Reaction Injection Molding and Fast Polymerization Reactions

Reaction Injection Molding and Fast Polymerization Reactions
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Jiri E. Kresta
10 سبتمبر 2019
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Reaction Injection Molding and Fast Polymerization Reactions
Edited by
Jiri E. Kresta
Polymer Institute
University of Detroit
Detroit, Michigan
1. Development of RIM in the U.S.A. and Japan
Future of RIM Development in the U.S.A.
in the 1980’s …… . 1
L. M. Alberino
RIM and RRIM Development in Japan . . . . . . . . . . .. 11
K. Ashida
II. Polyurethane RIM Systems –
Structure/Properties Relationship
Studies of the Formation and Properties of
Polyurethanes Suitable for RIM
J. L. Stanford, R. F. T. Stepto and
R. H. Still
RIM Urethanes Structure/Property Relationships
for Linear Polymers
R. J. Zdrahala and F. E. Critchfield
The Effect of Hard Segment Content on a Crosslinked Polyurethane RIM System
R. B. Turner, H. L. Spell and J. A.
The Effect of Annealing on the Thermal Properties
of RIM Urethane Elastomers
R. J. G. Dominguez
Experimental Studies of Phase Separation in
Reaction Injection Molded (RIM)
R. E. Camargo, C. W. Macosko, M. V. Tirrell
and S. T. Wellinghoff
Graft Polyol RIM Systems: Thermal Stability and
Moisture Absorption
R. A. Markovs
III. Non-Urethane RIM Systems
Polyamide RIM Systems
L. M. Alberino and D. F. Regelman
The Catalysis of the Polycyclotrimerization of
Isocyanates by Quaternary Ammonium
Carboxylates . . • .
I. S. Lin, J. E. Kresta and K. C. Frisch
High Modulus Isocyanurate-Urethane RIM Elastomers
J. E. Kresta, K. H. Hsieh and C. L. Wang
Potential of Crown Ether-Assisted Anionic Polymerization of Styrene and Dienes for
Commercial Processes
F. L. Cook, J. D. Muzzy, T. N. Montgomery,
R. M. Burton and K. E. Domeshek
IV. RIM Engineering and Technology
Recent Chemical and Reinforcement Development in
the Reinforced RIM Process for Automobile
P. Z. Han, W. L. Lennon and R. B. Ratajczak
Fiber Glass Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding
M. M. Girgis, B. Das and J. A. Harvey
Refining of the RRIM Process, Materials and
Equipment in the Automotive Industry
M. J. Mikulec
Metering and Mixing of RIM Reactants
F. W. Schneider
Simulation of Cavity Filling and Curing in RIM
L. T. Manzione
Computer Analysis of RIM Moldability from the
Density Distribution in Molded Products
K. Okuda
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