using Spatial Complexity 155
J. K. Chhabra, K. K. Aggarwal and Y. Singh
9. A Quality Engineering Approach to Human
Factors in Design-Review Process for Software
Reliability Improvement 183
S. Yamada and R. Matsuda
10. Tree-Based Software Quality Classification
Using Genetic Programming 201
T. M. Khoshgoftaar, Y. Liu and N. Seliya
11. An Approach to Quantifying Process
Cost and Quality 225
G. Twaites and C. HoffmanContents xvii
12. Software Process Improvement Activities
Based on CMM 273
T. Fujiwara and S. Yamada
13. Asymptotic Properties of a Software Reliability
Growth Model with Imperfect Debugging:
A Martingale Approach 289
W. Bodhisuwan and P. Zeephongsekul
14. A Two-Level Continuous Sampling Plan for
Software Systems 315
S. Hwang and H. Pham
15. Software Reliability Analysis and Optimal
Release Problem Based on a Flexible
Stochastic Differential Equation Model in
Distributed Development Environment 339
M. Uchida, Y. Tamura and S. Yamada
16. An Extended Delayed S-Shaped Software
Reliability Growth Model Based on Infinite
Server Queuing Theory 357
S. Inoue and S. Yamada
17. Disappointment Probability Based on the
Number of Debuggings for Operational
Software Availability Measurement 373
Y. Saitoh, K. Tokuno and S. Yamadaxviii Contents
18. Optimal Random and Periodic Inspection Policies 393
T. Sugiura, S. Mizutani and T. Nakagawa
19. Screening Scheme for High Performance Products 405
W.-T. Cheong and L.-C. Tang
20. Optimal Inspection Policies for a Self-Diagnosis
System with Two Types of Inspections 417
S. Mizutani, T. Nakagawa and K. Ito
21. Maintenance of a Cumulative Damage Model
and Its Application to Gas Turbine Engine of
Co-Generation System 429
K. Ito and T. Nakagawa
22. An Inspection-Maintenance Model
for Degraded Repairable Systems 439
W. Li and H. Pham
23. Age-Dependent Failure Interaction 459
Q. Zhao, T. Satow and H. Kawai
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