Quality Engineering Handbook

Quality Engineering Handbook
اسم المؤلف
Thomas Pyzdek
6 نوفمبر 2016

Quality Engineering Handbook
Second Edition
Thomas Pyzdek
edited by
Paul A. Keller
Preface and acknowledgements v
I Management and leadership in quality engineering 1
A Professional conduct and ASQ Code of Ethics 1
B Management systems for improving quality 3
C Leadership principles and techniques 63
D Facilitation principles and techniques 76
E Training 91
F Cost of quality 107
G Quality philosophies and approaches
(e.g., Juran, Denting, Taguchi, Ishikawa) 120
H Customer relations, expectations, needs, and satisfaction 132
I Supplier relations and management methodologies 160
II Quality systems development, implementation, and verification 173
A Elements of a quality system 173
B Documentation systems 191
C Domestic and international standards and specifications 196
D Quality audits 203
III Planning, controlling, and assuring product and process quality 217
A Processes for planning product and service development 217
B Material control 231
C Acceptance sampling 242
D Measurement systems 256
IV Reliability and risk management 2
A Terms and definitions 2
B Reliability life characteristic concepts 2
C Design of systems for reliability 2
D Reliability and maintainability 3
E Reliability failure analysis and reporting 3
F Reliability, safety, hazard assessment tools 3
V Problem solving and quality improvement 3
A Approaches 3
B Management and planning tools 3
C Quality tools 3
D Corrective action 4
E Preventive action 4
F Overcoming barriers to quality improvement 4
VI Quantitative methods 4
A Concepts of probability and statistics 4
B Collecting and summarizing data 4
C Properties and applications of probability distributions 4
D Statistical decision-making 4
E Measuring and modeling relationships between variables 4
F Designing experiments 5
G Statistical Process Control (SPC) 5
H Analyzing process capability
1—Quality Engineer Certification (CQE) Body of Knowledge
2—Quality auditing terminology
3—Glossary of basic statistical terms
4—Area under the standard normal curve
5—Critical values of the ^-distribution
6—Chi-square distribution
7—/”distribution (oc=l%)
8—^distribution (cc=5%)
9—Poisson probability sums
10—Tolerance interval factors
11—Durbin-Watson test bounds
12—y factors for computing AOQL
13—Control chart constants
14—Control chart equations
15—Mil-Std-45662 military standard: calibration system
16—Table of d%values
17—Power functions for ANOVA
18—Factors for short run control charts
19—Significant number of consecutive highest or lowest values from
one stream of a multiple-stream process
20—Beta table: values of reliability
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